Plaid to Meet You!

A trend I’m sure you have noticed by now are the plaid patterns that are popping up on bags, shoes, jackets and dresses.  I’ve also admired a groomsman styled in cranberry colored plaid pants and a charcoal sport coat as a daring alternative to the traditional tuxedo for a wedding.

I thought today I would share with you some of my favorite plaid finds.  I’m sure this goes without saying—but one only needs a single plaid item to make your point. :)  That means no matching a plaid shirt with plaid shoes!

Plaid FavsShopping Info: 

Starting from center and moving clockwise: Kenneth Cole ad, New York Plaid Shirt Dress,; Burberry Check Hat,; Cole Haan Genevieve Plaid Hobo,; Nine West Barbe,; Rubbish Crinkle Plaid Scarf,

What are some  of your favorite trends this season?

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2 responses to “Plaid to Meet You!

  1. Lauren

    Where can I find those boots the girl is wearing?

  2. Hi Lauren, thanks for the visit. The boots are from Kenneth Cole as well.

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