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“Picture Me”

sara ziff Photo Source

In a startling new documentary called Picture Me, model Sara Ziff and her former boyfriend co-director Ole Schell, expose the seedy recesses in the world of high fashion modeling; including those who turn a blind eye to it.

In an interview published on Guardian.co.uk; Ziff, who began her career in modeling at the age of 14, recounts an early experience with a photographer who purported to be having trouble “picturing” what she would look like for the story he was shooting.  Perversely, he coaxes the 14 year old girl out of first her shirt, and then her pants, leaving Ziff only in her “Mickey Mouse knickers and a sports bra”.  She continues the story by adding; “ ‘We might need to see you without your bra,’ he told me. It was like he was a shark circling me, walking around and around, looking me up and down without saying anything. I did what he told me to.  I was just eager to be liked and get the job.  I didn’t know any better."

Sara’s first intentions in starting her video diary was not to expose the industry that was paying her hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Early scenes from hundreds of hours of footage over five years, depict the lighter side of the business; but steadily, those images changed.  Ziff began passing out cameras to other model friends and encouraged them to tell their stories as well.

What emerged, were tales of the exploitation of young girls, sexual assault and a clear disregard for the well being of these objectified young women.  “What’s shocking, listening to Ziff, is how prevalent, and how far up the fashion food chain, sexual exploitation goes. ‘Vulnerable girls are being put into a potentially predatory environment,’ says Ziff.  What’s in the agency’s interest is not always best for the girl, and if she’s in a compromising situation, she doesn’t necessarily have anyone to turn to."

To protect themselves and other models, Ziff and a small contingent of her modeling peers are working together to speak out.  Some of the models are working toward forming a union; campaigning for “better working conditions, holiday and sickness pay, protection in case of injury”.

What I have included in this post is only the tip of the iceberg with this story.  I highly recommend that you read the article from the guardian.  There are many stories that I did not include in this review that I think you will find arresting; especially if you have either considered becoming a model or allowing your daughter to join the profession.

I’m anxious to hear your thoughts, so please leave a comment.

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She’s Got The Look

With the advent of the new Sex And The City Movie, all the newspapers are abuzz with women of a certain age.  Articles from the Wall Street Journal to local newspapers are discussing the “untapped” market of women over 35.  Can you believe 35 is considered old?  Is seems that once you graduate out of the 18-34 marketing category, corporations and marketing firms consider you dead.

Well, with unmistakable timing, a new reality series called She’s Got The Look is America’s Next Top Model for the over 35 set.  She’s Got The Look is looking for a women with beauty, but more importantly, a relatable personality with depth that comes with maturity.  Ten women will compete for a contract with Wilhemina Models and a photo spread in Self magazine.

Judges include:

Sean Patterson, President of Wilhemina Models, Inc.


Beverly Johnson, The first African-American supermodel to appear on the cover of VOGUE.


Robert Verdi, whom you may recognize as the host of shows such as Surprise By Design and Fashion Police.


Photo Source

As you can imagine all sorts of fashionistas turn out, from a man in the process of becoming Trans-gender to a leopard-print, body suit wearing diva.  Each hoping to have “The Look”.

She’s Got The Look airs Wednesday, June 4th at 10:00pm on TV Land.  To read more about this show and to view some great sneak peaks, click here.  I’m really interested in your opinion on this. 

I think it’s smart of TV Land to recognize that women over 35 aren’t dead and we still do care about what we look like.  I hope that a show like this encourages women to take better care of themselves and inspires them to follow their passion at any age.  We’ll see…

Any 35 or over gals want to weigh in? 

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America’s Next Top Model Controversy

It’s been awhile since I last posted about ANTM and thought it was time to comment again.

The ladies are now in Italy and last week they shot commercials for Cover Girl.

It was no surprise that Lauren. was. sent. home.  (An ANTM reference)

She can’t walk and was buckling under the pressure.  Whitney was on the chopping block too.  What do you think? Is she Top Model material?

I would say my top two pics would be Katarzyna and Anya.  The thing is, Anya has that really strange accent.  Somebody, tell me what is that all about?  But I will say Anya seems like a really sweet person.

Now on to the latest buzz.  In a report on the New York Post,  The Parents Television Council has filed an indecency complaint with the FCC over the March 26 episode where

“…a model posing for photographs, fully nude, while lying on a bed.

While the nudity was partially blurred, PTC president Tim Winter called it ‘irresponsible’ and said it ‘crossed the legal threshold for broadcast indecency.’ “

Isn’t this the episode when Anya won a photo shoot with Nigel? I did some digging on YouTube and here is the video.  Fast forward to near the end.  Notice that when Anya is getting ready, there is a nude colored thong hanging up to put on.  I don’t think she was totally nude.  You be the judge.

I find it interesting that there wasn’t any outrage (or at least I didn’t hear of any) when one of the ladies breasts were exposed during a High School fashion show.  The boys got a little treat that day.


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America’s Next Top Model Cycle 10


Ok, so I have to let you in on one of my guilty pleasures, ANTM.  Not as popular as Project Runway and regularly paned by critics, but I enjoy it just the same. 

I respect that Tyra has addressed issues like body image and cigarette smoking. I also enjoyed watching Heather last cycle follow her dream of becoming a model while dealing with the challenges that Autism and AD/HD can impose.

This season, as with other cycles the models will win a management and representation by Elite Model Management, a 100,00 contract with Cover Girl Cosmetics, and a cover and six page spread on Seventeen Magazine.

There are a couple of shake ups this cycle with the modeling icon Twiggy out (according to reports, she had scheduling conflicts) and Cezech supermodel and Dancing With The Stars contestant, Paulina Porizkova taking her place.

The other shake up but not really a big deal in my book, there will be 14 instead of the typical 13 contestants.  Maybe a double elimination in the first episode?  We’ll see.  I’m looking forward to what Miss J. will do for each departing girl.  Last cycle his afro increased in size.  He’s very silly and has a wicked sense of humor.

Another change to ANTM, will be where the models will be living.  This cycle the models will be in NYC a departure from LA where the show has been housed since cycle 4. 

Does anyone else watch the show?

Here’s a link to the site if you want to do some exploring.

Below is a preview for tonight.

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