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Black Friday Deals!

 5 Secrets to Finding the Best Deals on Black Fridayblackfriday_logo

It’s time to get your shopping lists ready for one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  To help you out, I have some terrific websites and suggestions to getting the best deals this Friday.

Tip #1:  Know Before You Go

First you must go to bfads.net for an early look at the sale papers to your favorite retail store.  The website has the secret scoop on all the hot items that are going on sale this Friday.  I already have my eye on a new DVD player at Target for $47 and some jammies for the kids at Walmart for only $3—granted they will not be the best quality—but they will do fine for one season.

Tip #2:  Get Your Coupon Codes

There are several websites that offer coupons codes to save you money.  But first you need to know the difference between two types of coupon codes. Certain sites offer printable coupons, where you print out the coupon and then take them with you to the physical store.  Another type of coupon is a cyber or online coupon, where you are offered a coupon code to be used only online.

BradsDeals.com offers printable coupons that you can take with you on your shopping trip.  Also, Printable-Coupons aka Mommy Saves Big, has a nice array of printable coupons.

If braving the stores is not your thing, but online shopping is, KeepCash.com is a good site to consult for coupons for online purchases.  You also will want to free-shippingcheck out freeshipping.org for free shipping offers to nearly 2,000 stores.  But be very careful to only go to freeshipping. ORG, the .com site looks like you have to pay for the services, while FreeShipping.org is free.

Tip #3:  Don’t Forget Your Sale Paper

Stores like Walmart are in a bidding war this year with other retailers, so be sure to bring your sale paper and ask if they will meet or beat the sale price listed in another store’s sale paper.   Every little penny helps…

Tip #4: Make an Itinerary

Many of the stores open at staggering times allowing consumers to attend several “Door Buster” sales.  After you have reviewed  the sale papers, give yourself an itinerary with regard to where you want to go and in what order.  I have found that giving myself a time-frame for each store allows me to get through quickly and on to the next sale.

You may also want to think about how long it will take to get to the next store.  If your city doesn’t boast a bevy of retail opportunities, consider going to a neighboring town that will put you in closer range to hit several stores in a short period of time.

Tip #5: This is Not a Fashion Show…

Black Friday is not the day to be strutting around in stilettos.  A seasoned Black Friday shopper knows that a comfortable pair of running shoes, several layers of  relaxed-fitting clothes (including a warm winter coat and gloves) are a must to keep you warm outdoors in the long lines.

Also, there’s no need to primp too much.  A quick rinse-off before you go, a ponytail-holder and a swipe of mascara will suffice.

Good Luck this Friday and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Shh! It’s A Secret…


Have you ever wanted to get in on those exclusive sample sales that the gals in the city always seem to take part in?  Well here’s your chance to do it from your computer in the comfort of your own home.

Editor’s Closet is a members only site that offers between 30-70% off  “up and coming” designer samples.  Stock rotates quickly, with sales only lasting from a few hours to 2-3 days, so shoppers are advised to buy it while they can.

So how do you get in on the fun?  Fashion Sensei has access to a referral code for you and all your friends for a limited time.  Type in detroit@editorscloset for the referral e-mail address, and you’re in!

Right now, the site is offering purses.  The Gustto Prato bag above, has an original price tag of $798.00 and is on sale for $350.00.

Don’t see anything that interests you?  That’s ok, once you sign up, you will be alerted to new sales.


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Shopping My Way Through Memorial Day…

Well not the whole weekend.  Saturday I spent the whole day doing yard work and cursing at my bushes for becoming so over grown.  I have two particular bushes that I detest and told my husband not to be alarmed if he sees me wrapping a chain around both bushes and attaching the other end to my car and driving down the road to remove them. 

But I digress…

Sunday I had a lovely time shopping.  I found a fantastic purple patio dress from Gap that I just may live in all summer.  The dress comes in several shades and is very flattering.  I also added a lace racerback tank with my dress as my “girls” no longer ride as high as this 20 year old model. Best of all, my shortie friends can join in the fun because it comes in petite too!

I plan on taking this dress with me to Chicago this weekend, but I discovered that it’s going to be cold.  So now I need to go find a blazer to go with it.  Too bad I forgot that H & M’s Friends and Family was this weekend.  I have to say, I owe you all an apology.  I have had that coupon for the past several weeks, but wanted to give it to you just before the sale date, so you wouldn’t forget.  Instead, I forgot.  Sorry about that.  H&M did have quite a few really cute pieces though, so check them out nonetheless.

Here’s a look at my purple dress and some options to go with it for warm or cooler weather. (click on image for shopping details)


I also took a swing by the Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale.  I have been on the hunt for a pair of black capris and I was thrilled to discover a line of pants called Claudia Ev by Tribal Contour Waist Capris.  These pants are perfect for someone with an apple shape.  The pants taper in around the lower thighs and knees to show off an Apple’s thin legs, and then have a slight flare at the calf for proportion.  Here’s what I liked the best, I have a butt!  The stitching on the rear has a sort of rounded heart shape at the top to give the appearance of a round bottom.  Something all apple shapes need.

The Tribal pants also boast a “flatten it!” feature that is supposed to minimize your tummy, however, I didn’t notice a dramatic effect.  But every little bit helps in the battle of the bulge.  Oh, and I almost forgot, they are on sale!  (Click on the picture for shopping details.)


Keep an eye out for more sales as stores are unloading all their spring lines.  To get your shopping motors running, I received word today that Blue Fly is offering an extra 10% off today only.  Happy hunting!!

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Fashion Sensei Says…


Wearable Art…

Check out the new Gap Artist Edition T-Shirts


Photo Source: Highsnobiety


Sale Away…

Here are some noteworthy sales going on this weekend…

Ralph Lauren 40% off Private Sale  *Bonus* Today only type in MAY15 and get an additional 20% off!

Hayden-harnett Private Sale check it out soon.  The sale ends tomorrow!


What’s Your Body Type?

Are you still unsure what body type you are?  InStyle.com has an interesting tool where you can input your measurements.  Not only will you see your body type, but InStyle offers some wardrobe suggestions to fit your body.




Patios Have Never Looked So Good…

Try out this season’s versatile patio dress. (click on images for shopping information)





Pump It UP!

NMX07B7_mn NMX078D_mn


Get Carried Away…

Check out the Sex And The City store for all sorts of SATC swag including lingerie.


P.S. I was interviewed by the Detroit Free Press today about Sex And The City and what I’ll be doing when the movie comes out on May 30th.  I’ll let you know if my interview makes the cut!

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