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Product Review: Däv Rain Products

Dav AboutProduct: Däv rain gear;  including umbrellas, boots, shoes, sneakers, handbags and socks for women and children.

As Seen In: Vogue, Redbook, Style, Everyday With Rachel Ray and more.

Company’s Claim:  Däv product’s aim to offer hip and sophisticated rain apparel using special materials such as a stretch panels and a comfortable PORON® footbed to create a fashionable ensemble durable enough for anything the weather throws at you.

Fashion Quotient:  With a dazzling array of boots and shoes to choose from, Däv has every fashion personality covered.  From downtown trendsetters to the sassy-cowgirl—including your little fashion-bug-in-training—you’re sure to find something to suit your fancy.

Däv offers really unique umbrella’s to coordinate with your boots as well.

Dav bootsdav umbrella

Quality:  Däv sent me a pair of Karma Victoria rain boots and a Starburst umbrella similar to the one above in cream/black to review.  I think the quality  of the products is excellent.  The umbrella is large, has a sturdy handle and features a spring-loaded button so that it will pop open on command.   For $30, I thought the Däv umbrella was definitely worth the price.  I recently purchased an umbrella from Target for $15 which broke after just 3 uses.

The boots are constructed with durable materials and were quite warm and comfortable when I wore them.  I would also say that the sizing it true-to-size.  Further, the boots came with a black nylon backpack to store them in.Dav flats

Con’s:  Really I didn’t feel that there were any cons. 

Bottom Line:  Däv offers a wide variety of stylish rain gear at a broad range of prices.  If the $90 rain boots are out of your budget, you can opt for an adorable pair of leopard print ballerina flats like these for only $29.99.  

All I can say is, I can’t wait for the next rainy day.

Visit to purchase the items seen here or click on the retailer tab to find a store near you.

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Catching Up

Hi everyone, my apologies for the lack of posts last week.  It was a very busy week.  I had both of my kids at home for spring break and I was fortunate enough to do some wardrobe styling for a local magazine for their summer issue.

The theme for my assignment was swimwear and funny enough, only one store in the whole city carried swimwear (for the assignment, I was to only use local boutiques).  Luckily, I was able to find two lovely swimsuits for the shoot; however, they were “Brazilian” sizes which means that most of us would only be able to fit half our tush in the bottom of the suit. 😉

Here is a picture of one of the suits we used made by as pictured in Sports and on their company website. 

SI-Cant-Buy-me-love-turq b.b swim

The model to the left looks very awkward laying on that rock doesn’t she?  Whenever I see a pose like this, I wonder what the judges from America’s Next Top Model would say?

Because the bathing suits were very sexy, I couldn’t pair them with an average pair of flip flops, so I borrowed some pretty incredible shoes for the shoot as well.  My favorite pair were a black pair of black patent Lanvin stiletto sandals with a pink satin bow on the heel.  I wish I had a picture of them, but the boutique that I borrowed them from, often has exclusive styles only available at their store.  Looking back, I wish I would have taken a picture of them myself.  They were also quite pricey—$995.  I sent my wish to the Shoe fairy for the exact pair in a size 10.5 wide.  I’ll let you know if they show up under my pillow one morning—but I’m not holding my breath.

The new issue of the magazine doesn’t come out until June, so I will keep you posted when it comes out.  I’ll be sure to put the pages up on this site when I get the green light.

I hope everyone had a nice Passover/Easter. 

🙂 Tanya

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Style Pirate

One woman’s encounter with a fashion kleptomaniac. 

A friend of mine approached me today and asked if I had ever dealt with a style thief.  This friend we’ll call Diana, has an acquaintance that after seeing Diana wear a skirt to the gym, went out that very same day, bought the same skirt, and wore it to the gym the following day.

This wasn’t the first time the style rogue commandeered Diana’s look.  This woman has been showing up in Diana’s clothes for over a year now.

Diana’s concern is that she didn’t want to look like the Bobbsey Twins on their way to Disney Land. 

I understand her concern.  At least once in our lives, nearly all of us have been somewhere and another individual is wearing the same shirt or outfit.  I read recently that during her time as First Lady, Laura Bush arrived at a White House ball only to discover not one, but, several women were wearing the exact same red Oscar de la Renta gown.  How embarrassing is that?

Unlike the gaffe at the White House, our style thief in question is deliberately purchasing an identical wardrobe.

So what’s your advice to Diana?  How would you approach this woman?  Has this ever happened to you?


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Fashion Sensei Scoop! Interview With Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger


She’s back!  Tonight is the premiere of The Millionaire Matchmaker’s second season.  I had the chance to chat with the show’s star, Patti Stanger on Tuesday and ask her about the new season, her take on style and her fascinating background-and boy did she dish!

For those of you who missed last season, let me give you a quick synopsis of what The Millionaire Matchmaker is about.  The show follows Patti Stanger who owns The Millionaire’s Club, a matchmaking service for wealthy men who are looking for a serious relationship with a beautiful and intelligent women.  Women are first pre-screened by the discerning Ms. Stanger and her staff.  Once vetted, she may then may join the club for free and have a shot at meeting the man of her dreams.

Last season, I was a little skeptical of the idea and assumed it was a group of gold digging, bubble headed bleach blonds and strippers who were looking for their sugar daddy.

It’s really the opposite, Patti and her staff do some serious evaluations before a woman is welcomed into the Millionaire’s Club.  While screening, Patti is looking for the sort of women that is looking for a traditional lifestyle-where the prospective wife or girlfriend would stay home and raise a family while her husband pursues his career.

Another example of Patti’s traditional values in dating is the implementation of her 10 Commandments for her bachelors; which includes a no sex until they are in a committed relationship commandment.

This Season, Equal Opportunity Matchmaking

In season two, not only will there be men looking for the perfect woman, but Patti will be setting up three high powered female millionaires and some gay men too.  Here’s a sneak peak at two of her lady millionaires.83487 

Heidi Cornell the creator of Young, Fabulous & Broke and a single mother, has solicited Patti’s help in helping her find the perfect guy.  Patti encourages us to keep an eye on Heidi’s story in particular, because there is a big twist leaving viewers wondering which man she will choose.

Shauna Raisch of Split Ends and the owner of Twiggs salonspa in Minnesota, is leaving her shop and moving to LA to find her own little Ashten Kucher.  Shauna has a reputation of being a diva and I got the impression from Patti that her expectations were a little unrealistic.  We’ll see what happens…

Patti On Style

When I wrote about The Millionaire Matchmaker last season, I can’t tell you how many people landed on my site by Googling  “what does Patti Stanger wear” or words to those effect.  I also had folks e-mail me asking if I knew where she shopped.patti red

So I asked Patti about her style and what her influences were.  Patti told me that her mother was a true fashionista when she was growing up and she learned early during her days working at Saks Fifth Avenue at Christmas, to save her money and buy the best that she could afford when it came to staples and shoes.  She is a big fan of Gucci and Chanel shoes, Black Halo dresses-which she says “sucks you in” all the right places, and Nanette Lepore (one of my favorites too).

But lest you think she spends her days shopping like a diva on Rodeo Drive, Patti confessed that she loves online shopping, especially  She’s also a devotee of Loemans and Forever 21, “I love their jewelry!” she says .

“A Player Will Give You The Best Advice- He Know What Makes The Flagpole Raise.”

Last Season during one vetting session with potential mates for the millionaires, Patti told one of the ladies that she looked like she was ready to wrap herself around a pole.  So I asked the 47 year old matchmaker for her best advice for women over 35 who wanted to look sexy without appearing desperate.  Here’s her advice:

  • The key to looking sexy, is to show off your assets.  If you have great legs show them off.  If you have fat ankles, cover them up.  The best way to do that is with boots that have a 3 inch heel.
  • Go for a sexy secretary look with a fitted blouse and a pencil skirt along with high black heels.  To take it from day to night, wear a brooch at your décolleté. 
  • When wearing skirts, keep them at 1 inch above the knee.
  • Shapewear, Shapewear, Shapewear!  I hate Spanx, they ride up.  My favorite brands are Body Wrap and Sassybax, especially the one piece.  I also love shape fx at Spiegel, it has shapewear in the dresses.

In her new book, “Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate”, Patti who is known not to mince words, advises women over 40 not to go shopping with their girlfriends.  “They won’t tell you the truth!  Neither will your gay boyfriend.” she says.  Instead, she advises, “Take a player.  A player will give you the best advice- he knows what makes the flagpole raise!”

Advice For Gay Men

Patti also has fashion advice for gay men, “People always think just because you are gay, that you have taste.  It’s not true. Queens attract queens.  If you are a queen and you want a butch guy, you need to dress like a lumberjack.”

5 Random Facts About Patti Stanger

If you have a Facebook page, then by now you have be tagged to respond to 25 Random Things about yourself.  I asked Patti if she would give me 5.

1.) She was a practicing astrologer.

2.) She worked as a psychic and director for Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline.  She says she gets premonitions all the time, even about celebrities.

3.) If she weren’t a matchmaker, she would be a professional chef.

4.) She is currently writing a screenplay based on her new book.

5.) While she was going to the University of Miami, she sold jewelry that she made and designed, along with hand painted T-shirts.  But her best sellers where her erotic candies that she sold from door-to-door.

2 Words To Describe Patti

In preparation for my interview with Patti, I watched several videos from last season where Patti talks about each of her clients and at the end she describes the man with two words.  I thought it would be interesting to hear which two words she would use in reference to herself.   

Energetic was the first and based on the pace of our interview, and how fast she talked, in addition to how warm and upbeat she is, I would totally agree.

The other word she used to describe herself was insane.  Not because she is crazy, she is a very sharp woman.  But with a book, a business and a hit television show on her hands who wouldn’t be?

Don’t forget to check out The Millionaire Matchmaker tonight on Bravo at 9pm/10c.

Photos of Patti courtesy of NBC/Universal.  Photo of Heidi from

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Fashion Sensei Give Away!!!


The popular on-line store, jb and wants to give Fashion Sensei readers Happiness On Planet Earth. 



 What_ecotote_yellow_004 What_ecotote_yellow_005 What_ecotote_yellow_003 What_ecotote_yellow_002

Subscribers to Fashion Sensei have the opportunity to win this fantastic eco-friendly tote designed by Stella McCartney for Whatever it Takes; an organization started by Charlotte Di Vita, began to help raise funds for underdeveloped communities.

The Whatever it Takes bags are designed by celebrities with proceeds going to a charity of their choice.

This tote is beautifully crafted with a sky background and the words “Happiness on Planet Earth”. It also includes a side pocket for extra storage.

Color: yellow

Measurements: 18” x 15.5”

How to enter:

Subscribe Now!

Sign up for Fashion Sensei by e-mail before 11:59pm EDT, October 26th.  Already a subscriber?  Then you are automatically entered to win.  NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.  Only subscribers  with a valid e-mail in the continental United States are eligible.  The winner will be chosen randomly from all eligible subscribers as of 11:59pm EDT, October 26th and will be notified via e-mail.

A special thanks to jb and me for the fab bag!

Be sure to check out for a wide selection of brand name women’s wear, accessories, shoes and more!

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Fashion Lesson #25: The White Shirt


The white shirt is the most versatile and timeless staple in any woman’s closet.  In today’s Fashion Lesson, we will discuss what to look for in this perennial classic and how to get the most for your money.

Are you one of those people who go into a store, try on a shirt, then another, then still another, until you finally find the right fit, not really knowing why a particular shirt looks good? 

Wouldn’t it be great to know what to look for on that next shopping trip?

I’ll let you in on a few secret tips that Fashion Sensei clients already know.

When looking for a new shirt, think of the three F’s.

  1. Fit
  2. Fabric
  3. Finish

The first of my top three tips centers on fit.  To get started, there are a few definitions that we should know when searching for the most flattering garment off the rack.

Collar– The area of fabric that folds over and comes to a point on each end.  The points may come in a wide range of styles including a sharp long point, button down and rounded. The area between the points, is referred to the spread.

Fashion Tips: Some people feel that the wider the spread, the wider you face may look.  I think that these effects can be quite subtle, so check them out for yourself the next time you are trying on a shirt to see if it makes a noticeable difference.

When looking at the points of a collar, think of them as arrows–792V_White_enlargedlong points that are vertical, will draw the eye down.  A varsity collar or a collar that points outward, may help to broaden shoulders.  Rounded tips may aid in softening a woman with sharp features.

It sometimes goes without saying, but the higher the collar, the more coverage it provides.  If you have a long neck, a tall collar may put your neck in better proportion.  Tall collars can also hide the sins of aging, such as a wrinkly neck.

Yoke- One of the most important components of a shirt, the yoke is the area between the shoulders that connects the other panels of the shirt together including the arms.  _5726469

Placket- The area of the shirt where the garment will be buttoned.  You may find hidden placket shirts where an extra piece of fabric covers the buttons.  

Darts– A method in sewing to taper a garment to your body shape.  When shopping, this may be called “fitted” or “tailored”.

Fabric–  Many of the shirts that you buy off the rack are made from cotton broadcloth or cotton poplin which tends not to wrinkle as easily.  

When handling the garment, you will notice the weave density, weight and texture of the fabric.  Generally, a bargain shirt from a discount store will be lighter weight,  have a bit looser weave and the texture or feel of the fabric may not be as soft.  This has a lot to do with the quality of cotton used and the length of the cotton fibers.  Longer fibers create better shirts, but cost more money.

See through shirts are not always the hallmark of a poor quality garment.  Some designers will create a thin fabric for their shirts in the summer season or for layering purposes.

There are also a wide variety of blended fabrics to choose from.  Some incorporate polyester to reduce wrinkling or add a wrinkle resistant finish to the fabric.  Others, add spandex for added comfort and movement of the garment.

Finish– When examining the final product, be sure to notice the overall construction and finishing touches.

Ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • How is each section sewn?  Are the stitches wide or loose?  If so, this shirt will not endure as many washings as its better constructed sister with tighter stitches.
  • Are there loose threads?  This could be a possible sign of poor craftsmenship.
  • Do pieces pucker?  Each panel of the garment should lay flat.  If it puckers on the hanger, it will pucker on you.
  • Is the hem even? 
  • Are the buttons secure?
  • Are the points on the collar even?

Finally, here are a few suggestions in different price ranges to consider the next time you are out shopping.

 gp418871-01p01v01 _5693019

                                   Gap                  Sandra Ingrish Mitered Shirt


Craig Taylor Jet Set Twist Shirt

(Click on any of the above images for shopping information.)Reference

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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2009- Day One

One of two fashion extravaganzas taking place in India, Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week displayed an impressive array of collections incorporating influences from Europe to traditional India. 

My favorite collection by Gauri & Nainika Karan originally presented their first line in January 2002 in New Delhi.  Known to favor art, theater, Hollywood red carpet and  European inspired designs, the female duo’s feminine and romantic confections are extraordinarily appealing to this western woman’s eye.

Their show this week ranged from creamy flesh tones to brilliant jewel hues and a fabric assembly of chiffons, georgette’s and crepes.

An example of Gauri & Nainika Karan’s influence of European fashion history, this Victorian inspired dress above, is modern and beautiful .

Anjana Bhargav

Surly s designs

Manoviraj Khosla

Sidharth Tytler



Ritu and Amrish Kumar

Vivenne Tam

Stay tuned for more from  Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week .

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