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Fashion Lesson #3 Apple Shape

Hi there everyone, happy Friday to you.  This week in our Fashion Lesson series, I will be covering the Apples Shape.

A classic apple shape has the following attributes: large bust, thicker torso, narrow hips and thinner limbs.

As with any of the figure types, proportion is key.  There are several things that you can do to conceal those figure challenges and look great. One way to do that, is to add a little volume to your lower half without adding bulk.  You can do this by wearing a dark color on top and a patterned bottom such as an A line skirt.  You can also add proportion to your bottom half by wearing wide leg trousers, not too wide mind you, just enough to get the job done.

Another aspect of being an Apple Shape is that you tend to be larger on top.  Many women may be jealous that you have been blessed by the “Boobie Fairy”, but Apple gals know it’s not always easy to find a proper fitting blouse.  To compliment your shape, wear a V or U shaped neckline, to draw the eye down and break up the focus on the bust.   Additionally, the trapeze style ( like the one shown below), is still around this spring and it does a nice job of concealing your tummy. 

One other essential that you should consider is a well fitting jacket. When looking for a jacket, you want to find one with one or two buttons, curves in at the waist line and hits over the top of your hip. These features will give you more of an hourglass shape and add proportion to your hips. In my example below, the V neck line brings the eye down and the pockets at the hip also draw the eye away from the chest.

Finally I pulled a few pictures from the Spring 08′ shows that would compliment an Apple Shape. 


Daryl K






Sari Gueron

I hope you found this informative and useful.  Next week, by popular demand, I will be discussing the Petite and Hourglass woman.  If you have any other requests, be sure to leave a comment.

Photo Sources: Neiman Marcus and Style.com



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Simply Irresistibly Bright

While working out at the gym this morning, Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible” video came on.  I was amused to see how the perpetual merry-go-round of fashion found it’s way again to the 1980’s.  Now of course, most of us have already recognized that bright colors and form fitting dresses are coming back again.  

What wasn’t so amusing as you will see, how utterly ridiculous these models are wiggling around and shimming to the beat.  But notice, that these dresses could have easily made their way down the runway last Fall during the Spring 08′ shows.

 Here’s my take on Eighties for 08′.

But don’t choose more than one item with the same color or you really will look like you are trying to relive the 80’s.I also found some updated versions at Nordstrom and Piperlime of the old “Termite” shoe that I coveted as a girl. Here’s a look, some of them are crazy. 🙂


Vince Camuto ‘O’Shea’ Pump

Franco SartoFashion


Giuseppe ZanottiE80173
Regular Price $750.00


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I love this new J.Crew dress.  Florals were everywhere on the Spring Runways for this year and I think this is one that you could wear right now.Campo dress  If it’s chilly, wear a pair of tights and some flats and you’re good to go.



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