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Fashion Sensei Says…


Visual DNA


A friend of mine sent me this link for an interactive test to discover your Visual DNA.  You are taken through a series of pictures where you are asked to click on the photo that most appeals to you in that category.

At the end of the visual questionnaire, you will have a profile that describes your visual personality.

I took a test like this once at the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art.  It was set up during a big social function for people to determine their dating personality.  The funny thing is, at the end of the test, you were assigned a color and a corresponding “match” color.  The idea was for everyone to wear their sticker and you would then be better able to identify your perfect mate.

Click here to determine your Visual DNA.

Get Ready to Laugh Out Loud


On a recent trip to the library, I was reviewing the New York Times Best Seller List, in hopes of finding an interesting new read.  I was immediately drawn to Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea by Chelsea Handler.  Mainly because it was a take on my all time favorite book from adolescence, Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. by Judy Blume

I certainly wasn’t disappointed by this hysterically absurd memoir written by comedian Chelsea Handler.  My only disappointment, was not skipping my girls night out two weeks ago, and driving the 10 miles to Barnes and Nobel to meet her when she was in town.

Be aware though, she is very irreverent.  There were a few topics that I was a little bummed that she poked fun at, but I think that’s her shtick.

Irresponsible and Disturbing


MTV has initiated a casting call for young women from 17 and 24, five foot nine and six feet tall, and between 130 and 190 pounds to be a part of their new reality show Model Maker.

Here is an excerpt from their press release:

“Women come in all shapes and sizes, but models don’t. The term model conjures an image of stick-thin, towering beauties oozing confidence, glamour, poise and sexuality from every pore. “Skinny,” “no body fat,” and “size zero” are the words and phrases associated with models. “Chubby,” “well-fed,” and “big- boned” are not.”

It goes on to say, “With weekly eliminations looming, models must put their best foot forward at all times while staying focused on losing weight.”

The winner will receive $100,000, a modeling portfolio, a personal trainer for a year and “the chance to jumpstart the career of your dreams.”

Can you say disgusting?!

Source: amNewYork; theCut

From Buns to Bust


Have you ever dreamed of transplanting the extra junk in your trunk to your bust?  According to a recent report in the WSJ, the option may be on it’s way to the U.S. 

A procedure that couples a person’s own fat cells with stem cells is already being administered in Japan and Europe and may be a better alternative to saline and silicone.

With recent news from Christina Applegate’s courageous battle with breast cancer, and her subsequent election to have a double mastectomy, using the patients own fat cells, may be a welcome option for breast cancer survivors.

All I have to say is, I am more than willing to donate some of my belly fat to science.

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Fashion Sensei Says…


Cindarella Story…

“The Perfect Fit:  What Your Shoes Say About You” by Meghan Cleary


Pop-Art Poppy by EDUN…



Download This…

Add to your shoe collection with these autographed shoe sketches by Paolo Batacci for Nordstrom.  For a limited time, you can download his sketches according to your screen’s resolution.  Click here for more information.






Organic Dreams…

Check out Nordstrom’s on-line catalogue of organic products, like these cute pj’s.

_5598726 _5575155


Carry On…

This is no ordinary parasol, made from Bamboo and a patent pending canopy, the Brelli is 100% biodegradable and will definately be a conversation piece. 



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Fashion Sensei Says…



These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’…

(click on images for shopping information)

507a0089-aaf1-4a85-a0c1-2bb6e8121467 1febc796-f60a-4a04-b49e-9a96ddf16700


Dress For Success…



Narccissits Rejoice…8fc35a2046284ddd666b6877545d2a6c

Now you can have your image immortaized in these personalize cufflinks from Eleven Forty Design

Not very interested in a bust of yourself you say?  Well the company says that they have an existing portfolio that ranges from Ghandi to Lucifer and Flash Gordon to Einstein.  But do they have Borat?  Nice.





Burn Rubber…410jJBR02QL__AA240_

“Sneaker Wars” by Barbara Smit is a new book out about the history of the multi billion dollar sneaker business, the corruption, competition and commercialism. 

Included is the origin of the rivalry between the Dassler brothers who went on to create Puma and Adidas.





Take A Whiff…

‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf




Carry On…


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Fashion Sensei Says…

FS Says

Click on images for shopping information

Post it!


Zap it!

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion.  This product works great if you have a blemish that you are trying to zap. (also available at Nordstrom)


Steal This Style…

I just love the casual elegance of this outfit.  It doesn’t take loads of money or be a size 0, to achieve this level of style. I personally would add a little color to punch it up a bit with a different bag.  (Sartorialist, At Giambattista Valli)


These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’…

Gladiator Sandals are also a Trend To Watch.  I have to apologize that I cannot remember where I found the first of this pair, but wanted to show them as an example.  If you have seen these, leave us a comment.

pl553437-00p01v01 _5538730

Feed Your Fashion Brain…untitled

“Style Deficit Disorder” Harajuku Street Fashion Tokyo by Tiffany Godoy. 

I reported earlier this week about the fashion subculture kosupure or “costume play”.  Today I want to introduce you to Harajuku.

Wikipedia defines it this way:

Harajuku is the common name for the area around Harajuku Station on the Yamanote Line in the Shibuya ward of Tokyo, Japan. The area is known internationally for its youth style and fashion.[1] Harajuku street style is promoted in Japanese and international publications such as Fruits.

This fantastic book “documents the history of the area from WWII until the present day, tracking its continuing fluctuations”.  To see more, click here.

Carry On…

If you want a bag that will make you a trendsetter and ecologically responsible at the same time, check out the Ornj Bubble Baguette  which uses recycled construction fencing rescued from the streets of the Motor City.



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What’s On Page 123?

I was reading GFCF Mommy today and she had this fun game posted. 51RJED419HL__AA240_ She was “tagged” by a friend to pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more and find page 123.  Next, find the first 5 sentences.  Post the next 3 sentences.  Then you can tag 5 people.

Here are the 3 sentences on page 123 from my nearest book, Before You Put That On by Lloyd Boston.


What is your best-kept personal style secret?

I have been wearing the same blue mascara and red lipstick for years. 

Now no cheating, tag you’re it!

What do you think?

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Fashion Sensei Says…

FS Says

For shopping information, click on the image. 

Snatch that sale…


new Priorities

grass cotton ‘Phoebe’ hooded raincoat

retail value: $230.00

sale: $124.20

you save 46%

These shoes are made for walkin’…


Trend to watch…

You’ll have to use your imagination with me on this one, but picture the shirt sleeves cut, the white shirt sleeves rolled up.

14541205_01_b 212342_9000 thumb2HotPinkBlackStripe puredetroit_1936_277749

Indulge yourself…

MM_11738705_h_v2_pu _5568045

What’s that smell?

Enjoy chocolate without the guilt. Philosophy captured the decadent scent of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate in their award winning 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. Yummy!


Read it!

New York Look Book: A Gallery Of Street Fashion (Paperback)
by Amy Larocca (Author), Jake Chessum (Photographer)


Oh no she didn’t!

face hunter




Carry on…



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