Fashion Sensei ONE HOUR Giveaway!


And the winner of the 1>0 t-shirt and two pair of Yoga Stick-e® Socks is…

Monica Fairman!

Congratulations!  I will be contacting you soon.

If you didn’t win this time around, be sure to come back at the top of each hour between now and 4:00pm EST for your chance to win some amazing prizes!



During this hour one lucky winner will have the opportunity to win all THREE prizes!

Hurry, you only have ONE HOUR to comment!!


I am really proud to have “One Is Greater Than None” participating today.  This non-profit organization was created by eight teen girls.  Their goal is to inspire individuals to believe that any contribution, no matter how small, has value.  Even with limited resources each person can find a way to “Be Part of the Equation.”


1>0 has been on the Today Show, ABC News and Martha Stewart; along with features in Teen Vogue.  Not to mention, their product line for Bloomingdale’s has been selling out!

1>0 will be giving away one of their coveted t-shirts today to one lucky winner in this ONE HOUR Giveaway.  If you get a chance, read a little more about their commendable organization and tell us why you would love to own one of their t-shirts.

As with the other ONE HOUR Giveaways, you will have to act fast. This giveaway is over at the end of the hour.

How To Enter:

You only have ONE HOUR to enter.

Scroll to the end of this post to leave us a comment to be entered in this wonderful giveaway. (Please also specify the  Junior size you would like.)  The winner for this and the other offer below will be chosen at random from comments submitted during this hour and announced in the next hour.  (U.S. residents only)

If you would like more information about this organization or would like to purchase a t-shirt, click here.


As an added bonus, Yoga Stick-e® Socks will be giving away two pair of these fabulous yoga socks, in each of the colors shown to one lucky winner.

How To Enter: 

You only have ONE HOUR to enter to win all THREE of these fantastic prizes!

To enter this ONE HOUR Giveaway, simply scroll to the bottom of this post or click HERE and tell us why you would love to own these amazing socks!  The winner will be chosen at random from all those who leave a comment.  Will it be you?  (U.S. residents only)

socks socks 2


Yoga Stick-e® SocksFor that Barefoot Feeling!

The original  Yoga Stick-e® Socks have a unique patented design that creates a barefoot feeling!   The socks have a hole for each toe to extend through for gripping the floor or equipment. They also have an exclusive non-slip, smooth, Stick-e®   sole. There are no bumps to feel through the fabric!  Yoga Stick-e® Socks provide a hygienic, non-slip, sweat-absorbing environment for all your barefoot exercise including Yoga, dance, Pilates, Karate, and more. 

Yoga Stick-e Socks are a big hit with my clients.  They love the freedom that the sock allows while protecting their feet from germs and the non-slip grip is better than any sock on the market.  Yoga Stick-e Socks are a high quality product that provide the perfect solution for fitness programs that require your feet to be able to “feel” the ground.” Sarah Lurie, Owner, Iron Core Kettlebell Fitness Studios, La Jolla, CA.

The benefits of Yoga Stick-e® Socks:

  • Exposed toes for gripping!
  • Protects feet from shared mats and equipment
  • Non –slip                                                                           
  • Sweat-absorbing  
  • Portable – no need to travel with a mat
  • Reduces risk of injury by providing a warm environment for muscles, tendons and ligaments
  • Available in beige or black
  • exposed nails for pedicures!

Didn’t win?  To purchase your own Yoga Stick-e® Socks, click here.

*If you haven’t already, be sure to click here for a listing of all of today’s Fashion Sensei “Cyber Monday Madness!” deals.

*Fashion Sensei is not responsible for the prizes, value, shipment or condition of the prizes upon delivery.



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9 responses to “Fashion Sensei ONE HOUR Giveaway!

  1. Nina

    These 3 items are totally me!!!

  2. veggiemamma

    I’m dying for these yoga socks and the other items make such a great statement!

  3. Lori

    I love these logos!! Cute and a great message! I’ve never seen these socks, thanks for introducing them to me, they seem like they would really help.

  4. spoiledangel1002

    I think all three of these are great. I would love to try the yoga socks. I also really love the T-shirt.

  5. Amy

    Isn’t it awesome what a genuine concern for others can do? Those girls ROCK! I also love the yoga socks, my feet are always either frozen or sweaty during yoga-what a great idea.

  6. Shauna

    I need those socks and tee I am 3 months pregnant and have been doing yoga. This would help me out with slipping around.

  7. Monica

    This tee will be worn by my teen daughter and after hearing about it’s origin it might even inspire her and her friends to do good for others.

  8. suzie

    may the peace be with you this season

  9. Monica

    These socks should definately help me keep my New Year’s Resolution this year, can’t wait to try ’em on and be the envy of the class.

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