Ideeli & Gilt-free Pleasures

If your aren’t in on two of the best-kept online shopping secrets, you’re definitely going to want to read this post!

Gilt Group is an invitation-only site that gives Bellisima cuff giltmembers the opportunity to save  up to 70% off designer merchandise including: clothing, accessories and shoes for men women and children.  In addition, Gilt group offers discounts on gifts such as this cute Bellissima Knot Cuff along with items for your home such as glassware, and more.

AM at Gilt The discounts only last for 36 hours, so you want to act fast.  Gilt currently is featuring Alexander McQueen and this dress is already sold out.

Another discount designer site is Ideeli which offers up to 80% off retail prices.  Like Gilt Group, this is an invitation-only site and sales last only 36 hours.  Also, when you become a member, Ideeli will alert you to their surprise giveaways that you can enter. 

If you like to be the first in line, you can upgrade to the “1st row” for either $6.99 or $7.99/mo (depending on your billing cycle).  As a 1st Row member, you have access to the sales one hour earlier than the free-membership, 2nd Row.  There are also 1st Row Ideelionly sales.  If you miss out on too many great deals, you may want to consider the upgrade.

When comparing the two, I’ve found that Gilt Group offers more of the higher-end designers such as Oscar de la Renta and Marc Jacobs and Ideeli’s presents more affordable designers. 

Both are well worth the free membership to gain access to products that are typically unaffordable.

Now you didn’t think I would get you all excited about these sites and not invite you, did you?

For your Gilt Group invitation, click here: Gilt Group.  And for Ideeli click here: Ideeli.

Enjoy and let me know if you get any great deals!!

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