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Save The Earth and Money—Swap Clothes


  Photo: Serge Krouglikoff/GettyImages

Growing up, my younger sister and I would borrow each other’s clothes all the time.  The practice continued with my High School and College friends.  I can’t help but laugh when I look at old photos of myself and friends, all outfitted from one person’s closet.

With Wednesday being Earth Day, and the fact that the economy is still trying to pick itself up out of this recession, swap parties have become a popular way of saving money and embracing some eco-friendly ideals.

The idea is to gather a group of friends, each of whom bring 4 or more items of clothing, jewelry, accessories or shoes, to swap with other friends.  These items may be new or gently used items that you no longer find a need for.  In return, you get to take home an equal number of items—thus preventing them from decomposing (or not) in a landfill.

If you are thinking of having a Swap Party, here are a few tips:

  • Grab a Large Group of Friends.  The bigger the party the better. 
  • Encourage Each Person to Bring Anything of Value.  This could be apparel, shoes, accessories, jewelry and even unused cosmetics or hair products.  Don’t forget the maternity wear too.  You may be done having kids, but there may be someone at the party who is planning on having children soon.
  • Food, Music and Libation!  The best way to save money is to make the party a pot luck, where each guest brings a dish to pass.  Then you need some inspiring, up beat music to get everyone in the mood.  Last, but certainly not least, enjoy a few cocktails with the girls while you relax.  You may also want to have some non-alcoholic drinks on hand for those who wish to abstain and your pregg-0 gal pals.
  • Rock the Runway.  Now that everyone is in a comfortable frame of mind, turn the music up and have everyone show off their new looks with a little runway show!

If the Swap Party doesn’t appeal to you, or if you have more of an entrepreneurial spirit, you could sell your clothes on e-bay or swapstyle.com—a virtual swap party from around the world.  One can swap anything from clothes to CDs.

Has anyone attended or hosted a swap party?  If so, let us know what your experience was like.

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Get Ready It’s Earth Month

April starts the beginning of Earth Month and already there is a bru-ha-ha.  Wal-Mart announced this morning in a Press Releasetheir new “Green” initiative and their serious intentions in bringing “green” to the mainstream.

“From milk to mulch and laundry detergent to light bulbs, more than 50 products spanning various aspects of sustainability including energy conservation, waste reduction, and organics will be featured on store shelves during the month of April. In addition, Walmart.com will offer more than 500 eco-friendly items, including apparel, baby products and home furnishings, at unbeatable prices online.”

Later this afternoon, the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) called “Wal-Mart’s Earth Month sustainability campaign, touting its new lines of alleged environmentally-friendly products, a waste of time and resources.”  In it’s own Press Release it states:

“Wal-Mart got to where it is today by adhering to a business model that took into account the consumer’s priority to get quality products at the lowest possible price,” concludes Carlisle. “This foolish ‘Green’ campaign is completely contrary to that model. The more Wal-Mart emphasizes so-called sustainability factors in marketing products, the more it risks undermining its competitiveness.”

Tsk,Tsk, gentlemen aren’t we supposed to be promoting the “green” revolution?  In all fairness, the NLPC states in their Press Release that they support “ethics in corporate life” and the Corporate Integrity Project.  Maybe they feel that Wal-Mart isn’t being sincere?  Or could it be that they still stand by the December 2006, special report titled “Wal-Mart Embraces Controversial Causes: Bid to Appease Liberal Interest Groups Will Likely Fail, Hurt Business”?

I thought I would give you a little of the behind-the-scenes cat fighting.  It’s interesting for us to know as consumers what is really driving decisions.

In other eco-news, Barneys New York Co-Op will begin a national T-shirt recycling program.  On April 13th, you can drop off your old Flashdance T-Shirt from the 80’s and Loomstate will “re-fashion” your sad old discards into limited edition brand new T-shirts set to be offered for Holiday 2008.  I can’t wait to see what sort of message T-shirts make their way into the fray; “I’m with stupid”, “I (heart) nerds”? You know there will be much worse, but I am trying to stay clean.

The word is also those of us who participate, will receive a 20% discount on Loomstate for Barneys Green from April 13-17.  All proceeds from the initiative will go to “Organic Exchange, a unique resource for companies interested in the cultivation and sourcing of certified organic cotton.”

If you want to learn more about this in green ambition click here for the press release.

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Banana Republic Joins The Green Movement


Last week I reported that Nordstrom is phasing in their eco-friendly shopping bags, now  Banana Republic is weighing in.  In a recent press release, Banana Republic announced that on April 8th,they will roll out a new 50 piece collection of men’s and women’s lines and will also adopt a new label and packaging system to compliment their “eco-conscious” fabrics.

The new fabrics consist of bamboo, organic cotton and linen amongst other renewable or sustainable materials.

Simon Kneen, EVP Design & Creative Director for Banana Republic is quoted as saying:

“Designing this product has been an inspiring process.  Many of us are now looking to our everyday practice for ways to demonstrate our ongoing commitment where we can, not just for this collection, but future seasons as well”

It’s not coincidence that this new line and lines from other retailers such as Guess and Keds are announcing their “Green” ambitions.  April 22nd is Earth Day.  Keen marketing, wouldn’t you say?

Whatever the reason, I applaud their efforts and am looking forward to future collections from this an other companies.

To see pictures from their Green collection click here.

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