Fashion Sensei- *BONUS HOUR* Fresh & Green


And the winner of the Mr. Ellie Poo giveaway is…

Marian Neely

Congratulations!  I will be contacting you soon.

If you didn’t win this time, don’t be discouraged.  We still have two more fantastic hours to go!  Be sure to check back. 🙂

Be sure to check out both the ONE HOUR Web Buster and the ONE HOUR Giveaway!

Be aware that this deal and giveaway is only for ONE HOUR.



Fresh & Green will be offering each of these three Naturally Bamboo Shirts for just $14.99, regularly priced $24- $28.

Use your exclusive Fashion Sensei discount code: WebBuster when making your purchase. (Click on image to buy now.)

Remember, this deal is for only ONE HOUR.  After that, it will be gone!

NBMPOLO_jpg_thumb_177x200 NBMTSHIRT_jpg_thumb_177x200 nbwomenstee_jpg_thumb_177x200

“Fresh & Green is owned by two women who wanted to create a one stop shop for all your eco-friendly needs.  After a few months of research, Fresh & Green was born.  We have a list of eco standards, and we label each product so you know what makes it different.  We have products for the whole family, including pets to live a non-toxic, environmentally friendly life.” – Sasha Windes, Fresh & Green





Fresh & Green will be giving away this one of a kind “Mr. Ellie Pooh Pachyderm Paper Book”.

Pooh Book pachydermpaperbook2

Yep….. You guessed it! Paper made out of elephant poo….  What a great gift and conversation piece for your family or friend. They won’t forget this gift, we are sure of it!

These elephant dung paper journals have a craft color appearance with an authentic kittle bark binding. Elephants love eating kittle bark. They are 6″ x 7.5″ with ~60 pages. The items are 100% handmade 75% elephant poo. The paper in each book is naturally textured and acid free.
These elephant dung paper books are great gift items for the elephant lover as well as the journal collector. Great for the little ones too. Quite sturdy.

How To Enter:

To be entered to win, you must leave a comment this hour.

Scroll to the bottom of this post, or click HERE to leave a comment and tell us why you would love to own this fantastic prize. I will refrain from making any pooh jokes. 🙂 

Remember, you only have ONE HOUR to leave a comment.  The winner will be chosen at random from those who comment this hour, and will be announced next hour. (U.S. residence only.)

Good Luck!

Mr. Ellie Pooh is a new eco-friendly, innovative company that sells grades of paper made of  75% Sri Lankan elephant dung (Ellie Pooh Paper).  Mostly, elephant orphanages supply their product Pooh, while Maximus makes their exotic paper.

All of their paper products are 100% recycled, 75% Pooh and 100% fun. There are no toxic chemicals used in their paper-making process. Only basic bonding agents such as alum and rosin, along with water soluble salt dyes for coloring are used. No bleach. No Acids. As no alkaline or acid solutions
are introduced during manufacturing, their handmade papers are of an ideal pH value for photography preservation.

How cool is that????

Didn’t win?  To purchase the “Mr. Ellie Pooh Pachyderm Paper Book”, click here.

*If you haven’t already, be sure to click here for a listing of all of today’s Fashion Sensei “Cyber Monday Madness!” deals.

*Fashion Sensei is not responsible for the prize, value, shipping, or potential damage during delivery.


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12 responses to “Fashion Sensei- *BONUS HOUR* Fresh & Green

  1. Amy

    This would be a nice journal for my sister who just had her first baby and learning all about poo!

  2. spoiledangel

    This would make a great Christmas present!

  3. Monica

    Wow, talk about a perfect gift for my neice. She’s an animal lover and she journals everything. This gift would take care of both of those interests. I would be the favorite aunt for sure.

  4. Marian Neely

    What a great gift idea, AND great way to recycle!

  5. Jodi

    Recycling at its finest!

  6. Chad Bonnier

    It is about time someone did something like this awesome idea. This is great for the environment.

  7. Lori

    So gross but fun and clever and the same time!

  8. Nina

    I would love to give this to my friend, she recycles EVERYTHING and would think this was great!

  9. veggiemamma

    Who would ever think of this! Genius!!!

  10. suzie

    this would make an awesome office gift!

  11. Donna

    Well Grant would love this (Mr. Endless animal knowledge!)

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