Vogue UK Says Enough is Enough, Start Designing Clothes for REAL Women

In an article published on Independent.co.uk yesterday, it was reported that Vogue UK editor Alexandra Shulman is boldly taking a stand for British women.  Shulman reportedly sent a letter to some of fashion’s most prominent design houses including: Prada, Chanel, Stella McCartney and John Galliano to admonish them for sending samples that are so small that fashion magazines are forced to hire impossibly thin models to fit them.  In turn, she urged designers to “recast the beauty ideal” by designing clothes that fit real women.

Haven’t women been asking for this for ages?  We want clothing that fits our bodies instead of forcing our bodies to fit an impossible ideal.  anorexic2pl

Who are the designers creating clothes for? Men? Because the models that they commonly dress for their shows have very flat chests and incredibly skinny limbs.  You can dress a skeleton up in pretty clothes and makeup, but it doesn’t make them beautiful.

Please, designers I implore you stop hating women’s bodies.  Instead, embrace our curves, our heath and in so doing, respect our gender.

One can only hope that American fashion magazine editors follow suit; demanding that designers supply them with samples that will fit healthy women.  In the meantime, we as women need to band together to PROVE to designers that this is what we really want.

Can I get an Amen?

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6 responses to “Vogue UK Says Enough is Enough, Start Designing Clothes for REAL Women

  1. Chrystal

    AMEN and WORD, from a 5’4″, 140 lb lady who lives in a place where it’s Africa hot, but fears the shorts because of her large hips/thighs and short legs.

  2. CAKE

    That woman is just as real as any other and no one’s forcing you to do anything. This sort of unhealthy promoting of fashion should motivate you to question what you want fashion to be to you.

  3. vrgblog

    Those legs are horrible. She is beyond anorexic!

  4. ella

    I cannot grip where the apprehension that we women want to take our inspiration from anorexia came from in the first place. Isnt it a better idea to actually approve of the body types we have, and start to embrace women’s curves of all different types? Its so much more logical to try and make fashion which to accentuate our types with rather than for one specific type. More constructive.

  5. Okay, I get your point. And really freaking agree with you. Seriously, it will help immensely with body acceptance to have clothes designed to celebrate a multitude of figures instead of hiding all but one and attempting to make them look like the rail thin ideal. I more than agree with you, I’d scream at the top of my lungs to cheer you on.

    But that *is* a real woman in a that picture. A real woman who’s been exploited and brain-washed by an industry and a culture to the point of horrendous self-harm. Let’s not succumb to the temptation in these cases to degrade or mock her, or at best pity her. This woman deserves genuine compassion; can you imagine having your mental illness exploited like that and put on show for the whole world to see? (Assuming it’s a mental illness–anorexia–and not a physical one that is the cause of such emaciation, which is a pretty damn safe assumption.)

    Don’t take your fight of fat-hate and turn it into thin-hate just cause it makes you feel better. That’s only a superficial form of self-acceptance.

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