“Untouchable” Expenses

In a less is more economy, what are you willing to live without?


In a recent online survey conducted by BIGresearch and Stores magazine, over 4,100 respondents said Internet service, cell phone service, basic cable television, scoring a good deal on clothes at discount retailers and getting their regular cut and color were “untouchable” in cutting their own personal expenses.

Conversely, the “It” bag was the first thing to go for a whopping 92% of respondents.   It also appears that Americans were willing to cut loose Satellite radio, high-end boutiques, pricey cosmetics and their maids.

Aside from the basic necessities of life which in my mind include,  Internet, cell phone and cable services; in addition to my regular cut and color, I would have a hard time giving up my subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal, Vogue and InStyle magazines- although they are all on borrowed time.

Of the personal services that I still maintain (many of which where traded in upon motherhood) I would have a very hard time leaving my hairdresser/friend of 10 years, Minda.  I think I would weep like a baby in the chair of a discount chain hairdresser.

On the other hand, I am willing to trade in my trips to Caribou Coffee for a pot of home brew; downgrade my makeup, styling products and nail polishes (as painful as it is) to drugstore brands and borrow more books at the library instead of purchasing them.

How about you?  What are you willing to send to the chopping block and what would you consider “untouchable”?

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2 responses to ““Untouchable” Expenses

  1. I’d agree that TV, Internet, and cell are definitely essentials, just like rent and food. Maybe I might downgrade how much I’d spend on a haircut, but since I usually only get mine cut every few months, a little splurge on a good cut doesn’t seem so bad. Definitely expensive clothes/shoes/accessories are going to the chopping block, as is expensive trips. I don’t usually buy expensive beauty products anyways so that doesn’t affect me. I’m also upping my savings rate.

  2. Amy

    I am rediscovering my local library for both books and magazines. By the time I could sit down to read my subscriptions, they were a month or two outdated anyway! Our cleaning lady was the first nonessential to go, although looking at all the dust and grime I am reconsidering that decision. My hair stylist is on my must-have list. She is the gift to myself that keeps on giving.

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