Japan Fashion Week A/W 2009

Ok, this is more like it!  There are loads more pictures to review today from JFW, so let’s get right to it.


Yuma Koshino

I absolutely adore the dress in the center with the lively color, tulle overlay and the little bow shoes.  The black dress to the right, would be particularly flattering on a woman with a straight figure and an angular face.

View JfW day 3



Yuki Torii

Oh my, how beautiful is the cranberry jacket with the silk blouse?  Notice all the varying textures in that outfit—the felt hat, the silk blouse with the velvet jacket over it and the metallic thread in the pants.  This is a very creative business look.

View JFW 5

View jfw 6



everlasting sprout
Keiichi Muramatsu

Remember the first post in this series when I mentioned that there would be some street style influence?  Young Japanese are known for dressing up like superheroes, Strawberry Shortcake and even porcelain dolls—the names of the styles range from Gothic Lolita to Cosplay (costume play).  This collection from Everlasting sprout has that sort of edgy street style feel to me with its lampshade inspired collection.

View Jfw 11



Jotaro Saito

Here, we go from edgy street style, to the other end of the spectrum with the traditional kimono.  The west has been heavily influenced as of late with the obi style belt.  Do you remember the spring Louis Vuitton belts?


View JFW Geisha


support surface
Norio Surikabe

This silhouette will not be new to you.  The updated version of the harem pants were seen in fashion weeks world wide.  What I really like about this collection, are the metallic boots that the model in the center is wearing.  When grouped with this color pallet, it really works.

View JFW 8



Sara Arai

Right on trend with the rest of the world, we have a jumpsuit and metallics.

View JFW 9


Hiroko Ito

You hear me talk about proportion so often in my Fashion Lessons, and the skirt in the middle is one shining example of why a short, high waist skirt will lengthen your legs. 

It also illustrates how a woman with long legs needs to take care when choosing the length of her skirt (unless she looks like this model).  Do you see how long her legs look and how short the skirt looks on her?

View JFW 12



Hourglass ladies take heed, the dress to the right would look incredible on you!

View JFW 10


That’s it for this installment.  Be sure to come back again tomorrow for more from JFW!

Photo Source: Japan Fashion Week Organization

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