Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!  I hope that you had a wonderful holiday.

I enjoyed some time with family and friends, worked a little and of course did a little shopping.  Oh- and I finally got my braces off! Yahoo!  I have to wear my retainer full time until next year, but it is so nice to have the braces off. 🙂

If you haven’t already be sure to scroll down and check out the series on makeup that went up just before Christmas.  The makeup artists that I worked with on the piece had a lot of valuable information.

So now it’s catch up time.  I appreciate the comments that I have been getting from you and will work on responding to each of you this week.

I am also working on a piece on body image for the New Year and would love to get your input.  If you are interested in contributing, send me your thoughts by the end of the day tomorrow.  fashionsensei(@)gmail.com

Further, I would really like your input on topics that you would like to see covered here on Fashion Sensei.  One of my objectives this year for the blog, is to make it a little more interactive.  So if you have any suggestions, be sure to let me know.

I don’t have much time to write today.  I was notified over the weekend that my eldest son’s class will be having their holiday party today because school was canceled on the day of their party due to a huge snowstorm.

The snow day was the same day I was set to get my braces off, but I was hell bent on getting those braces off and nothing was going to stop me.  I kept joking that I was going to pull my kids on a sled to the orthodontist if I had to.  After two long years, there was no way I was going to wait any longer.  That day we had 5 inches of snow on the ground when we set off to the ortho and by 3:00pm we had somewhere around 10 inches total.

So getting back to my son’s party.  This morning, I have to go get 20 helium filled balloons and somehow transport them in my car back to the school.  Secretly, I was happy school got canceled, because I had no idea how they were all going to fit in the car.  Well, I guess I will find out today.  I’m sure it will be hilarious.

Ok guys, that’s it for today.  I’m anxious to hear about what’s been happening with you,  so please leave me a comment.  Also, keep an eye out for some outrageous sales today.  The word is retailers are looking to liquidate their fall merchandise today to make room for spring.  I saw that Bluefly is offering an additional 30% off their sale prices for up to 80% off!  I saw this BCBG black blazer for only $77.90 , market down from $278.  It’s a very practical staple.

Talk to you again soon!




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2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year, Tanya!

    I’m looking forward to your body image piece. Heaven knows, I need help with mine!

    Have fun at the party today and Congrats on being braces free!

  2. Hey Nothing Fancy! Happy New Year to you too! If you have an essay or something that you would like to contribute, please let me know. 🙂

    Have a great day!

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