Did you hear the joke…

Did you ever hear the joke about the girl whose breasts were so big they gave her a black eye?

Well one Canadian advertising agency took that joke one step further with it’s ad campaign for Running Free sports bras.

“Support bras now available”

Runningeyes_preview Runningnose_preview Runningteeth_preview

But here’s a little twist of controversy.  When I saw these ads on the internet, I assumed that they were commercial ads already in use.  I went looking for the actual bras.

That’s when I went back to the site I found them on and started reading the comments section. I noticed this comment on the bottom:

Submitted by Halfmad on Fri, 2008-02-22 18:52.

Please update your post. This note is from the owner. Thanks!

my name is Nick Capra I am the owner of Running Free. Those horrendous images were pitched to us by an ad agency.

When we saw them our first reaction was “you’ve got to be kidding me”.

We will never and have never used those pathetic excuses for marketing. Our reaction to them was as yours was and how they got out on to the internet is beyond me. I’m
sorry they did and I’m sorry you and who ever else is distressed by them has to waist their time and energy thinking about them.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to speak about this

Nick Capra

Source: Ads of the World.com

Advertising Agency: DDB Toronto, Canada
Creative Director: Andrew Simon
Copywriter: Courtney Colomby
Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
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5 responses to “Did you hear the joke…

  1. Thats completely unacceptable, I am shocked an ad company could be so stupid.

  2. tinzzle

    wow. those pictures scare me. 0_0

  3. fashionistadanie

    Um WOW

    What’s with Canada lately and shock advertising?

  4. Iky

    Apology not accepted 😦

  5. Hi Iky, thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. Crazy story eh?

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