Fashion Lesson #33: Shorts

Now that the weather is finally warming up, it’s time to take a look at a summer staple—shorts.

Like the hem of a skirt, the most flattering length of your shorts usually depends on the length of your legs.  Take into consideration that the sorter the hem of the shorts, the longer your legs will appear.


If you have long legs, you typically want to choose shorts that lay somewhere between your mid thigh to your knee.  The examples below are from and range from a 5”- 11” inseam.

Long Legs 

My only word of caution for someone with long legs, is to think about height of the heel on your shoes, when pulling together your outfit.  If you are wearing shorter shorts (under 5” inseam) and you pair them with stilettos—your shorts will appear even shorter—because your legs will look longer.  


On the other hand, if you have short legs, you will want to lengthen the appearance of your legs by wearing shorts that lay slightly above mid thigh, to about four inches above your knee. 

short legs

Be aware that anything longer than a 7” inseam may make your legs look shorter.   I highly recommend a pair of high heel sandals or wedges in a neutral color to lengthen your legs.



Pleats can be a bit precarious, but I really like everything about this outfit; the boyfriend jacket is a hip alternative to a sweater on a cool evening.



If you have narrow hips and are looking to add proportion to your upper body, a pair of shorts in a bright color or pattern—paired with a neutral top, is one solution.

jcrew stripe                                                            

As you can see, the focal point in this outfit, are the striped shorts.  If you have a large bust, this V-neck neutral top would help to minimize a disproportionate feature.

Good luck with your short shopping; I hope these tips help.  If you have any fashion related questions, be sure to leave a comment in the Ask Fashion Sensei Tab.  Your question may be featured as a future Fashion Lesson.

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