Shh! It’s Top Secret


I have another exclusive invitation to extend to Fashion Sensei readers! is an invite only website that members gain access to exclusive offers from premier brands with discounts up to 75% off retail. Each designer sale runs 1-3 days.

Ordinarily, one would have to wait on a waiting list to gain access to such discounts.

But not Fashion Sensei readers.  All you need to do is leave me a comment and I will send you an invitation!


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14 responses to “Shh! It’s Top Secret

  1. Lori

    Designer sweatpants? HaHa! No, I actually do dress up most days of the week. Please send me an invite!

  2. Jenny

    Please send me an invite! I have nothing to wear!

  3. veggiemamma

    I would love an invite. I need to save all the moolah I can!

  4. Jess

    Please send me an invite. I am desperate for some new cute clothes.

  5. Ashley

    Can you send me an invite?

    (love your tips by the way)

  6. sarah

    bring it on, let’s see what this ‘top secret’ biz is all about.

  7. Hi everyone! I’m really happy to see the response this post has gotten.

    If by chance you have not gotten your invite soon, leave me another comment. I will send it again.

    Thanks! šŸ˜‰

  8. I would like an invite too! Thank you!

  9. Teeny

    Tanya – Just joined after reading about you in the Observer and want to find out if I am a pear or apple. Would love to comment about cosmetics and skin – when a dermatologist tells you your red skin condition is either hormonal or rosacea and then gives you a topical treatment that contains parabens (and you are allergic to parabens), some thing is wrong! It is not rosacea but sensitivity to sulfates – laundry detergent (my sheets and pillow case were the huge culprits) and anything with sodium laurel sulfate (SLS) which is in most soaps, shampoos and detergents. I could turn a very long painful story into an epic so here’s my suggestion for you and your readers for natural skin health and for your pets too
    developed by a woman and her husband as a result of horrible skin conditions she developed suffered while battling chemotherapy cancer -awesome story awesome products – only promoting because I am a satisfied customer and my middle age skin looks pretty darn fabulous – i rarely need makeup except for lips and eyes!. I have done extensive research so i would tell everyone to be very skeptical when you see the word “natural” or “organic” there are still “dirty” ingredients in things deemed organic as these are not government or FDA regulated or approved -check out this website if you want to see how products rate on chemicals and the toxic truth about your beauty and household items
    – Oh yes, could I have an invite too please? Thanks for your great Blog!

  10. Teeny

    Part 2 of my long-winded commentary on skin products and what organic and natural really mean: this is the cosmetic safety database on’s website

  11. Hi Teeny, welcome to Fashion Sensei!

    Thanks for the comment. šŸ™‚ I think you would be really interested in a column that I wrote on this very subject.
    Thank you for also for the additional links. I will check them out.

    I will be offering a very exciting discount for natural make up at and other green products very soon, that I think you may appreciate.
    So stay tuned! (Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already, so you will be the first to know!)

    The invite is on it’s way. Thanks again for your comment and I look forward to hearing from you again! šŸ˜€

  12. Ann

    Hello, do you have any more thetopsecret invites? I would love to get one. Thanks!!

  13. Just sent you an invite. Enjoy!

  14. Cory

    Hi, I would love to get a thetopsecret invite if you still have some. Thanks!

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