Fashion Lesson #32: What To Wear To A Wedding

It’s springtime, love is in the air and you have been invited to a half a dozen weddings this summer.  So what do you wear without breaking your budget?

Today’s Fashion Lesson will illustrates how to use some basics that you may already have in your closet to create a new look, without spending loads of money.  Best of all, all of the looks will be based on your specific body shape.

To make things easier for you, I have included all the shopping information for each of my examples.  There’s no need to stress out searching for your outfit, just click on the links and start shopping!  Oh, one other thing to note, you may click on the underlined link for each body shape for more information pertaining on how to dress your particular body shape. 

Ok here we go…


These simple strapless dresses on sale for $38.46 at NY & Company are so inexpensive you could buy two.  This may be a good idea if you are going to more than one wedding with the same group of people.  You can mix and match the necklace and the bracelet with either dress, but do NOT wear them together.  There would be just a little too much sparkle with the two accessories and the sequin shoes.

I am not a fan of the black belt that comes with this dress, so I layered two pink belts from Target instead.  If you really must wear earrings, I would choose a pair of diamond studs; but with all that bling from the bracelet or necklace, earrings are not necessary.

Pear Wedding, City Style Strapless Dress, black, Heartthrob pink;, neon pink belt;, mixed stone bracelet, Necklace;, Udell black pumps.



I love this gown.  I have two weddings to attend this summer and being an apple myself, I just may buy this dress.  The empire waist pulls you in at just the right spot to give you the appearance of a tiny waist and the long length is not only slimming, but will make you look taller.

apple Wedding corrected

OPTION 1:, black gown, Lauren Ralph Lauren glass pearl necklace (two strands), Guess gold sandals

OPTION 2: Target, black clutch;, red Nina evening sandals;, silver bracelet, red bangle



The girls I most envy—you hourglass gals.  This polka-dot dress will be sure to give you just the right amount of attention without bride envy.  One thing that you may already have in your closet is a pashmina.  If you have several weddings to attend, switch up the colors you wear to give the dress a different look.  The shoes illustrated below are an absolute steal for $19.99 at Payless!

Hourglass Wedding, Maggie London polka dot dress;, yellow silk pashmina, peacock blue pashmina; hot pink pashmina;, Jane T-Strap Sandal;, Amrita Floral Cuff


Enjoy your special occasions and have a wonderful Memorial Weekend!

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2 responses to “Fashion Lesson #32: What To Wear To A Wedding

  1. I love that polka dot dress! Now, if only I had somewhere to go!

    Oh…not a wedding question…but I do have a question for you. Are Maxi dresses still in style? Like – to wear to a poolside bbq w/ a pair of sandals? I still see them in the stores, but am uncertain???????

  2. Hey Nothing Fancy, It’s nice to hear from you! Yes, maxi dresses are still in style and would be perfect for a poolside party as you described. I’m glad too, because they are so comfortable. 🙂

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