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Thuy Diep Fall/Winter 2008 Collection

Here’s a designer to keep an eye on.  It’s no surprise that designer Thuy Diep is as talented as she is.  Ms. Diep was born in Vietnam to parents who are both tailors.  Under their tutelage, this designer learned at an early age how to make clothes.

She went on to Brown, later Parsons and landed at a New York-based Parisian atelier; doing work for the likes of Carolina Herrera, Peter Som and Zac Posen.  Not to mention some time at United Bamboo.

In her third collection Thuy Diep under the self-named label “Thuy”, displayed her Fall/Winter 2008 collection at the Exit Art gallery in her home base of New York.  When asked her inspiration for this collection she said: “My collection is about contrasts– harmony within disharmony”. 

I seriously despise the fact that I cannot provide you with any photos, but I highly recommend that you click here for a look at her F/W collection.

I really like her use of color and the modern look of her garments.  She according to her press release:

She materializes the myriad of inspirations of her Manhattan environment, where contrasts of colors and forms are ubiquitous, creating a collection to dress the modern, chic and sophisticated woman. Thuy’s unique designer perspective was conveyed through her outerwear as she showed a command of layering techniques.

Her designs are available at Divine Girls (San Francisco), Nicchia (Chicago) (where I found the below beautiful dress from her Spring 2008 collection) and Drawer (Tokyo and Osaka).



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March Madness

March means it’s bracket time for NCAA fans.  Being that my husband is a huge college basketball fan, we went to Ford Field Friday night to see the Sweet 16 Regional Games.  For those of you who are not basketball fans, don’t fear.  I won’t be discussing how terrible the Big 10 is performing.  Instead, I will share what my alter ego, Miss Nosey, was up to.

The first game was Wisconsin vs. Davidson and aside from the sea of red (both teams share this color), Miss Nosey couldn’t help but notice the penchant of students and grown men alike in wearing vertical striped overalls.  With my strong desire to share this experience with you, I approached these two guys for a picture.


Not only does he have these wild striped pants on, he added the cheese head for a bit of flair.  I’m not sure why they were wearing sunglasses; maybe it’s their rock star image.

While Basketball Sensei was enjoying the game, Miss Nosey couldn’t help but to people watch.  In so doing, this group of gentleman were walking up the stairs and after making eye contact, one handed me two tickets.  Hua?  It seems that after just one half, these men were leaving and offered us their seats down by the court.  WooHoo!  Off we went.  Actually I was pretty relieved considering in our original seats,there was a wild female Davidson fan sitting next to me who screamed really loud when her teamed scored.  My ears were really hurting.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of the other colorful characters that I saw.  One was a man wearing a red fedora, suit and red shoes and the other included two young children.  One dressed up in a wig and the other in a cheerleading outfit.  I tried casually to take a picture as they passed us but I only got these shots.

100_0552 kid

That’s it for my March Madness fashion report.  Basketball Sensei is off again tonight to watch another game; this time with one of his buddies.  Does anyone else have any funny fan pics or March Madness stories?


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Dr. Pepper Free Soda Publicity Stunt

I have been waiting since Wednesday to write about this shameless attempt at publicity.  It seems that Dr. Pepper will offer everyone in America a free soda if Axl Rose will release Chinese Democracy in 2008.

For those of you too young to remember, Axl Rose was in a band called Guns N’ Roses and is credited for songs like “Welcome to the Jungle” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.  Here’s a video…

Good Lord, the hair!

I digress, back to Chinese Democracy.  The album has been in the works for some 17 years now and has cost an estimated $13 million dollars thus far.  It seems that he has made numerous announcements that the work is being released and he will be going on tour only to recant.  Maybe he was too busy getting into fights with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger.  Remember that story

Dr. Pepper goes on to say that everyone sans GNR members Slash and Buckethead are eligible for the free soda.

“It took a little patience to perfect Dr Pepper’s special mix of 23 ingredients, which our fans have come to know and love,” said Jaxie Alt, director of marketing for Dr Pepper. “So we completely understand and empathize with Axl’s quest for perfection — for something more than the average album. We know once it’s released, people will refer to it as “Dr Pepper for the ears” because it will be such a refreshing blend of rich, bold sounds — an instant classic.”

Yes, well I haven’t ever though of anything as “Dr. Pepper for the ears” before.  If that isn’t enough, Dr. Pepper has created its own blog to express your support and adoration of Axl and his endeavor at: 

I wonder how much Dr. Pepper spent on this ad campaign and who thought it was a good idea. 


11/21/08  It looks like it’s time for Dr. Pepper to pay up!  Chinese Democracy is set to hit stores on Sunday.  According to news reports, Dr. Pepper will be giving out coupons on their website, but for only 24 hours.

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Fashion Lesson #9 Long & Short Necks

A few things happened this week that alerted my “Fashion Police” alarms.  They all encompassed women with short or full faces wearing unflattering accessories or shirts.

This is a picture of Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy.  As you can see in the picture, she has a full face and the appearance of a very short neck with this necklace.



Another local reporter was wearing a round neckline this week that made her look like she was just a head resting on her shoulders.  Therefore, I decided this week’s fashion lesson should center on how to dress is you have a long or short neck.

Short Neck

Do choose tops and blouses that have a V or U neck to draw the eye down to lengthen your neck.

Do wear blouses with pointed collars unbuttoned.

Do choose jewelry that is longer or has a V shape drop.

Do choose longer dangling earrings or hoops.

When wearing a scarf, do tie it lower to elongate your neck.



Don’t wear round necklines.

Don’t wear turtlenecks.

Don’t wear round earrings.

Don’t wear choker style necklaces.

Don’t wear vertical stripes.

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_5578845 _5555064


As you might imagine, a long neck is the anthesis of the short neck so the opposite would apply.

Long Necks

Do enjoy wearing a turtleneck or a collar folded up.

Do wear jewel neck shirts.

Do wear rounded or short earrings

Do wear large choker style necklaces.

When wearing a scarf, Do try the neck wrap or ascot styles.

neckwrapscarf ascotwrapscarf



Generally having a longer neck is a desirable attribute, so the list of “Don’ts” will be shorter.  To avoid an exaggerated giraffe neck effect, follow the subsequent suggestions:

Don’t wear deep V or plunging necklines.

Don’t wear vertical striped shirts or shirts.

Don’t wear blouses with extra large pointed collars.

Don’t wear extra large hoops or dangling earrings.

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_5595684 _5595865

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Fashion Sensei Says…



These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’…

(click on images for shopping information)

507a0089-aaf1-4a85-a0c1-2bb6e8121467 1febc796-f60a-4a04-b49e-9a96ddf16700


Dress For Success…



Narccissits Rejoice…8fc35a2046284ddd666b6877545d2a6c

Now you can have your image immortaized in these personalize cufflinks from Eleven Forty Design

Not very interested in a bust of yourself you say?  Well the company says that they have an existing portfolio that ranges from Ghandi to Lucifer and Flash Gordon to Einstein.  But do they have Borat?  Nice.





Burn Rubber…410jJBR02QL__AA240_

“Sneaker Wars” by Barbara Smit is a new book out about the history of the multi billion dollar sneaker business, the corruption, competition and commercialism. 

Included is the origin of the rivalry between the Dassler brothers who went on to create Puma and Adidas.





Take A Whiff…

‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf




Carry On…


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Banana Republic Joins The Green Movement


Last week I reported that Nordstrom is phasing in their eco-friendly shopping bags, now  Banana Republic is weighing in.  In a recent press release, Banana Republic announced that on April 8th,they will roll out a new 50 piece collection of men’s and women’s lines and will also adopt a new label and packaging system to compliment their “eco-conscious” fabrics.

The new fabrics consist of bamboo, organic cotton and linen amongst other renewable or sustainable materials.

Simon Kneen, EVP Design & Creative Director for Banana Republic is quoted as saying:

“Designing this product has been an inspiring process.  Many of us are now looking to our everyday practice for ways to demonstrate our ongoing commitment where we can, not just for this collection, but future seasons as well”

It’s not coincidence that this new line and lines from other retailers such as Guess and Keds are announcing their “Green” ambitions.  April 22nd is Earth Day.  Keen marketing, wouldn’t you say?

Whatever the reason, I applaud their efforts and am looking forward to future collections from this an other companies.

To see pictures from their Green collection click here.

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‘Running of the Brides’

If you are bride, clear your calendar for this Friday.  Filene’s Basement in Paramus, NJ will be holding their famous ‘Running of the Brides’ sale March 28. 

Brides from far and wide stampede the store in hopes of scoring that dream wedding dress for a bargain price. This engagement is not for the faint of heart; it’s more like a team sport to find the best dress.

Women have been known to start lining up the night before just to be first in line.  Once you have cleared the racks, bartering ensues.  Bridal parties call out like auctioneers to other patrons for a chance to trade.

Take a look at this video.

It reminds me of that episode of Friends when the girls go looking for a dress for Monica’s wedding.  All geared up they have their whistles and running shoes ready.  Here’s the video if you forgotten.

Good luck Gals!

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