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Fashion Sensei Scoop! Interview With Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger


She’s back!  Tonight is the premiere of The Millionaire Matchmaker’s second season.  I had the chance to chat with the show’s star, Patti Stanger on Tuesday and ask her about the new season, her take on style and her fascinating background-and boy did she dish!

For those of you who missed last season, let me give you a quick synopsis of what The Millionaire Matchmaker is about.  The show follows Patti Stanger who owns The Millionaire’s Club, a matchmaking service for wealthy men who are looking for a serious relationship with a beautiful and intelligent women.  Women are first pre-screened by the discerning Ms. Stanger and her staff.  Once vetted, she may then may join the club for free and have a shot at meeting the man of her dreams.

Last season, I was a little skeptical of the idea and assumed it was a group of gold digging, bubble headed bleach blonds and strippers who were looking for their sugar daddy.

It’s really the opposite, Patti and her staff do some serious evaluations before a woman is welcomed into the Millionaire’s Club.  While screening, Patti is looking for the sort of women that is looking for a traditional lifestyle-where the prospective wife or girlfriend would stay home and raise a family while her husband pursues his career.

Another example of Patti’s traditional values in dating is the implementation of her 10 Commandments for her bachelors; which includes a no sex until they are in a committed relationship commandment.

This Season, Equal Opportunity Matchmaking

In season two, not only will there be men looking for the perfect woman, but Patti will be setting up three high powered female millionaires and some gay men too.  Here’s a sneak peak at two of her lady millionaires.83487 

Heidi Cornell the creator of Young, Fabulous & Broke and a single mother, has solicited Patti’s help in helping her find the perfect guy.  Patti encourages us to keep an eye on Heidi’s story in particular, because there is a big twist leaving viewers wondering which man she will choose.

Shauna Raisch of Split Ends and the owner of Twiggs salonspa in Minnesota, is leaving her shop and moving to LA to find her own little Ashten Kucher.  Shauna has a reputation of being a diva and I got the impression from Patti that her expectations were a little unrealistic.  We’ll see what happens…

Patti On Style

When I wrote about The Millionaire Matchmaker last season, I can’t tell you how many people landed on my site by Googling  “what does Patti Stanger wear” or words to those effect.  I also had folks e-mail me asking if I knew where she shopped.patti red

So I asked Patti about her style and what her influences were.  Patti told me that her mother was a true fashionista when she was growing up and she learned early during her days working at Saks Fifth Avenue at Christmas, to save her money and buy the best that she could afford when it came to staples and shoes.  She is a big fan of Gucci and Chanel shoes, Black Halo dresses-which she says “sucks you in” all the right places, and Nanette Lepore (one of my favorites too).

But lest you think she spends her days shopping like a diva on Rodeo Drive, Patti confessed that she loves online shopping, especially edressme.com.  She’s also a devotee of Loemans and Forever 21, “I love their jewelry!” she says .

“A Player Will Give You The Best Advice- He Know What Makes The Flagpole Raise.”

Last Season during one vetting session with potential mates for the millionaires, Patti told one of the ladies that she looked like she was ready to wrap herself around a pole.  So I asked the 47 year old matchmaker for her best advice for women over 35 who wanted to look sexy without appearing desperate.  Here’s her advice:

  • The key to looking sexy, is to show off your assets.  If you have great legs show them off.  If you have fat ankles, cover them up.  The best way to do that is with boots that have a 3 inch heel.
  • Go for a sexy secretary look with a fitted blouse and a pencil skirt along with high black heels.  To take it from day to night, wear a brooch at your décolleté. 
  • When wearing skirts, keep them at 1 inch above the knee.
  • Shapewear, Shapewear, Shapewear!  I hate Spanx, they ride up.  My favorite brands are Body Wrap and Sassybax, especially the one piece.  I also love shape fx at Spiegel, it has shapewear in the dresses.

In her new book, “Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate”, Patti who is known not to mince words, advises women over 40 not to go shopping with their girlfriends.  “They won’t tell you the truth!  Neither will your gay boyfriend.” she says.  Instead, she advises, “Take a player.  A player will give you the best advice- he knows what makes the flagpole raise!”

Advice For Gay Men

Patti also has fashion advice for gay men, “People always think just because you are gay, that you have taste.  It’s not true. Queens attract queens.  If you are a queen and you want a butch guy, you need to dress like a lumberjack.”

5 Random Facts About Patti Stanger

If you have a Facebook page, then by now you have be tagged to respond to 25 Random Things about yourself.  I asked Patti if she would give me 5.

1.) She was a practicing astrologer.

2.) She worked as a psychic and director for Kenny Kingston Psychic Hotline.  She says she gets premonitions all the time, even about celebrities.

3.) If she weren’t a matchmaker, she would be a professional chef.

4.) She is currently writing a screenplay based on her new book.

5.) While she was going to the University of Miami, she sold jewelry that she made and designed, along with hand painted T-shirts.  But her best sellers where her erotic candies that she sold from door-to-door.

2 Words To Describe Patti

In preparation for my interview with Patti, I watched several videos from last season where Patti talks about each of her clients and at the end she describes the man with two words.  I thought it would be interesting to hear which two words she would use in reference to herself.   

Energetic was the first and based on the pace of our interview, and how fast she talked, in addition to how warm and upbeat she is, I would totally agree.

The other word she used to describe herself was insane.  Not because she is crazy, she is a very sharp woman.  But with a book, a business and a hit television show on her hands who wouldn’t be?

Don’t forget to check out The Millionaire Matchmaker tonight on Bravo at 9pm/10c.

Photos of Patti courtesy of NBC/Universal.  Photo of Heidi from Askmen.com.

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Gimme A Hug!


Millionaire Matchmaker had a bit of a marathon going this weekend and I had a chance to watch a few shows.  I think I have watched 5 so far.  So here are my observations.

I love how direct Patti is.  She lays it on the line.  There’s no guessing with her and I really like that.  A lot of us are worried about hurting people’s feelings and don’t tell them certain truths that they need to hear. 

That’s not to say that she doesn’t drive her staff crazy.  One of the episodes that I watched, two of the staffers were plotting to start their own matchmaking service after being spurned by their boss.

Patti also seems to have a way of being direct with the guys without being “Bitchy” to them; at least I think so.  I get a kick  out of seeing her greet  the guys; “Gimme a hug!”  For some reason, it cracks me up.

I also appreciate the fact that she does not like her clients to engage in sex until he is in a mutually monogamous relationship.  It gives them time to really get to know one another first.  Click here for a list of her “commandments “.  What do you think?  Do you agree with her rules?

One misconception that I had when I first heard about this show was that the girls were going to be a bunch of gold diggers or whores.  I get the impression that Patti does her best to screen those gals out.  I remember a really crazy woman who came in for a meeting that looked like a stripper and Patti called her out.  The woman was really offended, but Patti was right.  This lady looked like she was ready to wrap herself around a pole or meet up with her John.


Now we have to talk about some of the guys.  What about that crazy roller skating guy and the guy who kept telling his date how pretty she was?  That was really getting creepy.  There is also a guy who only wants to date girls in their early twenty’s and he is about 15-20 years older than them.  Just get a grip man.  Patti was right, they may go out with you once, but they will soon move on.

I thought the promos said that Tuesday will be the season finale, but I didn’t see anything on the website that mentioned it.  Anyhow, it appears from the promos that some fool asks a girl to marry him on the first date.  I’m sure Patti will have some choice words for him.

Now it’s your turn to chime in.  What do you think?  Who was your favorite millionaire?  What do you think of Patti?  How about the girls?

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Millionaire Matchmaker?

20080118_patti_320x240.jpgIf you have read the paper, seen the morning news programs or watch Bavo, you know tonight is the first episode of ‘Millionare Matchmaker‘.  This show follows Patti Stanger who started out her business with the Millionaire’s Club.  She specializes in “Hooking Up” men who are successful in their professional lives, but can’t seem to get it together in their personal lives.  Patti takes charge with a psychologist, image consultant, interior designer and more to help the bachelors get it together to impress that certain someone.

In tonight’s episode, she is presented with two men.  The first is a owner of an on-line “Adult Products” website and the other is Harold a 46 man who owns a 10-11 million dollar home that was built on a cliff.  A metaphor for his personal life?  We’ll see…

Millionaire Matchmaker airs tonight on Bravo at 11 


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