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Think Spring!

I need something to divert my attention from the more than 10 inches of snow we received here in Michigan and the back-breaking two hours I spent clearing out the snow. 

A little spring fashion helped cheer me up a little and if you are looking for a little pick-me-up, daydreaming of what you will wear when spring finally arrives may help.

Spring 11 no 2

Zip dolman T, Gap, $22.12 ;To Extremes Platform Mules, Anthropologie, $110 ;Decade-By-Decade Skirt, Anthropologie, $128 ;New Dimensions Bag, Anthropologie, $598

That is until the neighborhood snowplow makes his way down my street and I have to dig myself out of my driveway again….

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Product Review: Däv Rain Products

Dav AboutProduct: Däv rain gear;  including umbrellas, boots, shoes, sneakers, handbags and socks for women and children.

As Seen In: Vogue, Redbook, Style, Everyday With Rachel Ray and more.

Company’s Claim:  Däv product’s aim to offer hip and sophisticated rain apparel using special materials such as a stretch panels and a comfortable PORON® footbed to create a fashionable ensemble durable enough for anything the weather throws at you.

Fashion Quotient:  With a dazzling array of boots and shoes to choose from, Däv has every fashion personality covered.  From downtown trendsetters to the sassy-cowgirl—including your little fashion-bug-in-training—you’re sure to find something to suit your fancy.

Däv offers really unique umbrella’s to coordinate with your boots as well.

Dav bootsdav umbrella

Quality:  Däv sent me a pair of Karma Victoria rain boots and a Starburst umbrella similar to the one above in cream/black to review.  I think the quality  of the products is excellent.  The umbrella is large, has a sturdy handle and features a spring-loaded button so that it will pop open on command.   For $30, I thought the Däv umbrella was definitely worth the price.  I recently purchased an umbrella from Target for $15 which broke after just 3 uses.

The boots are constructed with durable materials and were quite warm and comfortable when I wore them.  I would also say that the sizing it true-to-size.  Further, the boots came with a black nylon backpack to store them in.Dav flats

Con’s:  Really I didn’t feel that there were any cons. 

Bottom Line:  Däv offers a wide variety of stylish rain gear at a broad range of prices.  If the $90 rain boots are out of your budget, you can opt for an adorable pair of leopard print ballerina flats like these for only $29.99.  

All I can say is, I can’t wait for the next rainy day.

Visit DavRain.com to purchase the items seen here or click on the retailer tab to find a store near you.

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Hold On To Your Hair, First Lady of Cameroon’s Style Screams For Attention


While surfing the net today I ran across a report on both The Cut and the Huffington Post about Cameroon’s first lady Chantal Biya, 39,—a woman who looks like a cast member from the popular 80’s television show Dynasty.  Her wig is so high and big, I think Kim from the Real Housewives Atlanta may be taking notes for her future wig line.

2009-09-28-biyaI’m puzzled as to what part of her style is covetable, but she is so wildly popular in her native country, that they have named her signature hair style after her and she is inciting trends among her country women.

No doubt, some designer will use her as inspiration for their fall 2010 collection…

What do you think?

Photo Credit: HuffingtonPost.com  To see more photos go to www.huffingtonpost.com and www.nymag.com

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Fashion Lesson: #23 Fall Cardigans For Your Shape

One of the most versatile trends this fall is the cardigan.  No matter your shape or size, there’s something out there for you.

For today’s Fashion Lesson, we will explore examples for the Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Straight figures, and several other variations.

These sweaters are so versatile, they will flatter a wide variety shapes.  It’s all in the details.

The first sweater would look nice on an Hourglass figure.  As I have discussed in prior Fashion Lessons, a belted waist helps to accentuate the lovely curves of an Hourglass shape. I recommend you lose the monochromatic belt, and pair it with a skinny animal print one instead. 

Bows are really hot this season and if you have a small bust, the bow on this blouse would add a little volume to that area to enhance your figure.

Apples and Straight Figures, you could pull of this look as well.  All that you need to do is ditch the belt. 

If you have a large bust, I encourage you to find a different blouse.  The bow will only make you look more ample.  You want to keep the V neck line of this sweater to draw the eye down and break up the area.

You could wear a the same sort of shirt that is illustrated below with a long necklace.

(Click on images for shopping information.)

   222615_6273 810282_ivo_b

1 belt 844112_red_b

I love the shock of color with this cardigan.  This is really the sort of sweater that would look good on any shape.  Due to its hip length, it will not draw too much attention to a Pear’s thighs as if she were to wear the gray example above.  I also think the shirt and tie is a really cute combination.


This sweater would compliment a busty Apple shape woman.  The deep V will draw the eye down, and the band around the hips will add proportion to a full bust.


Here is another example of a universally flattering casual sweater.  The dolman sleeve on this cardigan would also suit a woman with full arms.  You could even layer this combination one more time with a pop of color from the long sleeve tee that would enhance your complexion.


Honestly, I could have written this whole post based on the cardigan page on Anthropologie.com.  This lovely example would become an Hourglass, Straight or Pear figure. 

Especially important to a Straight figure, this sweater creates an hourglass shape with the peplum at the hips.

One other interesting point to note.  Do you see how the wide set buttons draw the eye outward, broadening the the shoulders?  Now look at the close set buttons on the lower body of the cardigan.  They help create the focal point for a smaller waist.

This is very important if you are a Pear with narrow shoulders.  You want embellishments that create a broad shoulder to put your upper body in proportion to you lower body.

Remember that when you are out shopping.  Wider set buttons, make certain areas look larger and closer set buttons make the area look smaller.


I really fancy this swing sweater for an Apple shape paired with the the blouse below.  The ruffle on the blouse helps to lengthen a Short Waist and add proportion at the same time.

02812092_zi gp570031-03p01v01

A cardigan post would not be complete without a cashmere argyle sweater.  Universally flattering, you can wear it with a pair of jeans or dress it up with an equally universally flattering A-Line skirt.  Don’t you just love that cute little belt?



This is my Wild Card pick.  I like the very unusual, almost Medusa looking design around the neck.  When I first saw it, I thought it would be a good choice for a small bust because all that detailing adds volume and draws the eye in that direction rather than focus on your cup size. 

Reader Heba asked for some advice earlier about examples for a small bust, hence the extra examples this week.

I felt the bell sleeves on the blouse would be a good choice for this sweater and would look great together with a pair of pants like the ones pictured for a business casual outfit at the office.    

810301_blu_b 02834348_zi

Finally, I am a big fan of polka dots and I thought this sweater vest would be really fun under this bright red cardigan. 

You can tone it down if you are not interested in a “LOOK AT ME!” sort of image.  It could also be worn under a blazer or over a white blouse similar to the one above for a less conspicuous appearance.

If you are a Pear or Hourglass shape, consider buttoning up the sweater and wearing a skinny black belt with it to accentuate your little waist.

red 810230_bla_b

I hope these tips help.  If you have a suggestion for a future Fashion Lesson topic, be sure to leave me a comment!

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