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On My Own…

Well, I didn’t win the free personal trainer for 6 weeks (boo-hoo!) so that means that I will have to motivate myself into getting in better shape.  I finally lifted a weight other than my two children today.  So back to the gym I go…  How’s everyone else doing?


Happiness Is…Free Loot!dorina2

To console myself after the loss of the personal trainer contest, I entered another contest to win some free boots and you can too.

The ladies over at Running With Heels are giving away a pair of fab new boots by La Canadienne.  The great thing about them is that they are made for comfort, are breathable and waterproof.  Something this MI gal can appreciate when there is a foot of snow on the ground!  Be sure to click on the link above to enter. 

In other free loot news, head on over to the Fashion Sensei Coupons to see how you can win some more swag from  Check back each week in February for new discounts and prizes.


Footloose And Fancy Green…


I have gotten word that Zoe & Zac, in an alliance with model, environmentalist and eco trendsetter, Summer Rayne Oakes (yes that’s her God given name, and no she says, her parents are not hippies),  have partnered and designed a new eco-friendly brand of shoes for Payless this April.

In a statement from Payless,  the line is to include stylish footwear and “accessory products that are also green through the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials such as organic cottons and linen, natural hemp and recycled outsoles, as well as the use of eco-smart packaging”.

The initial launch is to only include women’s products all priced under $30, and future lines will include expanded lines for children and men. 


It’s So Sad To Say Good-Bye…

I received a disappointing e-mail yesterday from the owner of a local boutique called Gracie’s.  It said that after four years, she will be closing up shop.  Another victim of the Great Recession.

I stopped by Gracie’s when I first started my personal shopping service and she was so wonderful.  Not only was she willing to loan me clothes to take to my clients, but she even offered to deliver them to me.

I remember asking her how she chose the name Gracie’s.  She told me that if she ever had a daughter, she wanted to name her Gracie and since she does not have a daughter of her own, she was nurturing her “baby” Gracie in the form of a boutique.

Now that she is closing, it feels like a death of a dream.  And as someone who is chasing a dream of her own, it saddens me.

Her 75% off sale starts today, so if you live near Birmingham go check it out and wish Jill well.

What have you seen in your community and how has it affected you?  Leave me a comment.


This Weeks Funny Fashions…

I didn’t want to leave you bummed out so here’s something funny to end the post.

Click on each image from for more information.


Fashion’s idea of a space age straight jacket.


Marie Antoinette meets a geometric quilting bee.


“Forgive me fashion, for I have sinned”.


In a full body mug shot,  Crystal was picked up by the fashion police for her peek-a-boo un-speakables. 

Leave me captions of your own…


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  1. Thanks for the tip! I put in my 2 cents over at Running With Heels for those adorable Dorina boots!

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