Fashion Sensei News Clips…

We go from a summer with very little to report from the fashion world, to fashion news bursting from every direction.  Here’s a few highlights about what’s new…

Weird Models Out—Pretty is in Again…

Photo: Oscar de la Renta,

The Wall Street Journal  reports that edgy models with sometimes strange features are being replaced by the girl-next-door types.  It seems that unconventional beauty doesn’t sell during a recession and with the fashion world begging for business (see Fashion’s Night Out), companies are looking to conventional beauties, also known as “commercially” appealing to draw shoppers back to buying again and to pull the industry out from declining sales.

While there is a resurgence of harem pants, padded shoulders and anything 80’s, fashion forecasters predict that ladylike suits and classic styles will prevail this fall.

All I can hear in the back of my mind, is Tyra Banks chastising models for looking “too commercial”.  It looks like the tide has turned and we’ll be seeing updated versions of Christy Brinkley and Naomi Campbell.  Let’s just hope that super-skinny size zero is out too. []


Shop Till You Drop…



Due to the recession, we have all shut our wallets and have only been buying the essentials.  Shopping sprees have become so 2007, and the folks who still have the money to spend have been shamed into restraint. 

Enter Anna Wintour.

The uber influential editor of American Vogue has become so concerned about the state of the fashion industry, and therefore the future of her own magazine, Wintour gathered up all the big names in fashion including Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera and Vera Wang—among other notables—and has contrived a world wide shopping holiday called Fashion’s Night Out.

Set for September 10, the global effort to get us back out to the mean streets of retail emporiums world wide, a whose-who of the fashion world, have been assembled to entertain us—Oscar de la Renta is slated to sing (who knew he could sing?) and Issac Mizrahi is set for a one-night-only engagement at Bergdorf Goodman.  Further,  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will customize clothes from their label Row.

For those of you going out for the festivities, be sure to report back!

To read more about the event and the participating designers, go to .  Wanna chance to win $5,000 shopping spree? Click here to enter Fashion’s Night Out: Shop For Good Online Sweepstakes.


Speaking of Vogue

The September Issue is set to hit theaters this fall.  It will chronicle the five months leading up to the ever-important fall 2007 issue.  Remember this was the magazine’s biggest issue in history, 840 pages, and weighing in at 4lbs of fabulous fashion (remember my post on the 2009 fall issue at a meager 584 pages?).

The movie is said to probe the dynamic between two of fashion’s most powerful women.  Wintour, nearly any woman who has ever picked up an issue of Vogue knows, but Grace Coddington, the creative director and fashion editor may be a new name to some.  The documentary reveals the behind-the-scenes struggle between the two women and just how the world’s most famous fashion magazine is created.

I can’t wait!

I’m hoping to get my hands on some local preview passes.  If I do, I’ll be sure to give you the low-down on the movie!

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2 responses to “Fashion Sensei News Clips…

  1. Personlig stylist

    Good pics, thanks for sharing.

  2. Martine

    The recession is the reason people are not buying. Ladylike suits and bimbo models are not going to change a darn thing. I know I spend less now, of course, as does everyone else. No one is making as much. But if I do buy things, its still things that I like. Im far more likely to buy a one of a kind Balmain jacket and some skinny trousers then a skirt suit I would not wear in a million years.

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