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Japan FW TYO Spring/Summer 2009: Day 2

Day Two at Japan’s Fashion Week brings strong shoulders, more “ice cream cone” pants, HISUI seems to have a bone to pick with us, doll clothes, Cousin IT wigs, more ruffs and some ass kicking 80’s.

First up are the decidedly strong shoulders from designer Akira Naka.  For women who have the weight of the world to balance, this collection calls to mind a certain eighties business suit jacket look.




002_photo04 002_photo06

002_photo08 002_photo09

Of all of Tuesday’s collections available for review, I would have to say that support surface was my favorite.  We have fall 2008’s “it” pants back for an encore and a really lovely modern interpretation of the bold shoulder.  I would feel much more comfortable wearing this sort of shape than a set of linebacker shoulder pads as seen in the above collection from AKIRA NAKA.  One thing is for sure, invest in a great pair of oxford shoes!

support surface


Norio Surikabe

035_photo01 035_photo02

 035_photo04 035_photo05


Like mintdesigns yesterday, HISUI seems to have been inspired by skeletal features.  Is it a commentary on the pressure to be thin?  I’m not really sure, but the first dress in this collection also brings a fish like skeleton to mind.



Hiroko Ito

016_photo01 016_photo04

016_photo05 016_photo08

Oh Né-net, what can I say?  All I could think of was what would Michael Kors say if this came down the runway for him to judge?  Look number two looks like a modern day Depression Era costume (hmm, intentional?) and just in case we didn’t get it, Raggedy Ann and Andy are holding effigies of themselves.



Kazuaki Takashima

029_photo01 029_photo05

029_photo07 029_photo04

Aguri Sagimori had some very interesting uses of the ruffle, which seems to be a popular trend.  I especially liked the white blouse below with the tuxedo-like tail.  That sort of tail was very popular in the mid to late eighties.



Aguri Sagimori

001_photo09 001_photo05

001_photo04 001_photo08

Slightly similar to motonari ono yesterday, Kamishima Chinami has its own interpretation of the ruff and an intriguing take on the popular bold shoulder.  It’s a really lovely collection.



Chinami Kamishima

020_photo02 020_photo03

020_photo06 020_photo09

Finally! There’s no need to wonder what you and your man will be wearing on your next date night.  Take a little inspiration from the sexy punk collection by designer Ato Matsumoto.



Ato Matsumoto

003_photo01 003_photo02

003_photo07 003_photo08


Photo Source: Japan Fashion Week Organization

Stay Tuned for more of Japan’s Fashion Week in Tokyo!

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Japan FW TYO Spring/Summer 2009

The home of trend setting fashion, Tokyo Fashion Week hit the runways yesterday.  The exciting spring/summer 2009 collections are rolling out this week in Japan and judging by the photos taken yesterday, Japan’s best designers are sure not to disappoint.

Designers Hokuto Katsui and Nao Yagi from mintdesigns, embodied the spirit of spring with a runway lined with umbrellas while models wore creative interpretations of the spring staple; the raincoat.  Instead of the traditional rain hat, the ladies were topped with a curious choice of animal bones.  One thing that was consistently cute, were the fantastic rain boots.  Not too high and well paired with a pair of striped socks.



Hokuto Katsui / Nao Yagi

027_photo01 027_photo03

027_photo07 027_photo04

Mikio Sakabe seems to have taking inspiration from the 60’s through the 80’s with the platinum wigs, large bows and futuristic silver hues.




026_photo03 026_photo04

026_photo09 026_photo07

I have to say that my favorite from Takumi Hatakeyama’s collection is the burnt orange bell sleeve dress.  The shape of the sleeves and cut of this dress makes this creation so wearable and chic!



Takumi Hatakeyama

036_photo03 036_photo04

036_photo09 036_photo08

After not appearing in at Tokyo’s Fall Fashion Week, I was so exited to see mercibeaucoup in this spring’s lineup.  I always love the creative spirit conveyed in Eri Utsugi’s designs her fantastic use of color.  If only I could get away with wearing that adorable striped stocking confection or those fantastic tights with the little balls on them.  Alas, this old broad would look a wee bit silly.  One other thing to note, it appears that the maxi dress will still have it’s place in next spring’s wardrobe.  So, don’t cast yours aside yet.



Eri Utsugi

025_photo03 025_photo05

025_photo06 025_photo08


This collection by Motonari Ono recalls a strong influence from Queen Elizabeth’s reign with the high ruffs, rich embroidery, and the modern interpretation of “trunk hose” once worn by men.  I think it’s just beautiful.

motonari ono


Motonari Ono

028_photo01 028_photo02

028_photo03 028_photo07

Designer Ritsuko Shirahama appears to be enamored with the bombasted hose as well, as seen below in green.  The three tiered skirt is also quite lovely, but may not be that easy to walk in.  I would also be remiss in not mentioning the eighties inspired high and side ponytail.  If you are old enough to have worn this once, be well advised to keep your pony rear-facing.



Ritsuko Shirahama

032_photo01 032_photo02

032_photo07 032_photo09

Finally, fur fur’s collection seems to have a very strong nature and earth goddess point-of-view.

fur fur


Aya Furuhashi

007_photo01 007_photo04

007_photo05 007_photo08

  Stay tuned for more on Japan’s Fashion Week in Tokyo!

Photo Source: Japan Fashion Week Organization

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Tokyo Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2008

This is an exciting week in fashion as Tokyo unveils their Autumn/Winter collections for 2008.  Unlike many other countries, Japan’s Fashion Week is organized by the Japanese government along with the private sector to bring international awareness to this countries talented fashion design community.

Many well known Japanese designers such as Junya Watanabe for Comme des Garcons, Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Rei Kawakubo and Jun Takashi of Undercover are well known names worldwide.  However, these designers no longer show in Tokyo.  Instead, they have moved their collections to Paris for greater recognition.

JFW started on Monday with 4 shows under it’s belt with a total of  45 brands set for exhibition.

Here are some highlights of Monday’s shows.

KAMISHIMA CHINAMI by Chinami Kamishima

027_photo01 027_photo02 027_photo03 027_photo04 027_photo06 027_photo07 027_photo08


020_photo09 020_photo07 020_photo02

MODE ÀCŌTÉ by Minoru Adachi

032_photo01 032_photo02 032_photo06

Hidenobu Yasui

018_photo08 018_photo07

I’ll keep you posted on any noteworthy designs in the coming week.

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