Product Review: RAW Minerals


A few weeks ago, I was approached by RAW Natural Beauty to review their RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit.  What appealed to me about the makeup was that it is all natural.  They don’t use any harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, parabens or synthetic preservatives.

Something else that I found interesting, was that RAW Natural Beauty partners with their mineral sources to ensure that they practice sustainable agriculture, adhere to Fair Trade Production guidelines and the farmers reject the use of pesticides, which are known to carcinogens.

When my package came in the mail, I was impressed by what I received.  The boxes that the makeup were packaged in, were made with recycled materials and thankfully, it came with some tips for proper application.  (It also came with an instructional DVD, but it was more like an infomercial.)

After using the product, I think what I liked most, was that it came with two shades of foundation.  I always have a really hard time finding the right shade—especially from a drugstore.  Having the duo that comes with the Discovery Kit is useful so that as the shade of your skin changes throughout the season (especially from summer to fall) you can customize the blend to match your complexion.

What I wasn’t too crazy about, was the strange smell of the minerals proceeding my first application.  But I must say it wasn’t overpowering, and the second time I used the RAW Minerals, the scent didn’t seem as strong.  I had to remind myself that this was an all-natural product—and didn’t have any fragrance added—which is common in many cosmetics and may cause irritation.

Overall, I felt that the RAW Mineral foundation had good coverage, complemented my skin and after wearing it throughout the day, I appreciated the mineral’s light weight feel.

As a special offer to Fashion Sensei readers, RAW Natural Beauty is offering a special 50% discount on RAW Mineral products and free shipping when you use the code: DISCOVERY50.  This discount extends to the RAW Minerals 7-Piece Discovery Kit as pictured below for only $90.

To start shopping click on this link and don’t forget to use your discount code!


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