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She’s Got The Look

With the advent of the new Sex And The City Movie, all the newspapers are abuzz with women of a certain age.  Articles from the Wall Street Journal to local newspapers are discussing the “untapped” market of women over 35.  Can you believe 35 is considered old?  Is seems that once you graduate out of the 18-34 marketing category, corporations and marketing firms consider you dead.

Well, with unmistakable timing, a new reality series called She’s Got The Look is America’s Next Top Model for the over 35 set.  She’s Got The Look is looking for a women with beauty, but more importantly, a relatable personality with depth that comes with maturity.  Ten women will compete for a contract with Wilhemina Models and a photo spread in Self magazine.

Judges include:

Sean Patterson, President of Wilhemina Models, Inc.


Beverly Johnson, The first African-American supermodel to appear on the cover of VOGUE.


Robert Verdi, whom you may recognize as the host of shows such as Surprise By Design and Fashion Police.


Photo Source

As you can imagine all sorts of fashionistas turn out, from a man in the process of becoming Trans-gender to a leopard-print, body suit wearing diva.  Each hoping to have “The Look”.

She’s Got The Look airs Wednesday, June 4th at 10:00pm on TV Land.  To read more about this show and to view some great sneak peaks, click here.  I’m really interested in your opinion on this. 

I think it’s smart of TV Land to recognize that women over 35 aren’t dead and we still do care about what we look like.  I hope that a show like this encourages women to take better care of themselves and inspires them to follow their passion at any age.  We’ll see…

Any 35 or over gals want to weigh in? 

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America’s Next Top Model Finale

And America’s Next Top Model is….

Whitney Thompson of Atlantic Beach Florida.

America's Next Top Model

Photo Source

A big surprise to me.  I really though Anya was going to win.  The representative from Cover Girl was fawning over her at the photo shoot with comments like “You model from your toes up!”

I think it’s a positive and interesting choice all at once.  The ANTM gals haven’t become big stars as the show suggests.  There are rumors that top modeling agencies and designers don’t like to be “told” who will be the next “it” girl.  So maybe Tyra and the show have decided to change direction a bit.  Neither girl did well in their commercial and Anya was a real disappointment in the final cat walk.

Was it just me, or did anyone else think that final runway show in Rome was only staged for the show?  Other final runway shows seemed to be actual shows by the designer.  This one just had Versace clothes, not a Versace show per se.

What do you think about the choice?  I also found an interesting link of pictures of the past contestants and some pre-show photos of Whitney when she was a bit slimmer (or really sucking it in).  Click here.


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Agyness Deyn A Rocker?

Not satisfied entirely with the modeling world, Agyness Deyn & FIVE O’CLOCK HEREOS have teamed up in “Who”.  It has a real 80’s sort of feel.  After listening to it a few times, I really kinda like it.

Deyn is no stranger to the music world.  Josh Hubbard of The Paddingtons has been Deyn’s beau since 2004.  She also posed with the band in 2007 for Vogue (sorry I can’t find the pic from that issue.)

Photo Source


In other Agyness news, it seems she is now a dummy; a fashion dummy that is.  The 50 year old  British mannequin company Adel has immortalized the supermodel in mannequin form and will be holding a party for the figure on May 20th in Chelsea, NY.

Source: The Fashion Spot/ avant-garb.net

admann agymannequinnewyork-thumb-430x436


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Madonna- 4 Minutes

I intended to post this over the weekend when I write about Pop Culture and the like, but I was just too busy.

Madonna is releasing her newest CD tomorrow and I wanted to share with you her latest video 4 Minutes.


I thought it was pretty cool and the song is definitely ipod worthy.  Did you notice the treadmill routine?  Not as cool as the original, but interesting none the less.

What do you think?


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Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow

Alright guys, it’s time for your opinion.  Before she was a judge on American Idol, Paula Abdul had her start as a Laker Girl, then choreographer to Janet Jackson and then a full fledged pop star with hits like “Straight Up” and  (It’s Just)”The Way That You Love Me”.

Now, she has decided to give pop stardom another try.  Below, you will find Paula Abdul’s new video, “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow”.  I have been hearing rumors that MTV will not play this video because it is so awful and the dance moves are out dated.

After watching the video, it was really hard to take it seriously with Randy rockin’ out.  The words “Yo, dog!” kept running through my mind.  Is this a pathetic cry for attention or a serious musical endeavor?

What’s your opinion? Dance Worthy or Dud?

For more information about this story click here.


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