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Doing A Little Go International Shopping

With the announcement that Rogan Gregory will be the eleventh Go International designer at Target, I decided to do a little Go International Shopping.  The great thing about everything included in this post is that nothing is over $44.99.  The shoes are a great price too at $24.99 and under.

Here are some interesting finds for Spring.

(click on images for more information)




I know this dress is wild and not for everyone, but there is something really hip and modern about it.  I really like the punch of color added by the yellow tank.


This look would be great for a petite young woman.  I would just add different shoes (maybe some cool gladiator heels) a different color tank and some accessories.


While not from the Go International collection, I thought these shoes were right on trend and am now curious to see if they are as nice in person as they are on line.






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Fashion Sensei Says…


These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’…

(click on images for shopping details)

pKS1-4469626_kspr01_dt pKS1-4469626dt



Funk Sucker…

The Eco Shoe Dryer will suck all the moisture from your shoes sparing the stench that might have been.  Just plug it into the wall and when it’s finished, the light will give you the green light to funk freedom.

ecoshoesdryer band



Dinner Party Duds…

I saw this dress at the store and really fell in love with it.  It would be good for those of us with tummies.




Check It Out…

This week, the legendary CBGB became the new home to John Varvatos’ new store.  If you are a CBGB fan, you will be pleased to see that some of the old has remained for you to enjoy. 

The old walls with the original graffiti and stickers (along with a retractable stage) can still be enjoyed while you peruse the full John Varvatos line including some limited edition wares which include the new CBGB-only 315 Bowery Collection, and an alliance with vintage fetishists What Comes Around Goes Around.





Pillowcases For A Cause…


Children Raising Children

Before you trash an old pillowcase, think again.  In the spirit of Earth Month, take a pillowcase, new or gently used, and transform it into a darling little dress.

Little Dresses For Africa provide dresses made from a pillowcase through a simple pattern that anyone could follow.  The dresses will then be distributed to orphan girls in Malawi Africa.

Once the dresses are completed, they can be mailed to 24614 Curtis Drive, Brownstown, Michigan 48134. There will be another trip to Africa in June to distribute your dresses, so don’t procrastinate!  

Here is a link to the pattern and another to the organization.  Take a look at this cute little dress “Veggie Mamma” made.

post_52335_1207592148_med post_52335_1207591754_med




My Heavens…

How did they get her hair to do that?


This was a recent ad for Aveda to “Pump Up the Volume”.  The texture on the bottom of her hair is so strange.  I wonder if they used hair pieces.  This all makes me think of America’s Next Top Model and the wild things they do for photo shoots.



Carry On…

bollywood stevie by kate spade




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What A Croc!

Since working on my post for Running With Heels I have had shoes on my brain.  I ran across this ad in this months addition in In Style magazine (my apologies for the quality).

what a crock!

The tagline in this advertisement is “It’s hard to believe the parents were ugly.”  Frankly, I think they are still ugly. 

I understand that they are really comfortable (I have never tried a pair on), but I am having a hard time coveting these shoes.

Are there any Croc fans out there?  Am I crazy?

I will say that I do think the ‘adra’ style is a cute flip flop that I could see myself wearing as an everyday summer shoe.


What do you think?  Is this ad campaign a croc?


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Fashion Sensei Says…

FS Says

Casual But Cool…

I love this shirt dress by Covet.  It’s great for Spring and would look great with a light jacket, leggings/skinny jeans and a cute pair of sneakers.  Oh, and did I mention its made of 98% organic cotton?  Even better…

Click on images for shopping details.

untitled 103497_l

Don’t Buy Into It…


“How Not To Look Old” by Charla Krupp  Based on the short description  that I read on this book, it offers advice on how to “Look 10 years younger, 10 Pounds Lighter, 10 Times Better.” 

The top selling fashion and beauty book author advises: “For our generation, looking younger isn’t just about vanity. …Looking good is about our personal and financial survival.” 

Other advice includes: “We can ease the pain of our Manolo Blahnik stilettos by injecting poly-L-lactic acid-a substance used to fill crows’ feet and other facial lines-into the balls of our feet.”

I could do a whole post on this (an just might). 



You Know You Have Too Much Money, A Drinking Problem Or Are In High School When…

Malacca Flask Umbrella £425



These Shoes Are Made For Walkin’…

(or at least looking cute)



The Perfect Gift For Your Germ-a-Phobe Friend…

Molded plastic liquid soap dispenser in the shape of the common cold (Rhinovirus).



Carry On…

(and a major splurge for that matter)



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Fashion Sensei Says…

FS Says

Clip these coupons!

Victoria’s Secret- Free Panty and $10 off bra coupon.  Click here and print. 

Limited Friends & Family; 30% off regular and sale prices. Click here for coupon. Exp. 3/9

Ann Taylor– Spring Wardrobing Event; click here for coupon. Exp. 3/22

Trend to Watch-

As we all know bright colors are very popular for Spring.  Here is a fantastic jacket by Nanette Lepore. Please also note the skinny green belt. click on image for shopping information



These shoes are made for walkin’!

I think these Harajuku Lovers sneakers are so cute.  Nordstrom is currently having a shoe sale with at least 33% off.  The below shoes are 45- 50% off. click on image for shopping information

_5419349 _5419356 _5559559

I just love this look!

Many of us would not think to add the red with this or the heels but it really works and I just love the look. click on image for shopping information



Hooray for Bollywood!

bollywood popsicle coin purse from kate spade

click on image for shopping information

pKS1-4407471reg pKS1-4407472reg


Say What?!

Quite possibly the most expensive fashion magazine subscription ever.  fashion trends winter 08/09 has a subscription fee of $397.36 for 2 issues.  That’s $198.68 per issue!  Wow, I might have to get in on this deal!  (sarcasm) click on image for shopping information


Carry On…

click on image for shopping information

nomadecoin_gdt_med 1190654125960889901 1190662566819079134

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Fashion Sensei Says…

FS Says

For shopping information, click on the image. 

Snatch that sale…


new Priorities

grass cotton ‘Phoebe’ hooded raincoat

retail value: $230.00

sale: $124.20

you save 46%

These shoes are made for walkin’…


Trend to watch…

You’ll have to use your imagination with me on this one, but picture the shirt sleeves cut, the white shirt sleeves rolled up.

14541205_01_b 212342_9000 thumb2HotPinkBlackStripe puredetroit_1936_277749

Indulge yourself…

MM_11738705_h_v2_pu _5568045

What’s that smell?

Enjoy chocolate without the guilt. Philosophy captured the decadent scent of white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate in their award winning 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath. Yummy!


Read it!

New York Look Book: A Gallery Of Street Fashion (Paperback)
by Amy Larocca (Author), Jake Chessum (Photographer)


Oh no she didn’t!

face hunter




Carry on…



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Attention European Union Gals!

I’ve got some great news.  Anthropologie announced yesterday it will now ship to 33 countries outside the US!  

As many of you know, Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores.  Now, the retailer that carries apparel, accessories, shoes and home decor can come to you. 

At present Anthropologie.com can translate currency into British Pounds and Euros. Size conversions into Italian, French and UK systems are available through the size guide link that appears on each product page.

Just to get you started, here is a sampling of what you can find at this eclectic and interesting store.

Source: PRNewswire


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