“Marvel”ous Models Inc.


                                                   Photo Source: NYTimes.com 

While reading comics is historically a male pastime, Marvel Entertainment (home of Spider-Man) is looking to entice style-minded females.  On August 26th, Marvel will release Models Inc., a four issue fashion related comic book series based on famed female comic book characters like Spidey’s gal-pal Mary Jane, Mille the Model and Patsy Walker.  (I told you in my last post that I’m an undercover nerd, but when it comes to comics, I’m clueless.  I’m only familiar with Mary Jane.)

In the first issue, a set designer is murdered and it is up to Mille the Model to clear her name after being accused of foul play during New York Fashion Week.  It’s up to Mille and her fellow fashionistas, to track down the real killer to calm the nerves of fashion’s elite.

The plotline in another issue, involves The New York Museum of Fashion (no stranger to superheroes) which is hosting a prized collection of Iron Man’s armor.  In this issue, a villainous party crasher disrupts the exhibit and Iron Man turns to none other than Tim Gunn to help save the day.  The cheeky issue is entitled “Loaded Gunn”.  But can they “Make It Work”?

marvel                                                              Photo Source: Marvel.com

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2 responses to ““Marvel”ous Models Inc.

  1. Cute idea, but girls shop in stores with magazines, and comics like these are usually buried in a dark comic store where icky boys lurk! 🙂

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