Japan Fashion Week A/W 2009

Hurray, it’s finally here!  I just love Japan’s Fashion Week.  Known for their technological prowess, JFW opened with a ”cybernetic human” robot code-named HRP-4C.  A far cry from the Jetson’s style robot Rosie, this robot’s face is eerily humanlike.

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Photo credit: AP Photo/Shizo Kambayashi

JFW is much smaller in scale than other fashion weeks with only 39 brands participating, but the shows never disappoint.  The Japanese designs blend European, American and of course Japanese influences.  There is also an element of Japanese street style incorporated in some of the collections that you will not see at any other fashion week.


motonari ono
Motonari Ono

Influential in their own right, I recall several Japanese designers showing high ruff collars during the spring 2009 shows; particularly our first designer Montari Ono.  Later, during the fall/winter 2009 American and European shows, I couldn’t help but notice a few of the high ruffs included in their collections.

In this collection, Ono has delivered a new interpretation of spring’s a high collar that is ideal for a chilly fall evening.  I particularly appreciate the golden scarf constructed from flowers in the first picture and the ruffled trim on the jacket in the second photo.

View JP FW AW 2009 Motonari ono



Kazuaki Takashima

I will be keeping a close eye out for more information regarding Né-net’s inspiration in what appears to be a homage to boxing promoter Don King’s hair, the Masked Marauder and the American dollar.





Hiroyuki Horihata /
Makiko Sekiguchi

In what appeared to me to be a very well tailored, but incredibly dark collection, designers Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi may be reflecting a mood shared by the world wide economy. 

View JFW AW 2009


Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next installment of Japan Fashion Week autumn/winter. 

Photo Source: Japan Fashion Week Organization

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  1. KuroTsubasa

    I love Monotari Ono ❤

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