Karl Lagerfeld : “Curvy Women Have No Place on the Catwalk”


Velvet D’Amour  Photo Credit: Jacques Brinon / AP Photo

The Kaiser is at it again.  If you remember, designer Karl Lagerfeld took pot-shots at Heidi Klum for being too fat for the runways.  Well, he’s now spouting off to news magazine Focus, “No one wants to see curvy women”.

Even worse, he is quoted as saying:

"You’ve got fat mothers with their bags of chips sitting in front of the television and saying that thin models are ugly". [independent.co.uk]

What’s wrong with you Karl?  That’s just downright offensive.

Apparently someone does want to see curvy women, because Glamour has already committed to using a broader range of body sizes in their fashion pages.  And in a surprising move by Brigitte, the popular German fashion magazine,  the magazine will no longer use professional models due to the overwhelming requests by their readership to feature women that they can relate to.  

Can you believe it?!

The revolution moving forward.  Get with it Karl.  Starving models are not pretty and finally someone is listening! 

Media Source: Independent.Co.UK

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4 responses to “Karl Lagerfeld : “Curvy Women Have No Place on the Catwalk”

  1. Karl Lagerfeld may or may not actually think that way about plus size women (well, he probably actually does–he is a freak afterall!), but my best guess would be that he is talking this kind of crap for publicity reasons. It sounds like he is making excuses for using anorexic models instead of healthy women. I think in his case that the adage is true, designers that use very skinny, sexless looking models are gratifying their fantasies of young men. Which puts the garbage that Lagerfeld spews into a certain perspective.

  2. I’m starting to really hate this man.
    First off, if Heidi Klum is his idea of ‘fat’, he’s got a pretty warped perception of reality in the first place.
    Second off, this comment was actually made about Brigitte’s decision to take models off its pages. Brigitte is NOT a fashion magazine anyway. It’s a women’s magazine targeted at the 30-50 crowd. They are simply making an efford to address what their readers want, which is to see someone in the magazine they can actually relate to.
    Third, I wonder what he’d say about models in the 1950’s, or even pre-90’s for that matter. They weren’t always quite so insanely thin. Most grown women that aren’t Audrey Hepburn could never look like that, which is why they’re also getting younger and younger.

  3. Plus Size, thanks for the comment. I would agree with you that he definately has a different athestitic that doesn’t include the mainstream woman and it really sends a bad message to women and girls.

    Danie, thanks for the elaboration about Brigitte Magazine. Did you also hear about the model who was 5’10 and 120lbs that got fired from Ralph Lauren for being too fat?

    Thanks for the comments guys!

  4. Yeah I heard about that too. I saw an interview with her and she seemed quite upset. Not to mention that she is clearly a very slim woman. It drives me nuts how in fashion, there is only ‘thin’ and ‘fat’. If you don’t fit into samples, which are shrinking all the time, you’re ‘fat.’ It’s silly.
    The editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan was interviewed for the same program, and she was saying how they’d like to sometimes feature different sizes but the samples that the designers send them make that tough.
    I’m a skinny girl myself, but I’m not as skinny as some of these women that are getting called ‘fat’ (like Heidi) and as much as I love my hourglass figure sometimes it really sucks to have women I could only dream of looking like called ‘fat’.

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