Style Pirate

One woman’s encounter with a fashion kleptomaniac. 

A friend of mine approached me today and asked if I had ever dealt with a style thief.  This friend we’ll call Diana, has an acquaintance that after seeing Diana wear a skirt to the gym, went out that very same day, bought the same skirt, and wore it to the gym the following day.

This wasn’t the first time the style rogue commandeered Diana’s look.  This woman has been showing up in Diana’s clothes for over a year now.

Diana’s concern is that she didn’t want to look like the Bobbsey Twins on their way to Disney Land. 

I understand her concern.  At least once in our lives, nearly all of us have been somewhere and another individual is wearing the same shirt or outfit.  I read recently that during her time as First Lady, Laura Bush arrived at a White House ball only to discover not one, but, several women were wearing the exact same red Oscar de la Renta gown.  How embarrassing is that?

Unlike the gaffe at the White House, our style thief in question is deliberately purchasing an identical wardrobe.

So what’s your advice to Diana?  How would you approach this woman?  Has this ever happened to you?


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One response to “Style Pirate

  1. I can’t say that anyone has deliberately gone out and bought something I was wearing. A friend and myself accidentally bought the same shoes once, and a group of my friends started dressing up more instead of the jeans and tee college style that they’d been rocking during university, but no one has ever seen something I’ve worn and bought the exact same thing (mind you since I make half my clothes that’s often impossible)
    If I were Diana, I’d probably just ignore it. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and if you confront imitators often they’re hurt.

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