Shoppers Cast Your Vote!


When you go shopping, you want to feel good about your purchase, right?  You also want a helpful sales person or customer service associate available if you need assistance.

Recently, the results from the National Retail Federation Foundation/American Express Customers’ Choice survey were released.

Here are the top ten:

  1. L.L. Bean
  5. Lands’ End
  6. New
  7. JCPenny
  8. QVC
  9. Coldwater Creek
  10. Nordstrom

The survey, which polled 8,167 consumers asked, “Thinking of all the different retail formats (store, catalog, internet, or home shopping), which retailer delivers the best customer service?”

So my dear Fashion Sensei Readers, this is my question to you today.  Who would you choose? (It doesn’t have to be anyone mentioned above.) Who would you vote as having the WORST customer service?  Be sure to leave a comment.

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4 responses to “Shoppers Cast Your Vote!

  1. Sophie

    Neimans has the best customer service, Lands End, Nordstrom – def not Coldwater Creek – those sales ladies are so old they can barely help themselves.

  2. lol Sophie, that was pretty funny! I was surprised to see them on their too. I would love to know the demographics of the folks they polled.

    Thanks for the visit and the comment! 🙂

  3. hmmm, I vote as worst (but I have to preface that with the fact that with the fact that I’m just bitter they won’t price match).

    And I vote small company and as a tie for the best customer service because Hella Good bent over backwards for me for my wedding crazyness (my husband’s tie was bought from them) and Fluevog actually went into their warehouse and measured a pair of sale shoes (!) for me to see if my foot might be able to squish into the last available pair which was a half size smaller than my usual size.

    Great poll! I can’t wait to see what other people say.

  4. Not fashion…but Circuit City has the worst customer service. Now we know where that gets you, huh?

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