Interview With psychicgirl On Fashion


Are you ready for the answers to your questions?

In a post Tuesday , psychicgirl Justine Kenzer answered readers burning fashion related questions for important upcoming events.

But before we get to that, here are some answers to questions Fashion Sensei had for Justine.

Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I’m a professional psychic/healer in Hollywood, CA but I read people all over the world. I love helping people find answers, but more importantly,  I’m super passionate about helping people heal. I’m obsessed with alternative healing and natural products, I’m like the holistic Martha Stewart.

That’s a funny analogy!

What was the best news that you ever had for someone whom you were reading for? 

That’s a really difficult question, I’ve been reading for about 20 years now. There have been a million happy things, I live to help people get what they want. In fact I care more about you getting what you want than me being right.

How did the fashion readings come about? Do you have any funny stories?

My family owned clothing and shoe stores, I started making and selling clothes and jewelry at sixteen. I was making trends a season or two before they hit the stores.. This was years before I had a clue I would end up being a professional psychic. I’ve been doing this PsychicStyle thing for years without even realizing I was doing it, making people over internally and externally but what brought it all together was watching myself on Margaret Cho’s show on VH1, she was debating about accepting this award because the very people giving her the award, had in the past had not been so nice to her. The information that came through in the reading, I told her what colors to wear and what to do and they actually ended up doing it in the show. I had filmed a bunch of other tv spots of doing other psychic stuff, reading dogs, ghost busting.. All this stuff that was so not me. Luckily none of them ended up making it to air. It was like the universe was saying hello this is who you are. Now I have a show that’s my dream project in development.

Thank you for taking a few questions from Fashion Sensei readers. First, Veggie Mamma wants to know:
“I have my (gulp) 20th high school reunion coming up. It is very casual and being held at a sports bar. I want to look great but not too dressy.”

I see you wearing black, head to toe, I see a short sleeved thin sweater top and pants with a wide leg and a thin gold belt, super chic and classic, you will feel really confident and have a great time.

Reader Spoiled Angel 1002 would like to know:
“So I am going on a date this Tuesday to a really nice Italian restaurant. Our relationship is still new and I want to look great.”

At first I see you in jeans -this guy is (unconsciously) more attracted to what you smell like then – what you look like – not that what you look like isn’t important.. Your physical beauty makes much more of an impact on him and others then the clothes you are wear. In the end it looks like you decide on a slimming knit black dress that’s sleeveless with a simple ruffle trim on the arms, belted in the same material… and that you knock his socks off.

And Stacy wrote in to ask:
“Okay, so next Fri night I’m going with my friend to a show for her band. It will probably be a late night (they always are!) and I want to be comfy, but still look good, because I am a single girl! I’m not the skinniest girl in the world, but I do want to look good with what I do have. So where should I go with this?”

I see you in a dress, looks like it has a vintage feel, and it has flowers and color, but pretty and tasteful not loud.

Thanks Justine!

If you missed your chance to ask Justine a question, don’t worry!

You may visit, for a one-on-one reading, or follow her on and ask a question for free!

Be sure to check out PsychicStyle with Justine, every Sat at noon PST, on where you can call in for a free reading 323-203-0815.

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