Online Advertising Strips Hefty Fall Fashion Magazine Issues

The fall fashion magazines of 2009 may be known for something other than thew fashion neon colors and studded handbags that grace their pages.  It may be recalled as the year that signaled the demise of the 4lb fall fashion issue.

According to today’s Wall Street Journal, fashion houses who have been pinched by the global recession are looking for alternatives to paper media.  TNS Media Intelligence noticed luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton North America increased their online spending two-fold from 2007 to 2008 and women’s wear designer Diane von Furstenberg jumped on board the online bandwagon to the tune of $43,000 last year after spending zero in years past.

Dollars are instead being reallocated to social media sites, shopping newsletters and fashion messaging boards. 

I find the news a little disconcerting.  Advertising is essential to life-blood of a magazine.  If it is being diverted to other forms of media, what will it mean for paper tomes such as Vogue who lost 26% of it’s ad revenue and most hard hit, W magazine who lost 41%?

I only hope that traditional magazines will not be replaced by electronic magazines or “e-zines”.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for online media, but I there’s comforting about relaxing with a magazine or newspaper that I can hold in my hand.

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