Happy Birthday Barbie!

Fashion’s first toy “fashionista” turns 50 today

 Barbie new

“Born” 50 years ago today, Barbara Millicent Roberts aka Barbie  has reached a major milestone today.  In honor of her birthday, a new Souvenir Doll in a modern version of her Iconic swimsuit is on sale for only $3—the same price it was sold for back in 1959.

Making her first appearance 50 years ago at the New York Toy Fair, BarbieBarbie_doll_original_1959 has all sorts of interesting trivia attached to her.  Did you know that Barbie graduated from Manhattan International High School?  Or that Barbie’s long-time boyfriend Ken broke up in 2004 after a 43 year relationship?  Wonder what happened there.  Thankfully they reconciled two years later and are reportedly happy.

Barbie seems to have reinvented herself more times than Madonna.  Among her 90 some jobs, Barbie has been a teen model, NASCAR driver, Doctor, a teacher (but was recalled in 1995 amid a scandal that she wasn’t wearing panties) and not satisfied as a mere flight attendant, Barbie received her commercial pilot’s license with the debut of Pilot Barbie.

Vera Wang Barbie And let’s talk about the fashion.  We all know Barbie had her own fashion show at New York Fashion Week last month, but some of fashion’s biggest names have designed dresses specifically for her tiny proportions.  Designers like Bob Mackie, Christian Dior, and Vera Wang, Byron Lars and many more.  To see all the designer Barbie’s, head on over to AngelicDreams.com.

So here’s a toast to fashion icon who never ages—Happy Birthday Barbie!

barbie cake French pastry chef Jean-Michel Raynaud unveils a 2.1 meter high ‘Barbie doll’ chocolate mud cake. [Source: Google News AFP]


*Note From Editor-

Due to an unforeseen delay, this article was set to post yesterday.  Barbie’s birthday was actually yesterday.  My apologies.


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  1. Barbie continues to be a genius toy, especially since girls like to imagine themselves grown up and Barbie helps them do that

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