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Fashion Sensei Says…


Visual DNA


A friend of mine sent me this link for an interactive test to discover your Visual DNA.  You are taken through a series of pictures where you are asked to click on the photo that most appeals to you in that category.

At the end of the visual questionnaire, you will have a profile that describes your visual personality.

I took a test like this once at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.  It was set up during a big social function for people to determine their dating personality.  The funny thing is, at the end of the test, you were assigned a color and a corresponding “match” color.  The idea was for everyone to wear their sticker and you would then be better able to identify your perfect mate.

Click here to determine your Visual DNA.

Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud


On a recent trip to the library, I was reviewing the New York Times Best Seller List, in hopes of finding an interesting new read.  I was immediately drawn to Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler.  Mainly because it was a take on my all time favorite book from adolescence, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. by Judy Blume

I certainly wasn’t disappointed by this hysterically absurd memoir written by comedian Chelsea Handler.  My only disappointment, was not skipping my girls night out two weeks ago, and driving the 10 miles to Barnes and Nobel to meet her when she was in town.

Be aware though, she is very irreverent.  There were a few topics that I was a little bummed that she poked fun at, but I think that’s her shtick.

Irresponsible and Disturbing


MTV has initiated a casting call for young women from 17 and 24, five foot nine and six feet tall, and between 130 and 190 pounds to be a part of their new reality show Model Maker.

Here is an excerpt from their press release:

“Women come in all shapes and sizes, but models don’t. The term model conjures an image of stick-thin, towering beauties oozing confidence, glamour, poise and sexuality from every pore. “Skinny,” “no body fat,” and “size zero” are the words and phrases associated with models. “Chubby,” “well-fed,” and “big- boned” are not.”

It goes on to say, “With weekly eliminations looming, models must put their best foot forward at all times while staying focused on losing weight.”

The winner will receive $100,000, a modeling portfolio, a personal trainer for a year and “the chance to jumpstart the career of your dreams.”

Can you say disgusting?!

Source: amNewYork; theCut

From Buns to Bust


Have you ever dreamed of transplanting the extra junk in your trunk to your bust?  According to a recent report in the WSJ, the option may be on it’s way to the U.S. 

A procedure that couples a person’s own fat cells with stem cells is already being administered in Japan and Europe and may be a better alternative to saline and silicone.

With recent news from Christina Applegate’s courageous battle with breast cancer, and her subsequent election to have a double mastectomy, using the patients own fat cells, may be a welcome option for breast cancer survivors.

All I have to say is, I am more than willing to donate some of my belly fat to science.

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Fashion Sensei Says…


Ahh Nirvana…

The LampLagret i Örebro  Nirvana Daybed would make one amazing respite.  Go to Lamp Largret for further details.  BTW, the price comes out to around $4,362 USD.


HSN Nabs An Icon…


In a press release out today, famed stylist Patricia Field, will roll out a 50-piece limited edition collection available only on the Home Shopping Network.

“Patricia Field’s DESTINATION STYLE (TM) NEW YORK” will offer a collection of “chic daytime looks, and fabulous pieces for a night on the town, including sequined party dresses, sexy tops and eye-catching colors, all featuring Ms. Field’s signature flair for whimsical details, as well as a new take on classics such as the trench coat, the slim-fitting blazer, and the motorcycle jacket. The collection will also feature assorted accessories, including handbags, belts and scarves.” PR Newswire


Dress The Part…

gp568973-01p01v01 purple

 LBSPRING08_81-Size4 LBSUMMER08_31-Size4

Recycled Fish Lips…


You care about the environment and you try to reuse the gift bags that you are given.  But trying to use recycled gift wrap is sometimes a bit tricky.  Cue Fish Lips recycled gift wrap.  This clever company uses 100% Post-Consumer use paper to create their artistic wrap.


I Like My Style…


Do you want everyone to see the fashionista that you are?  Well click on I Like My Style, to join a community of street style exhibitionists.


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Fashion Sensei Says…



Sale Away Until Memorial Day…

Barneys New York Private Sale, Save up to 40%

Victoria Secret Semi Annual Clothing Sale–  Save up to 50% off

Ann Taylor Loft– Save up to 70% off

Click here for a 20% off coupon for J.Crew this weekend.

Blue Fly Deal-A-Day, save an extra 15% off dresses today only.

e LUXURY Handbag & Shoe Sale, save up to 40%

Eco & Socially Conscious clothing coupons at White Apricot.



Go! International With Jonathan Saunders…

According to Nylon Magazine, British Designer Jonathan Saunders has been tapped to design a line in October for Target’s Go! International collection.

00050m2 00240m 00340m


Excuse Me, Is This High Heel Heaven?

VE_11783901_gold_h_pu JPG_11779486_h_pu

 11737470_black_patent CD_11761518_beige_h_pu


Seriously? Multi Tasking and Recycling All In One…



No Blind Eye To Fashion…

Barneys Co-OP has a fantastic new collection of diamond jewelry designed by fettY in braille.  You can find messages like “Yes”, “Mine” and “Tomorrow” along with various zodiac signs.

PG_19840_7153_TH  PG_19843_2530_FS PG_19845_5651_TH



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Fashion Sensei Says…


Wearable Art…

Check out the new Gap Artist Edition T-Shirts


Photo Source: Highsnobiety


Sale Away…

Here are some noteworthy sales going on this weekend…

Ralph Lauren 40% off Private Sale  *Bonus* Today only type in MAY15 and get an additional 20% off!

Hayden-harnett Private Sale check it out soon.  The sale ends tomorrow!


What’s Your Body Type?

Are you still unsure what body type you are?  InStyle.com has an interesting tool where you can input your measurements.  Not only will you see your body type, but InStyle offers some wardrobe suggestions to fit your body.




Patios Have Never Looked So Good…

Try out this season’s versatile patio dress. (click on images for shopping information)





Pump It UP!

NMX07B7_mn NMX078D_mn


Get Carried Away…

Check out the Sex And The City store for all sorts of SATC swag including lingerie.


P.S. I was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press today about Sex And The City and what I’ll be doing when the movie comes out on May 30th.  I’ll let you know if my interview makes the cut!

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