Fashion Sensei Says…


Clip These Coupons…

Ann Taylor, AT Loft and AT Factory Store Friends and Family 25% off coupon.  Click here to print the coupon and details.

Banana Republic 15% off Coupon any purchase of $75 or more on-line or in store.  Click here to print coupon or access on-line coupon code.  (Please note you may have to magnify it when opening it)

Express- Click here for 20% off a $75 purchase or $10 off a $20 purchase now until April 20th.

Victoria’s Secret20% off Terry Essentials on-line use offer code TERRY20 at check out.  Click here and print for $10 off bra & free panty with purchase. Click here for more offers.


Strike A Pose…

This stylish Yoga Bag is constructed from “recycled plastic bags picked from the trash heaps of a New Delhi slum. Rather than let them pile up in landfills, the bags are hand picked by women who are paid a fair wage in order to turn trash into high-style treasure. They’re made by an Indian non-profit company that employs and empowers 300 low-caste women who had no employment opportunities. Incredibly, no dyes are used to make the colorful patterns—instead layers of different color plastic bags are simply fused together.”

(click on image for shopping information)



Bold And The Beautiful…


Be sure to stop in to your local H&M and check out their tribute collection of Marimekko designs.  The bold prints and reasonable prices are something that we all can appreciate.  Click here for a slide show from H&M.


Stuff It!

Now there is a stylish alternative for your sunglasses.  Take a look at this case from hayden-hartnett. (click on image for shopping details)


 glass case




You never know what  you are going to get when you type this word into Google.  Maybe I’m in a strange mood, but I thought this video was funny.  Now I can’t get the song out of my head.  Please be aware that there is explicit language at the end of this video.


Carry On…

There’s just something about paisley that I love.  This bag from kate spade is no exception.


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2 responses to “Fashion Sensei Says…

  1. I heart hayden-hartnett, glad you featured them. They have super awesome limited time sample sales only for people on their mailing list so I totally recommend joining (I got a gorgeous $500-ish bag for like $130!!!).

  2. Cindy Jackson

    I also love Marimekko Fabrics and have just found a Web Site with the most fabulous range of Marimekko Fabric Wall Hangings which I would like to share with you.

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