Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-NYC

I’ve been checking out the photos on and frankly, there were a few shows that while the clothes were beautiful—there wasn’t anything really new.  I’m still seeing a lot of carry-over from last spring.  But it’s still very early and we have dozen’s of more shows to look forward to.

One thing you may notice when looking at some of these photos, is the plain backgrounds.  This is a marker of a designer’s “exhibition”.  Due to the recession, more designers are foregoing runway shows, and instead have models positioned around a particular venue.  Organic by John Patrick for instance, had his show at the 124 year old Keens Steakhouse.

Someone new to my radar is Prabal Gurung.  According to reports, this is the designer’s second collection and he was inspired by the design of his mother’s bottle of YSL Rive Gauche perfume circa 1970’s. "I loved it," he said, "and I love product design, so I thought about playing with the idea of packaging." []

This will become apparent when you see his electric blue pants and white blouse with the large black trimmed bow.  It may not be the first thing you would reach for when heading to the office, but it would look great in an editorial spread for a magazine.  What do you think?

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The big shows are yet to come, so come on back to see if 80’s inspired fashion will continue for spring and what Marc Jacobs’ inspiration is this season.  Remember fall’s pleated carrot leg jeans?  Who would have ever thought “mom-jeans” would be updated?!

For more photos from fashion week go to

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2 responses to “Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week-NYC

  1. Amy

    About the “Mom Jeans”, I saw a picture of SJP on set for the new “Sex in the City” movie and what was she wearing? Yep, high waisted, light blue denim with pockets half-way up her ass! Are we doomed to keep repeating the past?

  2. Say it isn’t so! Amy you have to send me that link! I need to see it. 🙂

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