Caption These: Grammy Style

From time-to-time, I find a collection of photos that I think you may find interesting. The Grammy’s last night had a few notable looks last night that I thought warranted a little game I like to play called: Caption these.  To play along, leave a comment below for each photo.

Unless otherwise noted, each photo is from  To see the full collection of photos, click here.



Boobies Done Right….

  Heidi 59465971

Boobies Done Wrong…


Tinkerbell in Couture…


See-through Done Right…


See-through that no one wants to see…




Is it just me, or does Russell Brand resemble Brett McKenzie from Flight of the Conchordes?

 katy-perry-435 Bret-McKenzie2

And a bonus non-Grammy caption, minotaur-Kellis…


Getty Images via

Be sure to write your own captions by leaving a comment below!

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2 responses to “Caption These: Grammy Style

  1. Diane

    The Kellis minotaur reminds me of Avatar in pink. And yes, Russell Brand DOES look like Brett McKenzie. Where would fashion be without the influence of Major Tom and space travel?

  2. In order: Pretty in…Silver, Ruling those ruffles, Can we get a hairstylist in here?, Fabulous, bossomy in black, all men with chests like little boys show them off!, Clearly a winner, um hmmm, What the Hell is she NOT wearing?, Good thing the shoes are cute, Is Fergie on her way to a Battlestar Gallactica convention?, yes, Russell Brand does look like Brett McKenzie & Alexander McQueen is laughing his head off at Kellis AND not just for wearing his ugly shoes either!

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