Fashion Lesson #30: The Miniskirt

I recently received an excellent Ask Fashion Sensei question from Candy regarding denim mini skirts for women over 30.

I’m 30ish and have the hankering to wear a mini blue jean skirt. First, are they hot right now or so, so?? A friend of mine mentioned that she was going to pair a jean skirt of hers with leggings. I think we’re too old to do that trick. What do you think??? IF I can rock a jean skirt, any tips/ideas on how to make it fabulous? Thanks :)

Jean skirts are as timeless as jeans themselves.  Like denim pants, they can be dressed up with a blouse and heels or dressed down with a pair of flip flops and worn over your swimsuit to the beach.

With regard to your question on wearing leggings with a mini skirt, I would pass.  I agree with you Candy, I think that look would be better suited to the 18 and under crowd.

How Old, Is Too Old?

Your query provokes another question that many other women have.  When are you too old to wear a mini skirt?  In considering the appropriate hemline for women over 30, my general advice is to limit the length of your skirts to 2-3 inches above the knee.  Notice I said general advice—there are countless caveats to this recommendation.  For example, if you have long legs, you will want to stick to a slightly longer length than someone who has very short legs. 

You should also take into consideration the proportion of your legs.  If you have heavy legs, the most flattering length for a skirt is at the narrowest area of your leg—which is just above or just below your knee.

Take a look at these pictures of mother of three Heidi Klum, who will be 36 in June. 

Skirts Heidi Klum

Photo Source:

Frankly, I think the first skirt is too short.  For the average woman over 30—and especially over 35—a micro mini is a hard look to pull off.  The third picture has a perfect length; it’s sexy without having to worry if one of your butt cheeks are hanging out. 😉

Jean Skirts—In or Out?

As I mentioned before, I think jean skirts are always in.  Like denim pants, it depends on the cut and what you pair with the skirt.  The other great advantage to owning a jean skirt is that you can wear it during all four seasons.  You can wear a jean skirt in the summer with sandals; or with a sweater, thick tights and a pair of boots in the winter.

I did a little shopping online—here are a few jean skirt looks that I would suggest.

Jean skirt outfit

Shopping Info:  J.Crew skirt; J.Crew top; Salvatore Ferragamo Scuderia Satchel; Laser Cut Sandal Peep-Toe Bootie by Nicholas Kirkwood for Pollini; Miu Miu Shoes; More-Than-Half Clutch by Lisa Perry; Callouge Ring by DANNIJO; Merona printed shrug by Diane von Furstenberg.

Jeans 2

Shopping Info: Gap White Denim Skirt; Limited: flowered top, Rayon Wrap, Indian hinge bracelet, Shell Disk Earrings; Nine West Sorcer,; Gap: Denim mini, Striped Summer T; kate spade Caprice; bright lights, big city charm bracelet;Alena Stud Earrings, Forever 21.

Thanks for your inquiry Candy, I hope this information helps.  If you have a question regarding style, click on the Ask Fashion Sensei tab and leave a comment.  Your question may be used for a future Fashion Lesson.

Have a great weekend everyone and GO MICHIGAN STATE!

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6 responses to “Fashion Lesson #30: The Miniskirt

  1. I agree that really short skirts on older ladies look a bit like she is trying too hard to look young. Heck, they look a bit cheap on younger ladies (under 30) as well.

    By really short I mean, “I sit down and the skirt rides up so I am basically sitting in my underwear” short.

    I like the tips you gave the reader…good guidelines but one also has to remember… you can go shorter than 2 to 3 inches above the knee but make sure it looks good. Skip the leggings unless you want to look like you are trying to hard to warp back to a younger age. Rock the skirt!

  2. Amy

    As I get older I am re-discovering skirts. Even with a simple tee and flip-flops a skirt makes me feel feminine and a bit sexy. I would love to pair one with leggings but agree, unfortunately, that they are for the younger gals. Luckily I have a preschooler who rocks this look!

  3. Great post! I would never wear a mini. At almost 44 years old, my miniskirt days are far behind me. But I’d love to have a jean skirt. The first one you posted would be perfect for me! I also like the white one – perfect for summer with sandals!

  4. Annie

    I am 30ish as well and pretty often have the same dilemma about what to wear. The biggest fear tho is that I don’t want look like granny and many recommended fashion lines look like that. I had a great sense of style before 30 but when I crossed this certain number, I lost it.

  5. Don’t get frustrated Annie, what sort of things did you like to wear before you were 30? What do you mean by “looking like a granny”? Do you have any examples?

    Thanks for the comment! I hope to see you back!! 🙂

  6. Annie

    Well, I re-discovered this website where I posted my comment to at about 3 years ago and now, I am soon to be ..well… 34. Mini skirts are pretty much out of my style, or lets say, It can be just a cm or two above knee. I now prefer skinny / tight trousers, pencil skirts below knee and dresses with a nice silhouette . I suppose, women can still be sexy after their 30’s but I suppose in a different way. Heels play a huge difference, if able to wear (I have a back problem for as long as I remember, I wouldn’t wear heels for too long nor often). I know, I had some issues what to wear and what not. But seeing how women stay younger at present, it seems like the years for mini skirts have been extended a little. Sure, I have days where I reach out for baggy clothes but that would be at home. We all have days like these!
    Great post!!

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