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Your Miraclebody Has Finally Arrived!

Finding a pair of jeans that are flattering can be an arduous and demoralizing experience.  That is why I just have to tell you about these fantastic jeans that I was sporting around-town yesterday.

They are called Miraclebody® Jeans and they are from the makers of the1201CC10-EBY_2 Miraclesuit.  The jeans are made from a patent-pending material called Miratex and boast twice the spandex of ordinary jeans. 

In full disclosure, the company sent me a pair of jeans to review and I was very skeptical that they could really live up to the claim that they will make you look “10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds!”   But with the tummy-control panel in the front, the extra spandex to slim your thighs and lift your tushy, I agree with their proclamation.  I was really impressed.

The first thing that I noticed when I tried them on was how unbelievably comfortable they were!  I don’t think I have ever worn a pair of jeans that felt so good.  I am an apple shape, which means that there is no getting around my muffin-top.  The Miraclebody® Jeans are midrise so they hugged my muffin-top so that for once, I could actually wear a belt without looking lumpy.  Now that’s a miracle!

I chose the ebony bootcut style above, but they come in several colors, cuts and styles.


You may be wondering, where can I buy Miraclebody® Jeans?

Miraclebody® jeans, leggings, skirts and tops can be purchased at their site online or you can go to: Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdales.

Here’s the kicker though, they don’t come cheap.  With a price tag starting at $110 it is more than most of us spend on a pair of jeans.  However, I ask you to consider this: it’s significantly cheaper than lipo, easier than losing 10lbs. and I wouldn’t recommend them if I really didn’t think they were worth the money.  They really are a good investment piece.  Not to mention, Mother’s Day is coming up and these jeans would make a terrific present.

Speaking of Mother’s Day, Miraclebody® Jeans is looking for “Women Who Shape our Lives”.  They are looking for women to share their stories about how someone has made an impact on your life or something that you have done to make a significant difference.  You can enter at for a chance to be one of 10 Semi-finalists to win a denim wardrobe from Miraclebody® valued at over $300.  Four lucky winners will be flown into NYC to take part in a photo session with photographer James Macari for an advertisement showcasing your winning story in the August  issue of PEOPLE StyleWatch® magazine. You also will receive a consultation with celebrity stylist Robert Verdi and a makeover at the Sally Hershberger Downtown Salon.

Just for entering, you will be given a $20 coupon good towards the purchase of your Miraclebody® Jeans.  (Then you can give that coupon to your hubby as a little hint.)

I hope that you will take the opportunity to enter yourself in this contest.  As women we’re always reluctant to admit what we are doing well for fear that we are boasting.  Well I’m telling you right now, you deserve it!  You work hard all year long and it’s ok feel proud of what you do to contribute to your family, friends and your community.   I want you to brag up a storm and win yourself a new wardrobe and a little pampering.  Remember, you’ve EARNED it!

Good luck and Happy Mother’s Day!!

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Fashion Sensei Says…



Choo’s 4 All!



Great news for shoe lovers!  H&M is collaborating with Jimmy Choo to design an exclusive collection for the discount retailer.  The luxe shoes which normally sell for $500 or more, will be up for grabs (and I’m sure there will be a few catfights to get your hands on these babies) for only $60-$200. 

What’s more, included in the Jimmy Choo collection are men’s shoes, accessories, bags and even clothes.  So mark your calendars for November 14th and get your running shoes ready.  The mad dash for Jimmy Choo will be a great warm up for the after Thanksgiving sales the following week. []


“The Letter” Rages On, Spawning “Cosmosexuals”…

Earlier this week, I wrote about the now infamous letter penned by Vogue UK editor Alexandra Shulman and her criticism to the fashion industry for supplying the fashion tome with clothing so tiny that the magazine is forced into using tiny models and later photo shopping their pictures to look heavier.

This has caused quite a buzz on the internet. 

Now, columnist Kevin Meyers of Independent Ireland, is coining a new phrase to describe the designers who are promoting the emaciated “New Woman”, he’s calling them “Cosmosexuals”.

Almost no designers of women’s clothes are women. Most are male Cosmosexuals — who are either homosexuals, such as Yves St Laurent, Christian Dior or Gianni Versace, or more ambiguous denizens of the Cosmosphere, such as Gaultier, Lagerfeld and Valentino. Hardly any designers for women are simply straightforward heterosexual men. Tommy Hilfiger and Paul Costelloe clearly love women as they are. Which is why their clothes celebrate women’s carnality, their sexuality and the sheer exuberant bodiness of the female form.

This cannot be said of gay designerdom: Versace, St Laurent, Dior, or of their Cosmosexual peers. Together, they have redesigned the female body to suit their own demented needs. This ambition is very 20th century, and echoes the earlier schemes of Marxists and National Socialists, to create The New Man. Except, the Cosmosexual project is to create The New Woman — and what do you know: she looks just like a teenage boy (emphasis mine). []

Meyers believes that when we look back to this time in history,  Shulman’s letter will be regarded as “that point where history turned”.  I certainly hope so. 

A Fit Revolution

With the revolution brewing in the fashion industry, I believe we will have another woman to thank; her name is Cricket Lee.  She has taken on the industry to standardize fit through her Fitlogic technology. 

Imagine being able to walk into a store and buying a pair of pants that fit your exact body shape and size without having to try on dozens of styles.  Click here for a post I wrote about her crusade on our behalf.   This is a cause that we can all rally behind!

What do you have to say?  Leave me a comment!!

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Fashion Lesson #33: Shorts

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to take a look at a summer staple—shorts.

Like the hem of a skirt, the most flattering length of your shorts usually depends on the length of your legs.  Take into consideration that the sorter the hem of the shorts, the longer your legs will appear.


If you have long legs, you typically want to choose shorts that lay somewhere between your mid thigh to your knee.  The examples below are from and range from a 5”- 11” inseam.

Long Legs 

My only word of caution for someone with long legs, is to think about height of the heel on your shoes, when pulling together your outfit.  If you are wearing shorter shorts (under 5” inseam) and you pair them with stilettos—your shorts will appear even shorter—because your legs will look longer.  


On the other hand, if you have short legs, you will want to lengthen the appearance of your legs by wearing shorts that lay slightly above mid thigh, to about four inches above your knee. 

short legs

Be aware that anything longer than a 7” inseam may make your legs look shorter.   I highly recommend a pair of high heel sandals or wedges in a neutral color to lengthen your legs.



Pleats can be a bit precarious, but I really like everything about this outfit; the boyfriend jacket is a hip alternative to a sweater on a cool evening.



If you have narrow hips and are looking to add proportion to your upper body, a pair of shorts in a bright color or pattern—paired with a neutral top, is one solution.

jcrew stripe                                                            

As you can see, the focal point in this outfit, are the striped shorts.  If you have a large bust, this V-neck neutral top would help to minimize a disproportionate feature.

Good luck with your short shopping; I hope these tips help.  If you have any fashion related questions, be sure to leave a comment in the Ask Fashion Sensei Tab.  Your question may be featured as a future Fashion Lesson.

Related Fashion Lessons: Fashion Lesson #7: High & Low Rise

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Fashion Lesson #32: What To Wear To A Wedding

It’s springtime, love is in the air and you have been invited to a half a dozen weddings this summer.  So what do you wear without breaking your budget?

Today’s Fashion Lesson will illustrates how to use some basics that you may already have in your closet to create a new look, without spending loads of money.  Best of all, all of the looks will be based on your specific body shape.

To make things easier for you, I have included all the shopping information for each of my examples.  There’s no need to stress out searching for your outfit, just click on the links and start shopping!  Oh, one other thing to note, you may click on the underlined link for each body shape for more information pertaining on how to dress your particular body shape. 

Ok here we go…


These simple strapless dresses on sale for $38.46 at NY & Company are so inexpensive you could buy two.  This may be a good idea if you are going to more than one wedding with the same group of people.  You can mix and match the necklace and the bracelet with either dress, but do NOT wear them together.  There would be just a little too much sparkle with the two accessories and the sequin shoes.

I am not a fan of the black belt that comes with this dress, so I layered two pink belts from Target instead.  If you really must wear earrings, I would choose a pair of diamond studs; but with all that bling from the bracelet or necklace, earrings are not necessary.

Pear Wedding, City Style Strapless Dress, black, Heartthrob pink;, neon pink belt;, mixed stone bracelet, Necklace;, Udell black pumps.



I love this gown.  I have two weddings to attend this summer and being an apple myself, I just may buy this dress.  The empire waist pulls you in at just the right spot to give you the appearance of a tiny waist and the long length is not only slimming, but will make you look taller.

apple Wedding corrected

OPTION 1:, black gown, Lauren Ralph Lauren glass pearl necklace (two strands), Guess gold sandals

OPTION 2: Target, black clutch;, red Nina evening sandals;, silver bracelet, red bangle



The girls I most envy—you hourglass gals.  This polka-dot dress will be sure to give you just the right amount of attention without bride envy.  One thing that you may already have in your closet is a pashmina.  If you have several weddings to attend, switch up the colors you wear to give the dress a different look.  The shoes illustrated below are an absolute steal for $19.99 at Payless!

Hourglass Wedding, Maggie London polka dot dress;, yellow silk pashmina, peacock blue pashmina; hot pink pashmina;, Jane T-Strap Sandal;, Amrita Floral Cuff


Enjoy your special occasions and have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

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Fashion Lesson #31: Spring Dresses For Every Shape


In today’s Fashion Lesson, we will take a look at dresses that flatter several body types and some tips on what to look for when you are out dress shopping.


Petite 2All items from


Starting with the petite woman, this strapless dress elongates a small frame with the clever black and white stripes and the shrunken khaki overlay.  Finishing touches include a punch of warm color.



straight shape

Necklace,; Shoes and Dress,, Handbag, Botkier,


A straight shape is sometimes also referred to as a “boyish” figure due to the decreased definition in the waist.  This turquoise dress adds just enough definition with a empire tie waist to flatter a straight figure.  A big trend for spring, snake skin shoes complete the look.



Pear dressDress,; bracelet,; shoes,


When I saw this dress, I immediately thought of Charlotte from Sex and the City.  Kristen Davis who plays Charlotte, is a sister pear shape and would look amazing in this floral print dress.  The nude pumps are one of this seasons “it” shoes.  The fantastic benefit of a nude shoe, is the illusion that it provides in elongating the leg.



Apple Shape_edited-1

Dress, earrings,; Shoes,; Clutch


A mix of several trends—bold color, metallics, asymmetrical lines and a floral print—this dress’ assets are the undefined waist, bold print and asymmetrical line which draws attention away from an apple shape’s middle and up toward your face.  Don’t forget your shapeware with this dress for a sleek silhouette.




Dress Stella McCartney Organic,; Wood necklace; Sunglasses and belt,; Tote


If you are an hourglass shape, the most important feature you should be looking for in a dress is a cinched waist.  This dress is a take on the khaki/safari look that is popular for spring and summer.  Feel free to add a little color to this ensemble to make it special.


Do you have a question that you would like answered?  Leave a comment on the Ask Fashion Sensei tab and your question may be answered featured as a Fashion Lesson.

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Fashion Lesson #30: The Miniskirt

I recently received an excellent Ask Fashion Sensei question from Candy regarding denim mini skirts for women over 30.

I’m 30ish and have the hankering to wear a mini blue jean skirt. First, are they hot right now or so, so?? A friend of mine mentioned that she was going to pair a jean skirt of hers with leggings. I think we’re too old to do that trick. What do you think??? IF I can rock a jean skirt, any tips/ideas on how to make it fabulous? Thanks :)

Jean skirts are as timeless as jeans themselves.  Like denim pants, they can be dressed up with a blouse and heels or dressed down with a pair of flip flops and worn over your swimsuit to the beach.

With regard to your question on wearing leggings with a mini skirt, I would pass.  I agree with you Candy, I think that look would be better suited to the 18 and under crowd.

How Old, Is Too Old?

Your query provokes another question that many other women have.  When are you too old to wear a mini skirt?  In considering the appropriate hemline for women over 30, my general advice is to limit the length of your skirts to 2-3 inches above the knee.  Notice I said general advice—there are countless caveats to this recommendation.  For example, if you have long legs, you will want to stick to a slightly longer length than someone who has very short legs. 

You should also take into consideration the proportion of your legs.  If you have heavy legs, the most flattering length for a skirt is at the narrowest area of your leg—which is just above or just below your knee.

Take a look at these pictures of mother of three Heidi Klum, who will be 36 in June. 

Skirts Heidi Klum

Photo Source:

Frankly, I think the first skirt is too short.  For the average woman over 30—and especially over 35—a micro mini is a hard look to pull off.  The third picture has a perfect length; it’s sexy without having to worry if one of your butt cheeks are hanging out. 😉

Jean Skirts—In or Out?

As I mentioned before, I think jean skirts are always in.  Like denim pants, it depends on the cut and what you pair with the skirt.  The other great advantage to owning a jean skirt is that you can wear it during all four seasons.  You can wear a jean skirt in the summer with sandals; or with a sweater, thick tights and a pair of boots in the winter.

I did a little shopping online—here are a few jean skirt looks that I would suggest.

Jean skirt outfit

Shopping Info:  J.Crew skirt; J.Crew top; Salvatore Ferragamo Scuderia Satchel; Laser Cut Sandal Peep-Toe Bootie by Nicholas Kirkwood for Pollini; Miu Miu Shoes; More-Than-Half Clutch by Lisa Perry; Callouge Ring by DANNIJO; Merona printed shrug by Diane von Furstenberg.

Jeans 2

Shopping Info: Gap White Denim Skirt; Limited: flowered top, Rayon Wrap, Indian hinge bracelet, Shell Disk Earrings; Nine West Sorcer,; Gap: Denim mini, Striped Summer T; kate spade Caprice; bright lights, big city charm bracelet;Alena Stud Earrings, Forever 21.

Thanks for your inquiry Candy, I hope this information helps.  If you have a question regarding style, click on the Ask Fashion Sensei tab and leave a comment.  Your question may be used for a future Fashion Lesson.

Have a great weekend everyone and GO MICHIGAN STATE!

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Trend Watch: Ruffles

Not just for pirates, Prince or Victorian ladies…

You will find them in nearly every store this spring and summer—ruffles have made a comeback.  The good news is there is such a variety of styles within this trend everyone will be able to participate.

If you have a small bust—rejoice—because this trend will look most flattering on you.  While your big bust gal pals have enough volume of their own, the increased volume of the ruffles will draw the eye away from your cup size and will create a focal point on the ruffles instead. 

The first blouse would also look good on a woman with a straight figure who wants to create some curves.  Pair it with a straight skirt and heels and you will look fantastic.

Now I mentioned at the start of this post that every shape could participate in this trend.  The beautiful blouse in the center by Nanette Lepore is perfect for a large busted woman with its wrap style and single ruffle layer.  This blouse would also flatter an hourglass shape with the belted waist to enhance your enviable waist.

Ruffles w_text 

             Forever 21 #1                  MINT jodi arnold #3

Forever 21 #2                 Forever 21 #4


If this is your first visit to Fashion Sensei, take a look at the Fashion Lesson series to find out more on how to dress your body type.

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