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Mad About Mad Men


If you haven’t tuned in to Mad Men on AMC, you’re missing out.  Mad Men is set in the 1960’s at a fiercely competitive Madison Avenue advertising agency in New York City.  From the onset, one can’t help but be a little surprised by the dynamic of the men and women depicted during this era.  The men run around like dogs in heat and the secretaries are subjugated to sexual toys for their male counterpart’s amusement.  But it’s so much fun to watch!

While Mad Men is overtly politically incorrect by today’s standards, I’m fascinated by the complex characters, each of whom seems to be harboring an unethical secret of their own. 

Holding true to the time period, pregnant mothers are seen smoking and drinking, unseatbelted children climb from the back to front seats while their mother is driving and smoking cigarettes reign supreme.  It was this sort of behavior so acceptable to that era, that will have you asking yourself, “What are we doing now that will be considered so deplorable in 40 years?”  It certainly gets you thinking.

For the fashion lovers out there, you will not be disappointed.  Fantastic full skirts with petticoats, perfectly coiffured hair and sweater sets, all hide the dirty secrets that lie beneath; suffocating girdles, garters and the pointed bra.  And we complain about panty hose…

Ep10_04_MG_1578 Ep10_08_MG_1230

Ep104_02_MMep-104-020 08_ep106_MG_0335

Then there is the antithesis of the prim house wife and office girl; the bohemian artist…


After one season, this show has already made a big impact on fashion.  Michael Kors unveiled his Mad Men inspired Fall line this week with the following looks.


MKB0RJG_mn  MK-1QFK_mn


MK-1NYY_mp  MK-1NYQ_mp



Don’t forget that if you are going to wear one of the above form fitting dresses like that little purple number, you must wear some sort of shapeware.  My only exception would be if you are a size 2 and are absolutely without cellulite.  Proper foundation will give you a killer, smooth silhouette.

If you haven’t caught an episode of this fantastic show yet, it’s not too late.  Season one is out on DVD (and On Demand for you Comcast subscribers) and Season 2 is now underway (you have only missed one new episode).  The show is on AMC on Sunday nights.

Light up a cigarette, pour yourself an Old Fashioned and enjoy!


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Fashion Sensei Says…


Clip These Coupons…

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Strike A Pose…

This stylish Yoga Bag is constructed from “recycled plastic bags picked from the trash heaps of a New Delhi slum. Rather than let them pile up in landfills, the bags are hand picked by women who are paid a fair wage in order to turn trash into high-style treasure. They’re made by an Indian non-profit company that employs and empowers 300 low-caste women who had no employment opportunities. Incredibly, no dyes are used to make the colorful patterns—instead layers of different color plastic bags are simply fused together.”

(click on image for shopping information)



Bold And The Beautiful…


Be sure to stop in to your local H&M and check out their tribute collection of Marimekko designs.  The bold prints and reasonable prices are something that we all can appreciate.  Click here for a slide show from H&M.


Stuff It!

Now there is a stylish alternative for your sunglasses.  Take a look at this case from hayden-hartnett. (click on image for shopping details)


 glass case




You never know what  you are going to get when you type this word into Google.  Maybe I’m in a strange mood, but I thought this video was funny.  Now I can’t get the song out of my head.  Please be aware that there is explicit language at the end of this video.


Carry On…

There’s just something about paisley that I love.  This bag from kate spade is no exception.


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Is Balenciaga Paying Tribute to Spaceballs?

If you have had a chance to thumb through the current fashion mags, Vogue or W, you will have seen this ad from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Spring 2008 Jpeg

The first thing I thought of was Lord Helmet from the 1987 Mel Brooks cult classic, Spaceballs.


Source: Flixster

I always wonder where designers get their inspiration.  Could it be possible that they were watching this movie? lol

What do you think?

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Did you hear the joke…

Did you ever hear the joke about the girl whose breasts were so big they gave her a black eye?

Well one Canadian advertising agency took that joke one step further with it’s ad campaign for Running Free sports bras.

“Support bras now available”

Runningeyes_preview Runningnose_preview Runningteeth_preview

But here’s a little twist of controversy.  When I saw these ads on the internet, I assumed that they were commercial ads already in use.  I went looking for the actual bras.

That’s when I went back to the site I found them on and started reading the comments section. I noticed this comment on the bottom:

Submitted by Halfmad on Fri, 2008-02-22 18:52.

Please update your post. This note is from the owner. Thanks!

my name is Nick Capra I am the owner of Running Free. Those horrendous images were pitched to us by an ad agency.

When we saw them our first reaction was “you’ve got to be kidding me”.

We will never and have never used those pathetic excuses for marketing. Our reaction to them was as yours was and how they got out on to the internet is beyond me. I’m
sorry they did and I’m sorry you and who ever else is distressed by them has to waist their time and energy thinking about them.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to speak about this

Nick Capra

Source: Ads of the World.com

Advertising Agency: DDB Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Copywriter: Courtney Colomby
Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
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Betsey Johnson Sale

Betsey JohnsonFor Betsey Johnson e-mail  sale  ads crack me up.  I almost deleted this post, but thought the art was interesting.  What do you think?

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