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Gone But Not Forgotten…

So you have the perfect shade of eyeshadow that you have been cos buying for years and suddenly, the company has decided to stop producing it.  A very frustrating predicament to be sure, but I have discovered at least one source that you can tap while looking for that now elusive cosmetic product. 

Estee Lauder has a program called Gone But Not Forgotten to help you reunite with your favorite products.  The program includes all of the cosmetic companies under the Estee Lauder umbrella, including: Bobbi Brown, MAC and Clinique.  You simply call (800) 216-7173 to initiate your search.  Good Luck!



Anna Sui “Target’s” Discount Consumers…

Photo: Anna Sui Fall 09’ Collection

It was announced yesterday that Detroit native, Anna Sui, will be producing a capsule collection for Target set to arrive in select stores from September 13th through October 17th.  Only one other designer, Alexander McQueen, has been asked to participate in Target’s Premiere “Designer Collaborations”.  As part of the collection, Sui was asked to identify a muse for the line:

“When I was in Asia last year, all the young girls kept asking me about the different locations in New York City where the characters from ‘Gossip Girl’ live,” Sui told WWD. “I liked the idea of creating a collection reflective of each characters’ style, sensibility and unique approach to fashion. By combining the elements of art, city, spirit, punk and glamour, we created a collection that exudes New York City fashion.”



Goth Vibrations…

Goth loligoth

Photo: Tokyo Premier Style

As silly and strange as it seems, there’s a new fashion muse in town and it’s dark.  The Japanese fashion movement called Goth Lolita or Goth Loli—which evolved from the Lolita fashion movement dating back to the 1970’s in Japan—is showing it’s influence in fall 09’s fashion line up.  According to several designers including Rodarte and Givenchy have been “bitten” by the Goth bug.

Unlike the western interpretation of Goth, Japanese Goth Loli’s are more of a cartoon version of a teenage witch and a frilly doll.  

It’s certainly not my style, but now you have a reference point when you see a insurgence of the dark, immortal style.


Speaking of Being Bitten…

Ok this isn’t fashion related, but I feel the need to confess that I have been sucked in by the Twilight series.  I can’t help it, it’s like I’ve been bewitched!  I am not a big fan of vampire stories or anything associated with the genre—but I was at the library and it was sitting there—so I picked it up.

It has been 10 days and I have devoured three of the four, 500 page plus books and I am only 100 pages from completing the last 700 plus page book.  I know those of you who have read the series know what I mean when I say it has taken everything in me to tear myself away from the book.  Now that this post is complete, I am off to finish it off before my next appointment.  Don’t tell me what happens! 🙂

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