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Fashion Sensei Says…


Hi everyone, this very late edition of Fashion Sensei Says… comes with some fancy new fonts that I have been experimenting with.  I just discovered that there is a new edition to Windows Live Writer so I have been playing with some of the new features.

My apologies for the scarcity of posts.  I think the stomach virus’ that have been wreaking havoc in my household have finally subsided (fingers crossed).


Man Skirts?

View Style.com Man Skirts

The NY Times is blaming Marc Jacobs for the new skirt trend seen on Paris runways during Men’s Fashion Week.  Designers, including Number (N)ine, Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, Jean-Paul Gaultier and Rick Owens- all had fellas strutting their stuff in skirts.  What no minis?  On second thought, I don’t want to see that either. [Photo Source: Vogue.com]


Silly Monkey…

palinshoes 51XWpj5rnRL__SL500__SS140_

(click on images for photo source and shopping info.)

Someone reportedly paid $2,025 on eBay for a pair of Naughty Monkey shoes that Sara Palin wore during her campaign for Vice President.  The shoes that regularly retail for $100 were sold by a person who identified herself as Palin’s niece.  As a bonus- the Alaskan Governor is supposed to sign the shoes too.  [the cut]

I did a little searching and found the exact same pair on Endless.com marked down to $86.90.  I mean if you want to be a Naughty Monkey, why not go for a pair of shoes like these?


I “Double Dare” you…

Check out more about Governor Palin on the cut, where they also report her $180k wardrobe has been stuffed away in garbage bags.


Forgive Me For Finding Humor In the Following Statement…

I was just reviewing a long list of press releases and this one struck me as funny: “L.L. Bean Recalls Ice Cleats Used During Winter Weather Due to Fall Hazard”  [PR Newswire]  Man that sucks.


This One’s Not So Funny…

Vermont Teddy Bear’s Limited-Edition prnphotos078474-THE-VERMONT-TEDDY-B ‘Recession-Proof Love’ Bear Brings a Bit of Humor to this ‘Bear Market’ “  [PR Newswire]

There’s nothing humorous about losing 40% of your 401k’s value.  Nor would I want a broke bear to remind me of it.




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Shoppers Cast Your Vote!


When you go shopping, you want to feel good about your purchase, right?  You also want a helpful sales person or customer service associate available if you need assistance.

Recently, the results from the National Retail Federation Foundation/American Express Customers’ Choice survey were released.

Here are the top ten:

  1. L.L. Bean
  2. Overstock.com
  3. Zappos.com
  4. Amazon.com
  5. Lands’ End
  6. New Egg.com
  7. JCPenny
  8. QVC
  9. Coldwater Creek
  10. Nordstrom

The survey, which polled 8,167 consumers asked, “Thinking of all the different retail formats (store, catalog, internet, or home shopping), which retailer delivers the best customer service?”

So my dear Fashion Sensei Readers, this is my question to you today.  Who would you choose? (It doesn’t have to be anyone mentioned above.) Who would you vote as having the WORST customer service?  Be sure to leave a comment.

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Holiday Makeup Tips- Karin Noel and Lizza Monet Morales

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. 🙂 

In today’s last installment on Holiday Makeup, expert makeup artist Karin Noel, will share her thoughts on the topic along with Hollywood reporter, Fashion and Lifestyle Consultant, Lizza Monet Morales.

Here’s is the transcript of responses Karin and Lizza provided me.  Let’s read what the ladies had to say:

Q. What colors are right for me (ex. how do women pick the right shades that compliment their eyes and skin tone)?

A. Here is a a basic formula for picking eyeshadows that complement a women’s eye color. Depending on skin tone, the amount that you apply would be different. In general, the darker you are, the heavier your application of a color so that it always pops. But remember- rules are made to be broken if you know how to break them. 

* Green eyes do well with anything in the plum or cool tones

* Blue eyes do well with anything in the golden or warm tones, as they are the opposite of each other on the color wheel, which makes the eyes pop. 

* Brown eyes also do well with warm golden tones to dark chestnuts. However, for an extra WOW factor, try midnight blue.

* For everyone though, if you aren’t sure if you can pull off applying the color on your own then there is no shame in playing it safe with neutral tones.  Actually, you will embody a classic look, which is a guaranteed hit!!

Q. Am I too old to wear trendy shades?

A. A woman is never too old to wear trendy shades, it’s just how she wears them that differs. Take a runway look for example- more often than not, these looks are not intended to be exactly recreated for street wear. Instead, they are meant to be modified appropriately for individual use. Which means, that if you are 40 and are dying to wear a glitter than maybe just add a bit to the corner of your eyes for some pop. As opposed to putting heavy glitter on your whole eye, which doesn’t look well on anyone regardless of age unless you are going for costume make-up. If a trendy shade is used in a subtle way, it can make you feel so sassy.

If you are ever in doubt, then book an appointment with an experienced make-up artist and ask how you can modify the current makeup trends you are interested in to work for you. 

Q. What are the key tools necessary to get the best evening look?

A.  Makeup, like cooking, is about following certain steps to create a specific result. So why then can someone follow the same steps but get a different result each time? Like any great chef will tell you, the secret ingredient to recreating your recipe time and time again is the specific tools you use! The better tools, the better the results. The same theory applies to make-up. A good set of brushes is important to correctly applying eyeshadow, blush, and foundation. 

*Insider tip-Professional make-up artists like to mix-n-match the brands of their brushes and you can too. Don’t feel stuck to using the brush in a set you bought that might not be working for you. Better yet, rather than buying a pre-made set of brushes, make your own!! While one brand may make a fantastic blush brush, another brand may have the best concealer brush. Don’t be afraid to experiment and invest properly in your brushes. If taken care of, they will last you several years. Go to several makeup counters or stores and feel the brush against your skin and compare the textures of the brushes. They are available at all price points. Remember to bring this list with you and you will know exactly what brushes you need to buy for your personal make-up kit. 

If you are on a budget these are the 3 essential brushes you need: 

1. Angle Brush– This is a double duty brush that should be used for lining your eyes AND filling in your eyebrows.

2. Flat Brush– This should be used for applying the lightest color on your eye, for blending and for layering colors.

3. Crease Brush– This brush should be used to create the 1/2 circle arch on your eyelid. It does takes the guess work out of creating your smokey eye.

If you can splurge a bit more, then add these to your kit:

1. Blush Brush– This brush should be used with just your blushes and not your bronzer ladies.

2. Powder Brush– When buying this brush, make sure that it has a beveled end. This is so it can get to all the contours of your face which is angled.  

3. Bronzer Brush– This is a dedicated brush for your bronzer, which has a darker pigment than your blushes. 

4. Foundation Brush– Eliminate streaks and helps you naturally blend around your neck line. 

5. Concealer Brush– Gives you better control of how much is applied and allows you to spot treat.

Q. How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc.

A. Now that we have our proper brushes, let’s start applying our makeup.


*Eyeshadow- start with lightest color first and work into the darker shades. 

* You want to finish with eyeliner then lots of mascara.

*If you want that extra glam look, don’t be scared to apply some lashes too!


* Blush- a general rule is to pick a color that resembles what you cheeks would look like if you were naturally blushing. Then place the blush on just the apples of your cheeks. 

* I also recommend a light bronzer for your temples, chin, neck line, any area you would like a little extra color. 


*When selecting a foundation color on your own, test a foundation shade on your neck to see if it matches. This is a better sampling of your skin color as opposed to the back of your hand. It will also prevent you from having a line of demarcation between what’s on your face and your natural color on your neck.   


* This all depends on how dark or light your eyes are. However, the color trend of the season is wearing red or wine tones are your lips. Have some fun the next time you are at the make-up counter or with your make-up artist and experiment with the different shades available and pick the one that is right for you. 


I’m a big fan of a smokey eye. Here’s an easy way of recreating this at home. 

1. You start by applying a highlight color for just under your brow. 

2. You then add a little darker shade next, maybe a taupe, a bronze, or a dark beige. This will go on your lid-brow bone area and under your eye. 

3. Then add a black or black-brown shadow on your lower lid of your eye. And also right at the lash line underneath the eye. 

4. Follow this up using a black pencil or liquid liner along the top and bottom lashes. For a more dramatic look, line inside the eye with a pencil.  

5. If you choose this look, I would stick with a light shade for your lips so it doesn’t take away from your eyes. 


This look is very easy to do and reflects the current trend of wearing your make-up as they did in the 40’s:  

1. Use a neutral eyeshadow on your lid.

2. Follow with a liquid liner just on the top lid. 

3. Fill-in a more dramatic brow. 

4. Your lips are the key to this look. You want to use a deep color on them.

5. Of course, you could add false eyelashes for an extra pop.

Q. Solutions for common mistakes women over 30 make?

A. It has been my experience that it isn’t necessarily mistakes that women make, but rather lack of education that is the issue. I believe that if every woman made an appointment with a makeup artist for a makeup lesson, it would make their lives so much easier. They would walk-away with a true understanding of their particular bone structure, their coloring, how to use their tools properly, and what does and doesn’t work for their face. As a result, they would be empowered to go anywhere and anyplace and buy makeup!!!!  

*Insider tip- Makeup is a mood, if you love it, it will love you and look amazing on you! always have the confidence to rock it!!!!


Q:  Are there any rules that women in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s+ should be following?

A:  As for general rules, there are three big ones that apply no matter what your age.

1. Never wear a dark liner just on the outside of your lips and a light frost lipstick just inside the liner.  While this is great for Halloween, it doesn’t make for a youthful attractive mouth! 

2.  It is vitally important to match you foundation properly to your face and neck. Otherwise, you will look like you had a head transplant which leans more on scary than sexy. 

3. Ladies, please don’t overdo the mascara!!  It’s bad for the lashes and you look like a crazed Barbie doll. Relax on the double pumping of the wand, all you are doing is pushing air into the tube which is bad for the mascara. The more air, the less your mascara lasts and the easier it clumps. 

The following is from Karin Noel and “Hollywood’s go-to Fashion and Lifestyle expert”, Lizza Monet Morales:

For all women 30 and above:

You should have a strong skin regime started by the time you are 30 and should be getting regular facials. As long as you can lift your arms and drive or be driven to the spa, this should be something you never stop doing. 

Women in their 30’s:

As Karin mentioned above, this is the time when you want to start with a regular skin care regime if you haven’t already. In regard to makeup- have fun with it and experiment. Personally, we both like to do our makeup according to how we feel that day. For example, If Karin is feeling sassy, she might choose to only wear a red lipstick and nothing else. Remember, makeup is a mood. If you like it, and are confident, it will look cool. For Lizza, your 30’s are all about being flirty not with just men but with life. Experimenting is your key word during this time. You are finally coming into your own and realizing that wearing  your confidence, not just saying you are, is the true secret to glamour. 

Women in their 40’s:

Women tend to freak out when they turn 40, but you are really just hitting your prime. Why do you think the media is now so obsessed with the concept of “cougar” women these days? Which proves that Ashton Kutcher isn’t the only one with his eye on older women!!  So, your in your 40’s…be proud of it!!  Don’t freak out all of a sudden and try to wear what you did in high school as a way of holding onto your youth. You want to find colors that will make you look polished and classy. There isn’t anything sexier than a put together woman. One of Lizza’s favorite quotes comes from Simone de Beauvoir who wisely stated, “one is not born a woman, one becomes one.”

Women in their 50’s:

Lizza points out that Baby Boomers have really defined 50 as being the new 20 by breaking the rules and creating their own. There isn’t a better time than now to be in your 50’s.  Whether you are volunteering, traveling, working or gardening, your personality comes out in everything you do and your make-up shouldn’t hide it. 

As a result, Karin suggests that following the less-is-more approach to your make-up to keep up with your active lifestyle. Let who you are shine with your make-up. A neutral shade on the lips with a blush that gives you a natural glow and some mascara are all you really need. You definitely want to try to avoid too much frost on the eyes and sparkle on the face.

Fashion Sensei readers also posed a couple of questions to our experts.  Take a look at what advice Karin had to offer:

Q:  “I am not very sure what base color of correctors should I use. Can you help? I am Asian, fair.” 

A:  First off, it is important to know what you are trying to correct. A concealer is meant for use around the eye area and camouflage is meant for other areas on the face, such as blemishes, broken capillaries, brown spots. The common mistake is to use concealer for everything and that doesn’t typically produce the results we are after. The reason for this is that concealer is more hydrating and softer than camouflage. Simply put, it doesn’t have the right consistency to do the tough stuff. Remember, it is meant to brighten and deal with dark circles if necessary.

That said, let’s talk about how to handle dark circles under our eyes. You would want to use a a warm beige tone to cover blue/purple circle. But if your circles are green, yellow, or brown, then a pinkish beige tone will do. 

Of course, if you are not correcting anything and are just after a little more of a flawless look, then you want the concealer to match your skin. After applying, you must set the concealer with a light powder, this prevents it from moving around. You will only need to use a small amount and pat it around the eye.

Now as I originally mentioned, if you are covering up any area beside your eyes then you will use camouflage instead. You will find that camouflage is dryer and has more pigment in it. As a result, it will stay in place better. I am a firm believer in mixing colors too in order to get the perfect shade that matches you.

Once you have your camouflage shade, you will need a small synthetic brush and setting powder to apply it correctly. You start with putting a small amount of product on the back of your hand. This warms it up and if you need to mix, it’s a perfect spot. You always want to layer, meaning start with small amounts and slowly work it around. you never want to look like you have cake batter under you eyes or on you face! EEK!! Definitely not glamorous.


Q:  (From a male reader) I would like to know the expert’s opinion/advice on makeup on men, and if it could work in a setting besides movies/television/media/formal settings…

Answer: I was soooo excited to get this question. Men can ABSOLUTELY wear makeup!!!!! My approach to make-up is the same whether a man or woman is sitting in my makeup chair. Meaning that one of the key goals of applying make-up is to even out  the skin and making it look as if you aren’t wearing anything.  This is in contrast to makeup that is used on TV, stage, film or even a formal event where the make-up is applied much heavier to compensate for dilution of color that happens when you are on camera or on stage. In this case, the makeup is very obvious to the eye in person but will appear softer on-camera or from a distance.

If I had to pick a foundation that works for men or women who are after a very natural look then I would go for two of Makeup Forever’s products. I just love them!!  Their foundation and HD powder gives the user a” natural no make-up” type of makeup look! Laura Mercier’s products would also give you winning results. Remember to have fun, go natural or glam it up, either way if you rock your confidence it will be sexy!!


Lizza Monet Morales is a notable entertainment and fashion reporter as well as a lifestyle consultant. She is not only a native Angelino, who speaks fluent Spanish, but conversational Japanese as well. Lizza can be seen reporting from; either the red carpet, various closed sets, fashion shows, press junkets for up and coming projects or out-and-about town at the hottest locations.  She has been on-air for Access Hollywood, Telemundo, EXTRA, Celebrity Justice and The TV-Guide Channel among others. In addition, she has reported for Us Weekly, People Magazine and as a featured columnist in Item Magazine. She can currently be seen co-starring in Vh-1’s top-rated show “New York Goes to Hollywood.”

Karin Noel is an established make-up artist with 19 years of experience doing make-up for editorial, run-way, special events and every day looks. She is part of the award-winning hair and beauty stylist team of Mars Salon in Costa Mesa, California.

Offer For Fashion Sensei Readers:

“Mars Studio is pleased to offer all Fashion Sensei readers the following special deals in the month of December:”

  • 60 minute Holiday Make-up Application and Lesson for $100 (50% off)
  • 45 minute customized Eyebrow shaping for $30 (10% off) 

For bookings, call Mars Studio at (949) 631-6890 and mention “Fashion Sensei” to receive your discount.

My thanks to Karin and Lizza for their time and expertise. They certainly had some very valuable information to share.  I hope you found it as useful as I did.

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Holiday Makeup Tips- Dara Klein

In my last post, I mentioned that I would be publishing the full transcript and responses from three of my beauty experts.

Dara I feel very fortunate to bring you our first expert, makeup artist and educator Dara Klein. 

Based in New York city, Klein has traveled the globe as a makeup artist and worked with celebrities such as Lake Bell, The Pussycat Dolls, Paula Abdul, and Jennifer Coolidge.  She has participated in New York City Fashion Week for the past nine years, working for designers Diane Von Furstenberg, Nicole Miller, Alice Roi, Banana Republic, Lily Pullitzer, Nanette Lepore and many more.

After years of honing her craft and being trained by some of Hollywood’s top celebrity makeup artists, including: Jeanine Lobell (founder of Stila), Gucci Westman, and Sam Fine; Dara Klein launched Dara Mascara.  Dara is now training individuals, professional makeup artists and hosting large seminars to help “de-mystify” the world of makeup and “teaching women how to take the cosmetics and tools they already own and learn specific techniques for their face.”

Now that you know a little bit about Dara, let’s hear what she had to say when I asked her some questions for my Holiday Makeup Fashion Lesson last week.

Q: What colors are right for me (ex. how do women pick the right shades that compliment their eyes and skin tone)?

A: Holiday and New Year’s accessorizing isn’t just about your jewelry and shoes.  Accessorizing with makeup can tie your whole look together and evolving your application technique is just as important as evolving your outfit choice.  You’re not wearing the same daring number you were perhaps when you were 21.  Makeup should evolve as well- starting with shimmer products.

Now that you’re in your 30’s, focus on placing shimmer strategically where you have smaller space on your eye as opposed to shellacking it under the brow a la 1998.  Focus on defining the lash line with a charcoal or pewter as opposed to black and adding a few individual lashes on the outer corner to open the eye.  Defining the lash line, lends itself to product moving less and changing as the night progresses- it’s a sure way to make an impact without overdoing it!

Choosing shades:

Choose harmonizing color combinations for the eyes that are monochromatic- the more the color reflects “skittles” on the eyes, the more you notice the feature and not the makeup- especially with age. Keep the colors light, medium, and dark within the same shade range and you’ll see the features come alive. A lot of brands have nice white/silvery/pewter combinations for holiday which always work on almost every skin tone.

One rule of thumb– the warmer, more olive-y the skin tone, the further you want to stay away from shimmery shades of white. If you’re looking to wear silver and you have a warm skin tone- make sure the shade is deep enough so it does not read ashy on the skin. Emphasize the lash line with black liner really tight in the lash line and lots of black mascara.

Harmonizing your cheek and lip, like your shoes and your belt (for lack of a better example b/c most of these fashion ‘rules’ are a little dated:) will keep the makeup looking enhancing for example if you are all about the smokey eye and you choose a pink cheek and a nude-y beige lip- the overall look will work better when you commit to a nude-y pink shade to better harmonize with the cheek. So no matter what’s going on with the eyes- keep your cheek and lips matching and you’ll make more of an impact for your efforts!

Q: Am I too old to wear trendy shades?

A: Not at all! The evolution with age and makeup comes with the technique, not the shades/formulas necessarily. Keep the extreme frosts/shimmers away from ‘crepier’ parts of the lid/brow bone, so as to not emphasize any texture issues.

We all hear ‘less is more’ with age and all this means really is softening up with the amount of product you’re applying at one time as opposed to eliminating the types of product you wear. For example, my 70 year old mother still wears a full face- foundation, concealer, blush, powder, etc however, I have taught her how to lighten up on her brush technique and build the product as needed instead of trying to get in on all in one swipe. This is particularly important for colors that are ‘trendy’.

Every woman can wear shimmer somewhere on her eye- the smaller the space the more intense the texture of the shimmer can be to really enhance the space. The only time this does not apply is when a) the skin on the eye is too loose/crepey or b) the person prefers matte. Color wears differently as we age, so pick a focus feature- such as lash line or lips and try a trendier liner or brighter lipstick instead of trying to change up a whole eye shadow combination!

Q: How do I apply eyeshadow, blush, foundation etc.?

A: When applying eyeshadow: Use a full brush for an all over shadow from lash to brow and gently sweep up the eye as opposed to side to side. This eliminates all the product collecting on the side of the eye/temple and flaking all over the place.  Pat product onto the back of the hand first which eliminates fall out.

The best brush to purchase for a ‘wash’ of shimmer, matte base shadow, etc is what’s referred to as the “ponytail” brush. This is the full, soft, black haired brush every line makes which is crimped at the base of the ferrel of the brush and is full and almost round until the very tip which is tapered to a point. It is fluffy and easy for blending as well as rolling underneath the eye to set eye concealer with powder.

Cheeks: I always tell women to place the cheek color where the face is flat or has no bone structure. If you have high, protruding cheek bones and you slam some blush on those apples and sweep vigorously back and forth with a flattened blush brush from a gift with purchase from 1995, your application will be less than modern. Smile and find the area that is not as prominent and place the color with a soft, dome shaped blush brush blending down and back toward the hair line. Absolutely NO road striping please!

Foundation: The wrong shade is actually better than the wrong technique. A common mistake women make is applying their foundation like moisturizer and blending it in only to use too much pressure, and now you’re taking it off as your putting it on, and it does nothing for your complexion! Use a little drop on the back of your hand and pull from the edge of the dollop as opposed to dipping your finger into the whole drop. This will keep the foundation blending once you apply so you can apply AND blend with the same finger- too much product results in what I call the “5 finger rub”- using all your fingers to remove and blend at the same time is a sure fire sign you have too much product. Start in the center of the face and SKIP the ear to ear coverage. No one looks at you from the side and if they do they’re only noticing the ‘mask effect’ of your foundation!

Q: What are the key tools necessary to get the best evening look?

A: Best Tools for an Evening Look:

Lash curler- love Billy B’s. Everyone swears by Shu- but Billy’s is curved more to fit a rounder eye as opposed to an almond, wider shape which fits an Asian type shape with the Shu Uemura lash curler www.billybbeauty.com.

Small liner brush- I am a HUGE fan of Face Stockholm cake liners with the angled liner brush to apply. Every evening eye will look dramatic and MODERN with a defined lash line and these are the most simple liners to use without venturing into surgical steadiness needed for liquid liner.

Black mascara- layer and layer to emphasize the defined lash line. Don’t skimp on the mascara. Use a defining, volumizing like Lancome Hypnose or Oscillation or Diorshow Unlimited.

Smudgees- www.smudgees.com these are my favorite things EVER- pre moistened q-tips. Brilliant. Do your eyes first, clean up underneath and apply complexion afterwards. Carry around in your purse for any corner of the eye smudges.

Individual lashes- Plunk a few on the outer corner of the eyes and get that extra flirty eye. Looks really good with a defined lash line a la Marilyn Monroe.

Beauty mark- Easiest accessory to create and all it takes is a small stipple with the tip of a dark brown liner- I love Lancome Le Crayon Khol ‘Black Coffee’.

Lip brush- skip the lip liner ladies. So 1992. Use a lip brush to enhance the shape of the lip with a lipstick and keeps the lips looking soft and supple not applied. The most aging look can be an over drawn lip with sharp liner-y edges.

Q:  Are there any rules that women in their 30s, 40s, 50s+ should be following?”

In your 30’s:

Modify your foundation application. It’s not about the studio fix any more packed on with a sponge. Fine lines lend themselves to product settling and this looks aging. Switch to a Tinted Moisturizer and apply a loose powder through the t-zone instead.


Change your formulas and invest in good brushes. Use cream blush instead of powder and apply between your foundation and powder- barely using on your cheeks. If your eye shape is changing switch from pencil liner to gel to avoid running and PLEASE avoid wearing brown, raisin-y type lipsticks that look very drawn and lifeless on the face. Creamy cheeks with a sheer color on the lips will wake up your complexion.

50’s +

Time to work the lash line- keep the liner tight in the lash line- no skips or obvious skin showing between the lash line and lid. Keep your foundation that has great coverage and you love and lighten up on how you apply- blend it up underneath the eye so you can skip eye concealer.

Make sure you’re correcting your skin tone and the color you put on will work 10 times better (this can be said at any age) broken capillaries and ruddiness or sun damage takes away from color application and can result in the ‘just woke up in my makeup’ look. Your skin will determine how good your color shows up and enhances your features!

To learn more about Daramascara or how to schedule an appointment, got to www.daramascara.com.

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Exclusive Invitation For Fashion Sensei Readers


Czech designer Sarka Siskova will be exhibiting her latest collection, “Cities Inside of Me” along with her first ever sample sale tomorrow, December 16th and Fashion Sensei readers are invited to attend this exclusive event.

A native to Zlin Czech Republic, designer Sarka Siskova has chosen New York City to showcase her collection of chic one-of-a-kind evening and day dresses.  Inspired by two cultures Czech and American, Siskova uses high quality Italian silks, cottons, linens and satins to construct her garments. “My passion and, at the same time, challenge is fabrics,” says Siskova. “Like a sculptor with his chisel, I play games of euphoria and exuberance with textiles.”

new04 new08 new02

Sarka Siskova is also the first and only designer from the Czech Republic to have her pieces displayed in the permanent collection of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), New York’s only museum dedicated to the art of fashion.

In addition, one of Siskova’s designs has been included in FIT’s most recent exhibition, “Seduction” featuring the first chronological exploration of the role of sexuality in fashion. The exhibition will include over seventy looks from the mid-eighteenth century to the present, using objects from the Museum’s permanent collection.  The exhibition opened yesterday and runs through June 16, 2009.  Admission is free. 

Now that you have all the background information, here are the details to attend the show and sample sale. 

What: “Cities Inside of Me” fashion show followed by sample sale

When: December 16th from 7p.m. until 10 p.m

Where:  Czech Center New York, 321 East 73rd Street

How:  To be admitted, let them know that you read about the show on Fashion  Sensei.  Presto! You’re in! 😉

A portion of the sample sale proceeds will go to Sunflower Children, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing survival care to disadvantaged children around the world.

Finally, I have been informed that the sample pieces will be selling for 80% off their retail prices of $500- $1,000.  Not a bad deal.

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Things To Be Happy About

After my ranting posts yesterday about a cyber thief, I wanted to focus on some positive things that have been going on here at Fashion Sensei and to pass along some discounts that you can be happy about too.

First up, you may notice a new widget in my sidebar today.  That is because I have been named a “Trendsetter” by shopittome.com.


With company like my pals at Running With Heels and the esteemed Daily Candy, I feel honored to be invited.  Thanks Shop It To Me!

I Won!

Then in a possible stroke of good karma, following all the fantastic “Cyber Monday Madness!” giveaways, I was notified last week that I won a $250 shopping spree to jbandme.com. 

Yippee! I was able to get that sweater I wrote about and these fab boots! I am sporting my new sweater and boots today. 😉

FreePeople_bubblebunnie_ivory_001_TH BCBG_maisha_oak_001_TH_1

In another piece of shopping news, jbandme.com wanted to alert Fashion Sensei readers that they will be having a Private Event tomorrow and Thursday.

In what has been described as, “a huge (the biggest ever) sale”, folks who are signed up to receive jbandme.com e-mail, will receive private special offer codes on each Wednesday (12/10) and Thursday (12/11) of this week.  You may then redeem them at jbandme.com for some new holiday gear or gifts for that special someone on your list.

They assure me that this sale will not disappoint.  To get in on this huge sale, click on this link to sign up for jbandme.com e-mail.

I Want It Wednesday! Old Navy Coupon

Finally, I wanted to share with you a darn good coupon fresh from my mailbox for Old Navy.

Tomorrow only (12/10), bring this coupon in with you to save 40% off one item.  Enjoy!

That’s it for today’s report.  I did go to a Nordstrom Make-Up Trend Show over the weekend, but that story will have to wait for another post. 😉

Have a great day everyone!


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Black Friday Giveaway!


And the winner of today’s drawing for a $50 giftcard to THE CUBE, courtesy of Marshalls is…

Jill Kathan!

Congratulations!  I will be contacting you soon. 🙂

Be sure to come back on Monday for Fashion Sensei “Cyber Monday Madness!”  Where you will have several more chances to win some amazing prizes!

Hi Everyone!

As promised, I will be giving away a $50 giftcard to THE CUBE.CUBELogo

The young, hip new boutique at Marshalls that carries all the latest trends you find at the mall, but for much lower prices.

On a recent visit to THE CUBE, I found loads of cute sunglasses, jeans, handbags and more.

They also carry a wide selection of brand names.  I saw quite a few really cute Betsey Johnson bags and a fab Andy Worhol tote to carry around all my stuff! 😉

Take a peek as some of the great things you may find.

24_KristinaGreenTop-198 80sLook-mid


So I know you’re dying to know how to get this super gift card.  To Enter, just leave a comment below telling me what new trend you will be shopping for yourself or someone else this holiday season.  The winner will be chosen at 7:00 pm EST 11/28/08 at random, from those comments submitted.

In anticipation of your big win, you can look for the closest CUBE by clicking here.


Click here to enter The ROCK & STOCK Giveaway at Marshalls, where you will win a two night stay in LA for you and a friend; Dinner at a hot, trendy restaurant; Shop the CUBE with you own personal stylist and $2,500 worth of hot new clothes for you and $500 for your friend to spend too!

Good Luck and Happy Thanksgiving!

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