My Experience At the Nordstrom Holiday Cosmetics Trend Show

12-17-2008 09;22;13PM

A couple of weeks ago, I went to my first Nordstrom Holiday Cosmetics Trend Show.  If you have never attended such a show, let me set the stage.

It’s Freezing Out Here

6:50 am on a Sat.- I roll up to my local Nordstrom department store.  There is already a line of women standing outside the door waiting eagerly to see the latest the beauty industry has to offer. 

I see mothers and daughters, some as young 7 or 8  and  girlfriends of all ages, all shivering in the freezing cold Michigan weather waiting in anticipation to get inside and score a seat in the “front row.”  I later discovered that a woman arrived at 5:00 am to secure a spot for herself, her daughter and grand-daughters.  That’s enthusiasm.

Where’s All The Fashion?

7:15 am- We all herded in and were greeted with tote bags containing a lovely fruit cup, scone, bottle of water and a couple of perfume samples.  Hmm, not bad…

For some reason, when I made my reservation, I was under the impression that this was a fashion and beauty trend show.

I take my seat (in the second row), and open my program.  I see the show is broken up into three scenes; Scene one: Bright Metallic Textures; Scene Two: Winter Berry Lips; and finally, Scene Tree: Black, Smokey Eyes.

Flipping through the program, I see a lot of cosmetics companies, but where are all the fashion designers?  I ask my friends, “I thought this was a fashion show.”  “No”, they replied, “there is fashion in the show, but it’s not a fashion show.”  Slightly disappointed, I watch as the show begins.

Trapped In An Infomercial

This is where time becomes foggy.  One after another, beauty representatives from all over the world take their turns proselytizing why their product was the miracle cure I had been waiting for.  That and the other theme of the day was dry skin.  I couldn’t tell you how many experts asked us if we had dry skin.

During the show, I saw vibrating mascara wands that when activated, immediately made me think of Charlotte’s “rabbit” from Sex and the City and for some reason several experts each introduced as having appeared on The View.

There were also prizes, but no one on my side of the show seemed to win anything.  The lady who waited in line starting at 5 am secured front row seats for herself and separate seats for her daughter and grand-daughters at the center of the end of the runway.  This woman also brought along a cooler filled with four bouquets of flowers for her grand-daughters to give to the host.  I bet you can guess who won a lot of gifts.

I sat there feeling like I was trapped in a two hour long infomercial and I couldn’t even get up to go to the bathroom.

My Burning Makeup Questions

Somewhere around 9:50 am–  Finally the show was over!  At least I had my makeup application to look forward to.  I raced to the bathroom and then went downstairs to find my makeup artist.

I had been really looking forward to getting my makeup done.  I know fashion, but I am no makeup artist.  I know enough to get the job done and not look like a clown, that’s about it.  I was hopeful after the two hour long show, that my makeup appointment would address some of my questions about makeup.  Which of the latest trends would look good on me?  Now that I’m over 30, is there anything that I need to avoid?  Am I getting too old to wear trendy looks?  How exactly am I supposed to apply my eye shadow and how many colors should I be using?

I was really looking forward to discussing these concerns and more when it was my turn to have my makeup done.  But being a rookie to one of these events, I had set myself up with wrong expectations.  Once in the chair, it was time for my own personal infomercial from the makeup artist. 

Once she discovered that I wasn’t going to buy the products that would make her the most commission, she quickly ended our makeup application to get started on her next client.

The experience left me feeling deflated and still seeking answers.

So what did I do next?  Come back on Friday for a special Fashion Lesson…

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