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Curtain Couture?


On the BBC’s Friday Night With Jonathan Ross last week, famed designer Vivienne Westwood awkwardly flounced onto the set of the interview attempting to make a grand entrance by tossing out the train of her make shift dress, which consisted of nearly 23 feet of Duchess Silk.  She then went on to advise fashionistas to turn in their cheap chic and instead either use materials you have at home, like curtains or towels, in a DIY fashion.  “But if you do buy fashion, choose well” the designer said.  Read: Don’t spend any money so that you can save up enough money to buy her uber expensive merchandise. 

Better to have one beautiful thing then look like everyone else, Ms. Westwood advised.  Further, she believes that it isn’t necessary to wash your one and only good outfit– “Wear it until it drops off your body”, she says; “It may get better with age—hopefully” .  

More like everyone will smell you coming. 

I slum it with the rest of the Target and TJ Max crowd.


Speaking of Couture…


Photo Credit:; Monica Feudi /

The couture shows took place last week in Paris and at the Dior show, they seemingly took their inspiration from a period of the 80’s when women wore their underwear as outerwear.  Remember Prince ingénue Apollonia 6?

apollonia-apollonia65 Photo:

The updated couture is a bit like a mullet; conservative on the top and party on the bottom.  No word yet how many socialites have these looks on order for their luncheons at the club.


Photo Credit:; Monica Feudi /


Must Read…


Photo Credit: Givenchy via NY Times

In a hilarious article in the NY Times, “Where Have All the Eyebrows Gone?”   Author William Van Meter explores the newest form of fashion expression: no eyebrows. 

Now I remember the late 80’s when folks who wanted to be hip hop cool would shave stripes into their eyebrows—and then pray that said eyebrows would grow back properly when they came to their fashionable senses.  But this is something else.

The hairless look has been popping up on fall fashion runways and photo campaigns.  Fashion house Givenchy bleached model Adriana Lima’s eyebrows white (boy would I be bummed if I were her). 

But here’s the kicker—the look is being associated with the economy: “Could no eyebrows be a reflection of economic downturn? Can one be too poor to have them? Having no eyebrows is certainly a way to express oneself without buying a product.” Mr. Van Meter muses.   “Sarah Brown, the beauty director of Vogue, took a similar stance: “People are saying, ‘How can I shake things up? I might not be buying a new bag every three months, but what can I do to feel fresh and current and in style?’ ”

Sorry, sounds stupid to me.  I may not be able to go buy some new stuff, but I’m certainly not going to go bleaching or shaving off my eyebrows.  I can just imagine the looks that I would get come fall at kindergarten drop off.  “Don’t mind me…”

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