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Fashion Lesson #29: Spring 2009 Pear Shape

Today’s fashion lesson highlights a few spring trends for the Pear Shape.

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Bold Color

Bright Accessories 09' 

This dress from J.Crew has a flattering silhouette for a woman with a tiny waist and fuller thighs.  Pairing it with a pop of color will brighten your spirits and add a little personality to a basic LBD. 

One word of caution though, stick with just one colorful accessory.  Otherwise, you may look a little too bright.


Belts 4 Pear Shape

Lucky for the pear shaped lady, just about everything was belted during the spring 2009 shows.  You will look fantastic belting everything from sweaters to jackets and blouses to dresses.  Take advantage of this trend with any number of the above suggestions.


Pear Shape

Pear Shape- RW&B

A staple for every spring collection, the nautical theme has lasting appeal.  A boat neck sweater broadens a pear’s narrow shoulders while a pair of wide leg trousers falling from the curve of your thigh gives you a lean look in these dark washed jeans.

The A-line skirt above flatters your small waist and when paired with a pair of flesh toned shoes, your legs will appear exceptionally long.


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Fashion Lesson #3 Apple Shape

Hi there everyone, happy Friday to you.  This week in our Fashion Lesson series, I will be covering the Apples Shape.

A classic apple shape has the following attributes: large bust, thicker torso, narrow hips and thinner limbs.

As with any of the figure types, proportion is key.  There are several things that you can do to conceal those figure challenges and look great. One way to do that, is to add a little volume to your lower half without adding bulk.  You can do this by wearing a dark color on top and a patterned bottom such as an A line skirt.  You can also add proportion to your bottom half by wearing wide leg trousers, not too wide mind you, just enough to get the job done.

Another aspect of being an Apple Shape is that you tend to be larger on top.  Many women may be jealous that you have been blessed by the “Boobie Fairy”, but Apple gals know it’s not always easy to find a proper fitting blouse.  To compliment your shape, wear a V or U shaped neckline, to draw the eye down and break up the focus on the bust.   Additionally, the trapeze style ( like the one shown below), is still around this spring and it does a nice job of concealing your tummy. 

One other essential that you should consider is a well fitting jacket. When looking for a jacket, you want to find one with one or two buttons, curves in at the waist line and hits over the top of your hip. These features will give you more of an hourglass shape and add proportion to your hips. In my example below, the V neck line brings the eye down and the pockets at the hip also draw the eye away from the chest.

Finally I pulled a few pictures from the Spring 08′ shows that would compliment an Apple Shape. 


Daryl K






Sari Gueron

I hope you found this informative and useful.  Next week, by popular demand, I will be discussing the Petite and Hourglass woman.  If you have any other requests, be sure to leave a comment.

Photo Sources: Neiman Marcus and Style.com


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Apples & Pears Fashion Lesson #2

pear.jpgI will be starting a series of fashion lessons on body shape over the next several Friday’s.  This week, I will cover the Pear Shape.  A Pear Shape is sometimes defined as having a defined waist, curvy hips and rounded thighs. 

There can also be many variations.  Some women with a Pear Shape may have rounded shoulders and a smaller bust.  Consider that as the trade off for your amazing abs and tush!

When you have this shape, you want to be aware of a couple things.  Accentuate you assets and maintain proper proportion. First, you want to highlight  one of your biggest assets, your waistline. Wear belts, cinched dresses or jackets and even high waisted jeans.

Next, you want to make sure that you maintain proper proportion in your overall look.  We have all seen someone who is wearing a pair of painted on jeans or skirt that just makes their thighs look too big.  A prime example are the skinny jeans.  A big fashion trend, but not for Pear Shapes.  Another example for a Pear Shape don’t, are the high waisted tapered leg pants otherwise known as the “Mom Jeans”.


Opt for something that drapes from your thigh.  The wider the line horizontally, the more structured the material you need.  Here are some great examples of some flattering outfits for the Pear Shape.

 Outfit #1 (left) 

Here, I have an adorable jacket from Forever 21. This selection adds volume to the bust and the ruffled collar and sleeves adds dimension to the shoulder to camouflage a narrow shoulder.  It is also cinched at the waist to bring you in at your smallest point. 

The jeans are a trouser fit from the Gap.  This fit will create proper proportion with the wider cut.  The back pockets are flat.  As Pear Shaped gals know, you must be careful with back pockets.  A pocket with a flap will only add volume to an otherwise ample backside. 🙂 (I’m jealous, I am in the flat tush catergory)

Outfit #2 (right)

I have chosen a Boat Neck Sweater which will make your shoulders look wider with the horizontal line. There are also buttons on the shoulder of this sweater which adds to the effect. I have included a belt to cinch in the waist and the A line skirt will hide your thighs without adding bulk. It’s all in proportion.

I have added a pointy toe shoe to elongate the leg. If you have a thick ankle, be sure to avoid an ankle strap shoe.  You will only accentuate that area. 

I hope that this information is helpful. If you have a figure challenge that you would like me to write about, e-mail me at shopwithapplesandpears@comcast.net and I will include it in this series.  For more information on the items discussed in this post, please click on the Polyvore image.
Bad Fashion Photo Source: Glamour.com


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Fashion Lesson #1

Ok, so it’s Friday and I thought it was time for our first free glitter text and family website at FamilyLobby.com.  In this first lesson, we will be going over undergarments.  Depending on where you come from, the names vary: knickers, panties or draws (leave a comment of your favorite term) and the most important being the bra.

We’ve all see those women who are either not wearing one or have had their ill fitting bra for the past 10 years.  I am here to wrestle that old bra away from you and convince you that those girls need your support!  Don’t ignore those loveys or soon gravity will have them staring sullenly at the ground.

So here’s my advice.  Go to your nearest professional bra fitter and get fitted.  I don’t mean Victoria’s Secret.  They have never done an accurate fit in my experience.  Go to someone who is certified to get the job done.  Each make and line of bra has their own fit and a store owner knows her product.  She can get you to the right style that will have you looking like a 19 year old pin up girl again.

_5393947.jpgNext, don’t ignore the knickers.  Unless you have the body of a goddess you need to keep certain areas sucked in.  Spanx are always a perfect go to to keep everything neatly tucked away.  If Spanx are not in the budget and lets face it at $22 to $46 a pop, it’s an investment.  Look a little harder the next time you are out and take the time to make sure that your undergarments leave a nice shape.  No one likes to see your butt cheeks hanging out and muffin tops under your clothes.

Finally, if you are wearing a form fitting dress, you MUST buy Shape wear.  Here is an example from the Spanx site and Nordstrom‘s live pic of the same item.  The advantage of this particular body shaper is that it also lifts your backside, but does not create a “uni-butt” where your lovely lady lump is one big flattened silhouette.


Remember all lessons require comments, so let me know your best stories.  Have a great weekend! 🙂


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