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Fashion Lesson #29: Spring 2009 Pear Shape

Today’s fashion lesson highlights a few spring trends for the Pear Shape.

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Bold Color

Bright Accessories 09' 

This dress from J.Crew has a flattering silhouette for a woman with a tiny waist and fuller thighs.  Pairing it with a pop of color will brighten your spirits and add a little personality to a basic LBD. 

One word of caution though, stick with just one colorful accessory.  Otherwise, you may look a little too bright.


Belts 4 Pear Shape

Lucky for the pear shaped lady, just about everything was belted during the spring 2009 shows.  You will look fantastic belting everything from sweaters to jackets and blouses to dresses.  Take advantage of this trend with any number of the above suggestions.


Pear Shape

Pear Shape- RW&B

A staple for every spring collection, the nautical theme has lasting appeal.  A boat neck sweater broadens a pear’s narrow shoulders while a pair of wide leg trousers falling from the curve of your thigh gives you a lean look in these dark washed jeans.

The A-line skirt above flatters your small waist and when paired with a pair of flesh toned shoes, your legs will appear exceptionally long.


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Fashion Lesson: #23 Fall Cardigans For Your Shape

One of the most versatile trends this fall is the cardigan.  No matter your shape or size, there’s something out there for you.

For today’s Fashion Lesson, we will explore examples for the Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Straight figures, and several other variations.

These sweaters are so versatile, they will flatter a wide variety shapes.  It’s all in the details.

The first sweater would look nice on an Hourglass figure.  As I have discussed in prior Fashion Lessons, a belted waist helps to accentuate the lovely curves of an Hourglass shape. I recommend you lose the monochromatic belt, and pair it with a skinny animal print one instead. 

Bows are really hot this season and if you have a small bust, the bow on this blouse would add a little volume to that area to enhance your figure.

Apples and Straight Figures, you could pull of this look as well.  All that you need to do is ditch the belt. 

If you have a large bust, I encourage you to find a different blouse.  The bow will only make you look more ample.  You want to keep the V neck line of this sweater to draw the eye down and break up the area.

You could wear a the same sort of shirt that is illustrated below with a long necklace.

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   222615_6273 810282_ivo_b

1 belt 844112_red_b

I love the shock of color with this cardigan.  This is really the sort of sweater that would look good on any shape.  Due to its hip length, it will not draw too much attention to a Pear’s thighs as if she were to wear the gray example above.  I also think the shirt and tie is a really cute combination.


This sweater would compliment a busty Apple shape woman.  The deep V will draw the eye down, and the band around the hips will add proportion to a full bust.


Here is another example of a universally flattering casual sweater.  The dolman sleeve on this cardigan would also suit a woman with full arms.  You could even layer this combination one more time with a pop of color from the long sleeve tee that would enhance your complexion.


Honestly, I could have written this whole post based on the cardigan page on Anthropologie.com.  This lovely example would become an Hourglass, Straight or Pear figure. 

Especially important to a Straight figure, this sweater creates an hourglass shape with the peplum at the hips.

One other interesting point to note.  Do you see how the wide set buttons draw the eye outward, broadening the the shoulders?  Now look at the close set buttons on the lower body of the cardigan.  They help create the focal point for a smaller waist.

This is very important if you are a Pear with narrow shoulders.  You want embellishments that create a broad shoulder to put your upper body in proportion to you lower body.

Remember that when you are out shopping.  Wider set buttons, make certain areas look larger and closer set buttons make the area look smaller.


I really fancy this swing sweater for an Apple shape paired with the the blouse below.  The ruffle on the blouse helps to lengthen a Short Waist and add proportion at the same time.

02812092_zi gp570031-03p01v01

A cardigan post would not be complete without a cashmere argyle sweater.  Universally flattering, you can wear it with a pair of jeans or dress it up with an equally universally flattering A-Line skirt.  Don’t you just love that cute little belt?



This is my Wild Card pick.  I like the very unusual, almost Medusa looking design around the neck.  When I first saw it, I thought it would be a good choice for a small bust because all that detailing adds volume and draws the eye in that direction rather than focus on your cup size. 

Reader Heba asked for some advice earlier about examples for a small bust, hence the extra examples this week.

I felt the bell sleeves on the blouse would be a good choice for this sweater and would look great together with a pair of pants like the ones pictured for a business casual outfit at the office.    

810301_blu_b 02834348_zi

Finally, I am a big fan of polka dots and I thought this sweater vest would be really fun under this bright red cardigan. 

You can tone it down if you are not interested in a “LOOK AT ME!” sort of image.  It could also be worn under a blazer or over a white blouse similar to the one above for a less conspicuous appearance.

If you are a Pear or Hourglass shape, consider buttoning up the sweater and wearing a skinny black belt with it to accentuate your little waist.

red 810230_bla_b

I hope these tips help.  If you have a suggestion for a future Fashion Lesson topic, be sure to leave me a comment!

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Fashion Lesson #21: Picks For Your Shape at NY Fashion Week S/S 2009

Now that Fashion Week in New York is wrapping up, I thought it would be interesting to use some of the pieces from the shows and match them to a respective body type.  So for this Fashion Lesson, let’s all pretend that we have well toned and fit bodies for our corresponding body shape category.  After all, Fashion Week doles out a liberal dose of fantasy, so why not just pretend?

(click on images for source and designer information)


The main objective for the Apple shape is to camouflage the tummy without sacrificing a feminine shape.  Pockets on the hips also helps to make the waist appear smaller.  I do not endorse the knee high nylons with this look from G-Star, but the jacket really appeals to me.

I also chose the gray and orange ombre dress for the figure flattering drape and the beautiful illusion of a dress on fire.  The flesh toned dress to the left of this photo is a great example of creating a proportioned body shape with beadwork.  In addition, I like it for an Apple Shape because of the V-neck.  Many Apple shaped women have a large bust and need to break up the voluminous appearance of their bust.

untitled 00260m FL Straight 00270m



With a straight figure, you want to create an hourglass shape.  The examples below do just that.  One easy way of doing this is to add a belt to your coat or sweater this season.

00150m 00080m 00210m 00260m8


One of the most envied body shapes on the spectrum, the job of the Hourglass is to show off those amazing curves!  Be sure to choose a garment that defines your waist, but is not too tight everywhere else, unless you look like the model in the Hervé Léger by Max Azria dress.






The Pear woman shares some of the traits of an hourglass, but she needs to make sure that her shoulders are well defined to balance out her hips.  I know the Oscar de la Renta outfit is a repeat for me, but I think it is a lovely example for a pear shaped woman.  The top enhances the waist, adds definition to the shoulders with the geometric piping and the pants are nice and loose at the hips without sacrificing a feminine shape.






If you have any suggestions for future Fashion Lessons, be sure to write me or leave a comment!

Photo Source: Style.com

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Apples & Pears Fashion Lesson #2

pear.jpgI will be starting a series of fashion lessons on body shape over the next several Friday’s.  This week, I will cover the Pear Shape.  A Pear Shape is sometimes defined as having a defined waist, curvy hips and rounded thighs. 

There can also be many variations.  Some women with a Pear Shape may have rounded shoulders and a smaller bust.  Consider that as the trade off for your amazing abs and tush!

When you have this shape, you want to be aware of a couple things.  Accentuate you assets and maintain proper proportion. First, you want to highlight  one of your biggest assets, your waistline. Wear belts, cinched dresses or jackets and even high waisted jeans.

Next, you want to make sure that you maintain proper proportion in your overall look.  We have all seen someone who is wearing a pair of painted on jeans or skirt that just makes their thighs look too big.  A prime example are the skinny jeans.  A big fashion trend, but not for Pear Shapes.  Another example for a Pear Shape don’t, are the high waisted tapered leg pants otherwise known as the “Mom Jeans”.


Opt for something that drapes from your thigh.  The wider the line horizontally, the more structured the material you need.  Here are some great examples of some flattering outfits for the Pear Shape.

 Outfit #1 (left) 

Here, I have an adorable jacket from Forever 21. This selection adds volume to the bust and the ruffled collar and sleeves adds dimension to the shoulder to camouflage a narrow shoulder.  It is also cinched at the waist to bring you in at your smallest point. 

The jeans are a trouser fit from the Gap.  This fit will create proper proportion with the wider cut.  The back pockets are flat.  As Pear Shaped gals know, you must be careful with back pockets.  A pocket with a flap will only add volume to an otherwise ample backside. 🙂 (I’m jealous, I am in the flat tush catergory)

Outfit #2 (right)

I have chosen a Boat Neck Sweater which will make your shoulders look wider with the horizontal line. There are also buttons on the shoulder of this sweater which adds to the effect. I have included a belt to cinch in the waist and the A line skirt will hide your thighs without adding bulk. It’s all in proportion.

I have added a pointy toe shoe to elongate the leg. If you have a thick ankle, be sure to avoid an ankle strap shoe.  You will only accentuate that area. 

I hope that this information is helpful. If you have a figure challenge that you would like me to write about, e-mail me at shopwithapplesandpears@comcast.net and I will include it in this series.  For more information on the items discussed in this post, please click on the Polyvore image.
Bad Fashion Photo Source: Glamour.com


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