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Doing A Little Go International Shopping

With the announcement that Rogan Gregory will be the eleventh Go International designer at Target, I decided to do a little Go International Shopping.  The great thing about everything included in this post is that nothing is over $44.99.  The shoes are a great price too at $24.99 and under.

Here are some interesting finds for Spring.

(click on images for more information)




I know this dress is wild and not for everyone, but there is something really hip and modern about it.  I really like the punch of color added by the yellow tank.


This look would be great for a petite young woman.  I would just add different shoes (maybe some cool gladiator heels) a different color tank and some accessories.


While not from the Go International collection, I thought these shoes were right on trend and am now curious to see if they are as nice in person as they are on line.






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Madonna- 4 Minutes

I intended to post this over the weekend when I write about Pop Culture and the like, but I was just too busy.

Madonna is releasing her newest CD tomorrow and I wanted to share with you her latest video 4 Minutes.


I thought it was pretty cool and the song is definitely ipod worthy.  Did you notice the treadmill routine?  Not as cool as the original, but interesting none the less.

What do you think?


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Jelly Feet


Back during the days of Wacky Wall Walkers, Cabbage Patch Dolls (the originals) and the Smurf’s, Jelly Shoes reigned.

Now this summer you can see them from Ferragamo to Target and everywhere in between.

(Click on images for shopping information)




 NMV04PR_mn NMV04PR_eg

I discovered something interesting while researching this post.  The clear Marc Jacobs jelly ballet flats below, from Saks Fifth Avenue were originally $270 marked down to $188.90 and the same flats in pink and blue were market down 70% at Nordstrom to $79.90.



Marc Jacobs


Urban Outfitters

14098032_72_b 14002505_40_b

Did you like the Marc Jacobs flats two choices ago, but not the price?  Target has a knock off version that is now on sale for $5.59



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Fashion Lesson #12 Petite Tubular Shape

A few weeks back reader Stacy left me the below comment on Fashion Lesson #4 Petite Proportion:

This was helpful. True, cuffs on trousers are not the best and tailoring is a must if you don’t want to look like you were playing dress-up with someone else’s clothes. Looking younger than I am is a double whammy, I am baby faced as well as teeny…tee-shirts are never a good look for me, unless I want to look like I am still in High school. However, I am looking for some guidance about buying summer dresses and swimwear for someone 5′0, with a tube type shape (i.e. no waist), and something to cover up upper arms too.

I promised Stacy that I would address the figure variation of being not only petite but more of a straight shape as well. 

Although a double-edge sword, the fact that she has a youthful appearance is something that we all would love.  However when your peers in the working world or clients think you look the same age as Miley Cyrus, you have a bit of a problem. 



If your youthful glow is working against you, it’s important to convey a sophisticated manner.  As mentioned in Fashion Lesson #4 you must shop in the petite section.  Big baggy clothes as you said, can make you look like you are playing dress up.  Stores like Banana Republic, Ann Taylor/Loft and major department stores carry petite sizes that will project a more mature image.

(click on images for shopping information)



Stay away from the Junior section if your goal is to look older.  Avoid stores like Urban Outfitter or American Apparel.  I personally love these stores and have featured their collections in past posts, but unless you are just hangin’ with friends, take your business elsewhere.



As a petite, I also recommend wearing heels to add a little height.  When I was in High School, my best friend’s mom was a petite woman and was never without her heels.  I mean never.  She was known to wear a pair of sky high wedge sandals when cleaning the house. 

Now it’s ridiculous to go that far. Everyone should be able to wear flats, but on those occasions that you want people to take you seriously, kick it with some fantastic heels. 

pl578510-00qlv01 _5620131 _5589176

Now let’s address the second part of Stacy’s question the Tubular or Straight figure.  If you are lacking JLo curves, there are a few tricks that will make a straight woman look a little more curvy.


This wrap dress from Ann Taylor does a great job of defining a waist with the tie and the A line adds some fullness making your waist look smaller than your hips.  (I’m not a huge fan of the hat with this dress, but that just my personal aesthetic.)  Further, be sure to add a punch of color to this ensemble.  The black color block shoes above would look great with this and a colorful bracelet or necklace will make it look less like you are on your way to a funeral.


Not to belabor the point, but this dress from Banana Republic would be another terrific option.  The dress is a little longer, so be sure to wear high heels in a neutral shade to visually extend the length of your legs.


Here’s a shorter option from BCBG.



If the object is to give the appearance of curves, don’t pick a dress that will only make your figure look more shapeless, like this dress.  Do you see how the line across the chest and the lower stripe on the pockets create a box?  This will only make your figure look boxier.  Who would this dress be good for?  My guess would be a short waist woman.  The high stripe contrasted with the low stripe on the pockets gives the illusion of more area.




If you want to look like you have a little junk in your trunk, this suit jacket with the peplum flounce in the back adds a little curve to the rear view.  It also comes in at the waist and out at the hips creating definition.  The other thing that I love about this suit aside from the sleeves being scrunched up and the collar raised (very 80’s chic), is the fact that the trousers are pinstripe.  This will add a little length to your leg.  The only downside of this suit is that because of the cuff, I would prefer that the length were a little longer.

br-otf-out11459odv01 br555450-00vliv01


When thinking about shorts this summer, traditional rules are that petites wear mid thigh or shorter shorts.  I did however feel like you could break the rules with these cropped pants and here’s why.  First, they are flesh tone.  If you pair them with a flesh tone cork wedge and a darker top like the one illustrated, the line of the leg is much longer.  If you have a darker skin tone this particular style comes in many shades that could compliment your complexion.


br549961-02p01v01 br-otf-out11446odv01

You mentioned that you wanted to keep your upper arms covered, so here is another option for the top from J.Crew.  The small print will not be overwhelming for your size and will add a focal point to your upper half leaving your legs to look long and lean.


Finally, you asked about swimwear.  Now this is really tough.  Primarily because I have never seen you, so I can only go by a generalization.  I chose cuts based on a slender figure, only because that is the general impression I got when I read your message.  But, I will include some other options for you straight gals who want to suck it in a little more.


In general you will want to look for something with a little flair to it if you are looking for something beyond a typical bikini.

This suit has a cute little skirt.  You may also notice that the model in this picture has a bit of a straight figure herself.  Also, the V neck for the to draws the eye down unlike the Don’t example I will discuss in a little bit.


I love this little suit from Juicy Couture.  The top adds a little visual interest and like the peplum suit earlier, a little flair.



Stay away from the boyshort cut.  If you look at this example with the same model, the horizontal line in the top and the bottom only make her look even more square.


It’s a bit of a stretch I know because most of us would love to have her body and really she could carry off just about anything (I’m sure that’s why J.Crew hired her).


This might be another sexy option.  No matter how small your breasts are, just hoist them up and push them out a little bit like the model in this picture.


If you are concerned about your midsection, the ruching on this suit also helps camouflage any imperfections.


Stacy, I really hope this advice helps.  I was a little out of my comfort zone on the swim suits, but I hope you find something that might make sense.

As always, if you have any questions that you would like a Fashion Lesson on, feel free to leave a comment.

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Fashion Sensei Says…


Clip this coupon…

30% off your entire purchase at Saks Avenue OFF 5TH now until Sunday April 27.  Click here to print coupon.



Top This…

(click on image for shopping information)





Skirting The Issue…

 PG_28906_5318_TH 823060_blu_b 823110_pin_b


prodImageCANYPPAR 93403_GY6218_m_SU08



Cuckoo for Color Block…

030408_11_L 022008_10_L

NM-1FW5_an _5541902



Put A Lid On It…

_5550064 JCD8654_mn 

 843621_red_b 843517_bla_b



Carry On…

kerry yhst-5847169928780_1996_331389

042308_hero_ergo 12747_b4de_a0_front

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Happy Earth Day


It’s the other green day today.  Unlike wearing green for St. Patty’s Day and going to a pub to tie one on,  Earth Day revelers will be donning organic or recycled T-Shirts with quips like “Save The Humans” and will sip organic, free trade, shade grown coffee instead.  (I will be taking part in the coffee sipping part of the festivities, I haven’t had time to buy my T-Shirt.)

If you want to join in but don’t want to invest too much on a shirt, I have just the solution.  I found these really inexpensive cute T-Shirts all of which are $7.50 or less.

(click on images for shopping information)

This first shirt is made from cotton and recycled Coke bottles.


The next two shirts are made from transitional cotton (organic’s precursor) it takes three years of organic farming practices to be truly organic.




Do you want the world to know you recycle?  Although this shirt is not as inexpensive as the above options, it’s a cute consideration.



Are you more of an understated gal? You don’t feel the need to shout your convictions to the world?  Try this butterfly print tank from Loomstate for Barneys Green made of organic cotton.


This 100% organic top exclusively for Barneys by Theory might be another option.



Whichever choice you make, enjoy your day!

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Green Is The New "It" Bag

Forget the Kelly or the Birkin bag, eco-conscious fashionistas can be seen world wide carrying the latest “it” bag: Earth friendly totes, instead.

You can find them from Wal-mart to Nordstrom and everywhere in between.  Made from old fencing material, candy wrappers, or some other sustainable material, reusing is chic.

Here’s a rundown of some of my favorites old and new in the eco and socially conscious category.

As mentioned in an earlier post, Nordstrom has introduced a new shopping bag alternative to their paper shopper, below is the new re-useable tote. (click on photos for shopping information)


Created from salvaged fencing material from the streets of Detroit, the ‘Ornj Bubble Baguette’ is a unique carry all to transport anything from clothes to groceries.


Envirosax are one of my favorite all purpose totes.  There are so many fantastic designs to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one.  If you visit the Bright And Bold site however, you don’t have to.  They come in a collection of five, just choose the theme that best suits you.  I personally own the green bag (below left).  It’s very sturdy and can hold quite a heavy load.

(click on images for shopping information)




I couldn’t help but include these adorable kid size totes.  They would make a terrific carry all for toys, personal items and an especially cool library book bag.


If you haven’t checked out Uncommon Goods before, hop to it.  They have a wide array of bags and handbags made from recycled materials like sails, rice bags, even street signs to choose from.  The below purse is made from recycled candy wrappers.



While shopping, I discovered these one of a kind bags made from discarded movie billboards.  You can choose from movies like “The 40 Year Old Virgin” to “Thunderbirds”. 


 the 40 yr old thunder birds also had this cool Coca Cola wrapper coin purse to stash your loose change.


If you really want something a little more luxurious, Beth Springer offers a beautiful bevy of handbags and adopts an environmentally sustainable attitude.  “I employ the principles of reduce, reuse, recycle to every aspect of my business”, says Springer.  Here are some examples from  her collection.

hybrid_green ssoftt_mustard_longhandle

If you are interested in seeing more examples of eco-conscious bags or fashion, I highly recommend my new favorite site White for all the latest in beauty, lifestyle and more for the eco and socially aware.

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