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Online Ordering Snafu’s

This afternoon—with the kids safely at school and my husband at the office—I decided to wrap some Christmas gifts.  I had the Christmas music going in the background, all the “Santa” wrapping paper ready, tags, etc—you get the idea.

After wrapping most of the kids gifts, I decided to wrap my husband’s presents.  I sat pondering whether I should keep the Detroit Piston’s sweatshirt I ordered from the NBA store, un-opened in its shipping box, or to put it in a shirt box that was smaller.  I decided to put it in the shirt box and then opened the shipping box.

What is this?!

Here’s what I ordered…


Here’s what I saw when I opened the box…


Apparently, the NBA store is somehow affiliated with the NHL store—mind you you have to go to a separate website to order the product above.  Not only is it the wrong sport, the wrong color and the wrong state, but it’s a women’s sweatshirt.

On top of everything, I had to call the NBA store twice because the first service rep gave me very inaccurate information and neglected to tell me that when I did return the product, I wouldn’t automatically get the correct item.

After speaking with a very nice service rep the second time, she got me straightened out, but what a hassle!!!

I’m hoping the right shirt will arrive by Christmas.

Has this happened to you before?  Tell me your best mail-order snafu.

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